Hidden in Plain sight

Wow, Holy moly, unbelievable. It really IS true that the Best place to hide something is right in front of people. Even people who claim to be awake don’t see what’s right there in front of them. People get so wrapped up in Ending the Fed, Stop stop and Frisk and Ending Corp Personhood that they miss what’s happening in the here and now. That is why I’m always trying to reiterate that in order to change the system, the best way to do it is to look and work on oneself. People end up perpetuating the very system they say they want to change and resist by unconsciously behaving in the same old way. People don’t realize that we are ALL the system. We are ALL working FOR the PTB. We have all been “wired” to one degree or another to work for and carry out the very system that is at our expense and be our own worst enemy. If people took the time to really look, to take a really close look, it really Is the people who are the ones who are the 1%. It is the people who keep one another in line, it is the people who perpetuate the double standard, it is the people who continue to use up resources both environmentally and emotionally rather than replenishing and restoring. People continue to do to each other exactly what the ptb want; treat one another disrespectfully, talk down to one another instead of speaking in ways that elevate.

 I once read in a John Bradshaw book in the mid 90’s, the scenario of someone who is trying to lose weight and falls off their plan and starts to berate themselves, that berating oneself is the way to stay Fat, Not the way to lose weight. How easy it is to slip back into the old patterns of beating ourselves up when beating ourselves up is the way to stay fat rather than the way to lose weight. Of course, it takes practice and we can’t beat ourselves up for beating ourselves up either. That would only create even more debt in us. That’s why anyone who claims to be about change, who claims to be AWAKE, the only real way to promote change is to live in the Present moment. There is NO other way, it’s basic Math. So, just like someone who wants to lose weight and get fit needs to pay attention to what they eat, how much they eat and how often they eat but, also how often to go to the gym, how much weight to add on, have I gained strength, muscle and lost inches? All of these calculations together create orientation. They give a person an idea of where they are and, also give a sense of direction to know which way to start moving. When we pay attention to anything in the here and now it can give us orientation and help guide us.

 Years ago people used the stars and the planets to help give them direction and coordination. Today, living in our fake habitat, our man-made, artificial environment that has been controlled by the invisible shadow Gov/Corp., how do we get oriented? How do we know in which direction we are moving in, if we’re even moving at all? The problem is that people are Completely Disoriented! LOST. The ptb have manipulated and rigged the system to their benefit so much and the people who thought they were moving in some kind of direction by working for $$ but at the same time losing real value by surrendering their morals and dignity, are now beginning to realize that they have, in Fact, been moving in the Wrong direction!!

 What I don’t get is,, we use and interact with Nature and physics in learning to hit a baseball with a bat, we interact and receive feedback from PHYSICS in learning to develop our Golf swing, our skiing abilities, our guitar playing, even when we learned to walk and crawl. WHY then don’t we interact with Physics in order to develop ourselves at work, rather than going against physics, going AGAINST our inner equilibrium and against our intuition?! Instead of trusting and listening to our gut when we have to lower ourselves for a paycheck or look the other way to get a promotion. When we have to rip off clients to make a profit for the company, why don’t we align ourselves with physics and our instincts like we do when we do other activities?? Even when the evidence that the environment and physics is giving us is CLEAR that we’re causing incredible destruction, we Continue! Rather than change course!!

 We need to go on a DIET for Everything! most people don’t think about going on a communication diet. Meaning, being more choosey in the words we use when speaking to others and in when we’re spoken to also. Everything is either Healthy or not healthy, building or tearing down, moving us in the direction we want to go or not. Creating healthy, respectful relationships or NOT, cooperating or competition.


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