Where I learned about Debt
 I grew up in a house/family where my parents got married because my mother got pregnant even though they didn’t really Love each other and build up a respectable partnership, DEBT. This is backwards. It was Debt from then on. People just passing on their mistakes and Not even admitting or taking responsibility for it. My Parents had my brother and I 16 months apart. My parents did not get along very well. I remember a lot of fighting when I was a kid and the cops would come to my house and take my father away. Things like this are Not even acknowledged as being Traumatizing to a child. The Fact that these events have consequences and can have lasting effects are not even spoken about.  My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. We also lived with my Uncle and Father on my mothers side. When I was in the 2nd to thru the 5th grade I use to pull my eyelashes out from stress. Self Mutilation is the Very evidence of Debt, Trying to “Get” more from oneself, from the Body than is meant to.

 It didn’t take long to find out that the problems didn’t end and we didn’t live happily ever after just because my parents were divorced. It was clear that my mother resented her position as a parent. It was Clear to me that she did not want the role and resented that I was around. She was incapable of Loving, of being giving emotionally. I always felt “starved” emotionally, that I was here to fill her needs, Not the other way around. Is it Any wonder that our entire society is Backwards? With Wall St robbing people instead of assisting them financially. Health Care making people sick and being Profit driven instead of healing people.
 I learned early, like many children like me, that the world was backwards. Families are a source of stress and pain rather than joy and satiation. The family is/was no different than what people are talking about these days. DEBT! I don’t get what the Big surprise is! I’ve been saying it and trying to get through to people my ENTIRE life! The evidence is Right in front of our Face! If people take on more than they can handle, live beyond their means and have kids they don’t really want, that is Immorally passing the Debt on to Future generations. I did not inherit much in terms of “values”. Everything was “inside out”, backwards, and the ones doing it defended it, like the banks and Gov do today. The PTB (Powers that be) never do anything wrong.
 I was brought here to fill their needs, not the other way around. I was brought here to bail them out, Not the other way around. When John Perkins in Zeitgeist Addendum spoke about how those with the $$ come in to corrupt the leaders of the Gov to make a few Rich people Richer and leave the people holding the Debt, he called it “a double, triple whamie!” This is NO different than what goes on in some “families”.
 If there’s ANY Position in the world that has the Ultimate power to Abuse,, it’s Parents! I’ve heard it all any time I tried to talk about it, “Get over it”, “you’re parents couldn’t give to you because no one taught them”, as if that’s Justification for passing Non value onto you’re own kids!? The whole point of Reproduction is to Reproduce VALUE,, Not Fake Fiat Currency like the Fed does!! This is what happens when there is a Disconnect from $$ and Real Value. People are conditioned to follow $$ in one direction,, while REAL value is going in the other!


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