reversing the Disconnect from how Nature works.

 Mentally/Spiritually Fitness,, reversing the Disconnect from how Nature works.

Our Society has become basically Severed from the way Nature works and do not even realize it. This is a very scary fact. People have NO idea how much they have been programmed to not heed the signs and symptoms that nature is clearing sending. Rather than things being simple and automatic, people have learned to value mind over matter mentality instead of Mind WITH matter. Reality is sending us signals and we actually need to Utilize that information to make our decisions. We do this when we ski, learn to ride a bike, learn to walk or any other basic activity. WHY, then don’t we do it all the time in our relations with others and our surroundings? How can we think we can dictate when Nature and Physics can and cannot give us feedback?? That, Right there, should be a Clear sign that we are out of alignment with Physics. It’s really so simple I can’t even believe I feel the need to write about it! I mean, How can anyone think they can override Physics?! But, I guess, when you’ve had people bow to you all your life, had the ability to control and manipulate through power and cheating, the natural course of events would be for those with the most power to come down with a Serious case of Psychosis! And those without power to be the other extreme of that, diminished.
  One of my Favorite lines from a movie that hits the nail on the head of what is/has happened is from JAWS. Chief Brody says to Hooper and Quint, “Why don’t we start leading the shark back to shore instead of him leading us out to sea?” Chief Brody awoke to realize what was happening. That they were unconsciously getting caught up in the chase and that they were being lead by the shark further and further away from their territory and into Shark territory! That is Exactly what is happening to the U.S. and other countries for decades. The Elite are creating an environment fully of their own making, shrinking us more and more into an environment they want and what benefits them and further and further away from Nature, from Real feedback, from our own instincts and ability to listen inward. 
 Societal Dementia or Societal Multiple Sclerosis could be used to describe the lack of response that people have to what’s happening right under their noses. What else could we call it? There is an obvious lack of response to what is going on from the masses. As if a nerve has been cut. And it has! People have been so far lead out to sea! Out into Elite, Blood thirsty, salivating, terminator like, terrifying, hellish waters! People think it’s normal to live in a cage now. Due to our disconnect from the intelligence of how nature works we do not even know what health is and recognize when we’ve lost our balance. People have gotten so used to the cage, the prison and raising babies in prison they feel at home there. “Institutionalized” like in Shawshank Redemption. Freedom is too scary.
 The way nature works, is through a Negative Feedback loop. That means, when the system gets out of balance, the part of the system that gets into deficiency sends a signal to the rest of the system to send more blood, more O2, more nutrients or whatever that part of the system requires. The rest of the system then Responds by increasing or decreasing the supply. That is the way Health works. An Unhealthy system works by dismissing and ignoring valuable signals coming to it from other parts of the system. This has been internalized to our Families and to our bodies. We’re trained to dismiss and cut off, LITERALLY; AMPUTATE parts of our families either emotionally or Spiritually by diminishing what they feel, not treating them with respect or worth, and doing the same to ourselves. We allow ourselves in the workplace to be diminished Spiritually for $$ then transfer than to our children. Pure Poison!


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