Nature is the Ultimate Calculator

  I do not understand why it has taken Wall St and the Banksters to create somewhat of an awakening in people when the evidence of a seriously impaired society has been around for decades and is right in front of one’s face. To think and believe that it’s the Globalists,, the “Illuminati”,, the 1%, the Corporatocracy, the Elite or whatever other name we can give them, we then continue to repeat the same thing over again, which is to give our power away. Not to say that those with All the $$ and Power do not take some of the blame and responsibility but, the Signs and Symptoms of our Strayed Away society have been evident WAY before the financial melt down of 08′ and the mortgage crisis.
 The level of Complacency and disconnect of the “people” is blatant. This Human “Climate shift” in the perception of people is un-mistaken. The obvious deterioration that people will so gladly put up with, the complete ‘asleep at the wheel‘ that has enveloped too much of the population. The signs and symptoms are Right there! The fact that the focus of our Society is on $$ and Not on health and Nature proves the point. The Monetary system has become a virtual over crowded life boat which has exceeded it’s capacity 10x over, the Drunk at the bar who has a blood alcohol level of a Dead man but, there’s nothing and No one to say, “You’re overloading that boat!” or “I’ll call you a cab”. Due to the salivation of $$ it has eroded our sense of decency, our humanity. The same way an Ulcer eats through the lining of the stomach or how a Hernia pushes it’s way through to the inguinal ring, the opening to the inguinal canal.
 We have a SERIOUS problem! ALL of us,, not just those without $$ and power but, also, those with it. They just have it at the opposite end of the spectrum. They are our Reflection,, like it or not and we are theirs. We are the Dysfunctional Family gone Global!
 When I grew up I could feel there was something Seriously wrong by the time I was 6 or 7 years old. I could feel that I was being raised all wrong and very unhealthily. I was made to feel “indebted” before the age of 10. “I brought you into this world now you owe me”, was the attitude. People who have kids by accident, don’t really want them and begrudgingly have you so they don’t feel they went against the Church by having an abortion. Having a child just to Not have an abortion is a DEBT way of doing things! Then telling a child, “I didn’t abort you, you owe me” is a Totally DEBT mentality and teaches a child right from the beginning,, “you Owe!” That is NOT a True “family”. That is the deterioration of the family by Capitalism. The $$ system Eroding the boundaries of the Family and intruding on the values that should remain intact.
  People who are on the + Plus side of life, meaning, people who have room for caring, and respect, people who SAVE room for giving and consideration. People who did Not wear the family system down to the Bone and actually left some muscle tissue and ligaments! Some lubrication! Gee whiz, what a concept. Last time I checked,, the Ideal way to build and Not tear down was to stress something or someone the Right amount! Give a child Age Appropriate responsibility,, much like weight training,, incrementally. Not different than wearing the appropriate show size. Why is it that we have NO problem knowing that we have to increase the size of our shoes as we get bigger but, we can’t grasp the fact that we need to increase or decrease the amount of Stress we place on our kids?? Too much tears down,, too little creates slack. Is that such a difficult concept to understand? Because, like it or not, that’s the way Nature works! All it takes is a little bit of paying attention. Gee, what’s that?? People aren’t even Raised themselves before bringing more people into the world that need raising. If you’re not raised yourself, how can you Possibly Elevate someone else?? You can’t! That’s why we have a population of Unconscious people who have Created the 1% who want to Exterminate us and use us for their garbage dump! We asked for it. We’re pushing up against their lifestyle the more we breed which forces them to push back on us! Everything is Crashing,, not just the Economy!  Like a tube of toothpaste. Something has to give.
   Maybe not everyone grew up like I did but, they were not very far away from it because no one stepped up to do or say anything. Everyone acted like it was Normal to grow up the way I did. NO one calls a spade and spade and says, “Hey, this is unhealthy”, “a kid needs to be brought up right”, “a kid needs a stable, supportive family”. Health IS what it IS. Nature does NOT screw around. We get ONE chance growing up, ONE!
 The way I learned about debt had NOTHING to do with $$. It had to do with respect, self worth, time, energy and attention. REAL value comes from treating children with respect, giving them you’re time and attention. Children are the REAL Stock, the REAL investment along with the environment. $$ should be working FOR all these things. $$ should be backing theses things, NOT be in the drivers seat with the Real value taking a back seat and being compromised for something man made! The fact that we do not see this is even MORE proof the we are so far gone! How no one can see that this shift towards putting something man made before what Nature makes is completely baffling to me.
 I could feel myself being robbed when I was a kid. I could literally FEEL the life being robbed from me at a very early age. I could FEEL myself being drained and energetically bled. I was, and many others were to some degree, taught to keep themselves in debt right from the start. You were brought here as a commodity,, with a job. Not as a Free person with a bit of room to breathe and room to grow and the time to grow.
 I grew up in a Debt mentality family, a Poverty mentality. You are NOT going to raise healthy, free children with a Debt/Poverty Mentality. SIMPLE. Too many people do not even realize what having a child is all about. They teach their kids to perpetuate the system rather than change it or to be an initiator. The bring kids into the world to take from rather than to Give To. So rather than making Deposits into a child’s Emotional welfare, parents are tapping into it. Depleting it,, Just like someone skimming off the top at work. The Family is like the Work place!
 I, literally, had life robbed from me as a child. I could actually feel myself getting darker inside. That a huge part of me had died. I grew up in a family who brought 2 kids into the world by accident. They were people who were not healthy or in Love. This is how Debt starts. It’s like falling while skiing or a crash while driving, if you don’t have a handle on something, you don’t have a handle on it! It’s about being able to do things in a relaxed way with a relative amount of ease. We should be able to be comfortable and focused like we would be playing or learning a game of tennis. Like a shoulder on a highway, there’s needs to be some cushion. If we do not feel that we have the hang of something or that we do not have a real grip on it, it will get away from us. We will fall, miss the ball, crash, what ever. This is NOT the problem! The problem is lying! Hiding hit, Not admitting it, covering it up. When did telling the truth become unthinkable?? It isn’t Just Bradley Manning who is a criminal for telling the truth! Again, it came along WAY before him.


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