Stop the BLEEDING,,

At times I feel as though life is nothing more than a Huge Tsunami,, creating such a current that just carries most of us along,, unable to gain even a little traction,, a tiny bit of “grab”. Too many people are “caught up” in something thinking they have a handle, but they’re really just being dragged along, attempting to reach for something stable but, unable to actually do it. What they thought was stability actually comes loose, due to the weight and stress of you is now displaced onto the object your trying to grab onto,, wearing it out more than it can hold.
 The bottom line is, there is NO where to go in this life! Now is all there is! LIKE IT OR NOT! Nature is not going to cater to you and your likes and dislikes. Nature is Nature, physics is physics and it will give the feedback that IS. I’m not talking to the “good” people,, they already take on More than their share of the load,, which is the problem. But, even them too, when the answer is right in front of their face, it gets skipped right over, completely dismissed! Wow,, Dismissing nature,, dismissing the feedback from Physics,, how interesting. IF that isn’t the STUPIDEST thing to do, I don’t know what is! That like the equivalent to ignoring a fire that started in your kitchen! Over time,, that’s the Key,,, the CUMULATIVE effects,, the “Slow and Gradual”,, that James Madison quoted about. Is that how we learn to walk? Is that how learn to,, ride a bike,,how to ski,, roller skate,, play an instrument?? By IGNORING the feedback?? The immediate, in the moment,, ONLY reliable, intelligent feedback there is??


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