Go on a Relationship Diet

 We’re All part of nature. I feel people forget that we are part of the natural environment. I hear people talk about being healthy and getting healthy and mention eating better and more organic. Our human relationships are just as much, if not More important to our health than what and how we eat. Most people don’t think about “people” as being “good” for us or not unless, of course, you’ve been in a pretty bad relationship. We don’t usually think of other people the way we think of food, as being healthy and “nutritious” for us or not. But, the way our relationships function, whether or not there is an even, balanced exchange over time has very significant implications for our health.
 Years ago I was very much into understanding and learning about healthy/unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships and how to make them work. I remember Babara DeAngelis asking the audience in a video I had, “Who taught you how to love?” We learn certain things growing up but who taught us how to love? She also asked the audience how many people wanted to have the marriage their parents had? Not many people raised their hands.

 I felt the urgency decades ago to learn how to make healthy relationships work because it was clearly not being demonstrated to me. It was not even acknowledged or discussed. It was simply seen and regarded as “collateral damage” from the $$ system in which we live, along with the wars, poverty and unemployment. After all, where else can we dig into and exploit in order to keep our corrupt, fiat system going? The resources have to come from somewhere. We have to pass the debt onto someone? It has to be our children. We have to destroy and use up the very resources we need to be protecting. I don’t get how it isn’t blatantly obvious that if we’re forced to give up the most important things/resources in life in order to feed the $$ system, then it should be clear that there is obviously something wrong with our current system! Disease is disease, it doesn’t matter the level it’s on. Everything gets Sick if not consciously tended to. Would we really rather have $$ and be sick? Isn’t it clear that $$ is not in support of health and wellness if we have to surrender those things to get it?? Are we “well” to kill and perform genocide on a people in other parts of the world? Along with the family system and our mental health here in the US?

 We’ve lost our sense of direction. Our disconnect from nature and living in this man-made habitat has made us so disoriented we truly do not know where we are and in what direction we are going. One way we can change it is to slow down. STOP. Take time to Be quiet and “simply”
 be with ourselves and our bodies/emotions. Listen. Get out of our heads and allow what we feel to lead us. We must stop imposing what we’ve been conditioned to do in our heads, onto our own bodies. If we think of our mind as the system and our bodies as the earth and see what we’re doing to our own selves. How we’ve separated from our nature, instead of thinking it IS our Nature to do these things. It’s Natural when we’re Sick to turn against one another. It’s Human “Nature” when were disconnected from ourselves to perform Genocide on one another.

 Is it really that difficult to see? I mean, I know it’s happening gradually over time but, the fact that we have to sacrifice our health, our family relationships, abuse our own bodies, each other, animals and the land for $$, Come on, it’s NOT Rocket Science! How much longer are we going to allow this to go on? I can’t believe people can’t see what’s happening more and stand up Now to put a stop to it.

 I feel the loss of leverage. Rather than we the people being on each others side, adding leverage to each other, the leverage is being taken away. I’ve come to associate a scene from the movie Gladiator to the way I learned about relationships growing up. It’s the next to last scene before the Gladiator and the “king” go our into the arena. The king steps up to whisper something in the ear of the Gladiator then, sneakily, stabs the Gladiator in the chest with a large nail looking object. Then, the ‘king” instructs his soldiers to conceal the wound with the Gladiators armor. Only the “king” and his soldiers are privy to the knowledge that the Gladiator is fighting with a punctured lung, slowly suffocating and leaking energy.

  We the people need to be turning things around, not doing the same ol thing. We must put a cover on and stop the bleeding, stop the energy leak. Be good and supportive of each other rather than draining. Add leverage to one another rather than depleting it for our own agenda. We need to come together like a family and interact in ways that will benefit us and turn around the division. It’s all a matter of being in touch with physics, using the energy of physics, being aware of how we normally would behave and going on a relationship “diet” to behave Healthier.

  I’ve always thought about what being Optimally healthy felt like relationship wise. What having truly healthy, supportive, got- your- back, relationships really felt like. The top 1% of the 1% obviously have it and look at where they’ve gotten. We the people have allowed ourselves to be robbed over time of our valuable resources and relationships and now have no choice but to work with that depleted mindset to regain our strength.

 When we’re out of alignment it feels strange to be good to each other. When we’re sick and unhealthy it feels weird to be healthy. Giving feels awkward when we’re so used to barraging one another. Softness and patience feels wrong even bad when we’re so used to being hard on ourselves and each other. That is what’s so confusing.


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