Nature is in Charge,, not us

 I’ve really been feeling pretty cynical lately as to what will happen to our Society in the future. I can’t help but get “visions” of such unbelievable clarity. I believe that the closer we look at the Ugly truth, the better chance we have of saving ourselves. Others’ attitudes are not the same. Even those who consider themselves to be Awake. They think Not seeing the real issues and just being “positive” will save us.
I guess it all depends on how much you are capable of “mentally bench pressing”. Some people are capable of seeing and taking on more harsh truth than others. The way I look at it,, Just because some one can Extreme Ski doesn’t make them crazy. If they an do it, they can do it! Why people have this attitude that, just because we’re not on the ski slopes, physics ceases to exist! Physics is Still in effect. Some people are capable of things that we’re not. These are not difficult things to grasp! Rather than listening to each other and Giving another ground to stand on,, we rob them of their ground. People have the right to make mistakes and Be where they are in their stage of learning. All learning should be Encouraged, Not forced.

 I really feel that due to the way I grew up I learned to be fit and live more on the edge, more on the alert than others I know. I got used to living a very challenging life early on and had this sense of Emergency from a very young age. I couldn’t help but do what my instincts directed me to do, as much as my surroundings would allow. I just kept myself extremely fit physically, emotionally/Spiritually. I worked at it all the time. Even to this day, I have the need to always be “working out”, to always be challenging myself all the time. I pushed myself very hard at weight training, jogging, Yoga, reading books on conscious communicating, Co Dependency, the Dysfunctional Family. If my body feels that this is the way to go, it can’t possibly be wrong. I felt that learning to build and have healthy, FIT relationships was going to be very essential down the road. Just like a fit body, fit relating was extremely important. Due to the fact that others did not feel the same sense of urgency that I felt, I was pretty much on my own.

 Growing up on my own since 6 years old I was starving for knowledge, for mentoring, for someone to give me some leverage. For someone to support me emotionally for Free! The way my parents couldn’t. If you learn early on that you owe, you Owe your parents for bringing you into the world, you owe them for giving you a house and food and clothes, that is how people get trained to accept this Debt system in which we now live and we have created. We have ONLY ourselves to blame for what we now have. I tried to wake people up all my life to what was going on and NO one listened!

The Family System is a subsystem of the Country and the way we teach and treat our children sets them up for the way their own Country will treat them. What kind of a world do you think you’re going to create when people raise their kids with a “children have no value” attitude. That is exactly the kind of attitude I came from. You’re literally treated like a dog. I grew up not feeling loved or respected at all and felt depressed by the time I was 6. I’ve been trying to get this out for such a long time but, too many people have the attitude of, “oh, it’s in the past, Get over it”, “Stop dwelling on it”, but yet, they offer No help. People expect things to just get done without them doing anything to help it along. People are TRULY disconnected and have SEVERE lack of a healthy response. People are simply Not Sharp! As far as Nature/Health is concerned, people’s responses to No-Brainer, in the Moment events is completely Dull, to say the least. The American people have a Severe case of being Numb and brain dead. We really need to have a legal medical term for the amount of people with this wide spread apathy.

Rather than having sharp, immediate, instinctual response to occurrences as measured by Health/Nature, people’s responses are bought by $$. Fake paper $$ has literally made people Mentally ill.


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