Nature is a Criminal for giving honest feedback

  Over the last few years more and more information has come out about the 1%,, the 000.01%, the Elite, the Globalists, Wall St,, the Banksters, the Bilderberg group, the New World Order, Secret Societies, etc, with fingers pointing at them as the culprits of attempting to create their New World Order and enslave the masses.
  The reality is, however, is that it’s the people who are helping them. It’s the people, not being fully mature, fully responsible, independent thinkers, living to their full potential, reaching a certain level of attainment mentally, physically and Spiritually, that has allowed those with the “power” to do what they do. It’s the people who have been bought by the 1% and have allowed themselves and their children to sell their lives to those at the “top”.

 What has taken place is nothing more than one Huge dysfunctional relationship where, little by little, the people have turned their power over to so-called “leaders” to do their bidding and take care of them when the whole point of life is to be able to grow fully oneself to be one’s own person. The idea of perpetuating this “dysfunctional family” way of relating where the children are still living at home after they’re grown because they were never given and taught the proper skills to grow fully and be healthy, self reliant adults has spread to the entire country!

  Many unhealthy parents do not know the point of being a parent and what it means to raise a child to be healthy emotionally. How can one who’s unhealthy know how to raise someone to be healthy unless that parent admits to being unhealthy?

 We live in a society where we’re not allowed to say anything “negative”, so you’re never allowed to say that a parent or anyone in “authority” is wrong, made a mistake, is corrupt, sick, or just plain Psychotic. But, if we don’t admit it and call something out, then how will we ever be able to correct it?? If we’re teaching our children that they can never point out anything to us about ourselves that exposes the us as incompetent or inadequate in some way because “we’re the boss” then it stands to reason that this is the Society we’ve created!

 I’ve been trying to point this out since I was around 7. Being labelled a “criminal” for attempting to point out obvious short comings and blatant abuses by “authority”. The attitude is the same as it is now; “Don’t talk bad about your parent(s)”. Just like now a person can be criminally prosecuted for speaking out obvious corruptions about the Government. If we’re not allowed to speak about obvious abuses, then what chance to we have of changing anything? If, slowly and gradually over time, debt (financial, environmental, emotional, spiritual) is being passed down to the young and more and more parents are being depleted and don’t see it, while they have to work 2 jobs giving their children less and less in emotional quality, then should it be any surprise that young people will begin acting out more and more? After all, even if we don’t admit to the reality, it doesn’t mean Nature will! We can deny things and call something other than what it is all we want but, the fact is Nature is STILL Nature and is Still going to dictate the facts! Period!

 Do we really think we can criminalize nature? Can we arrest nature for giving us honest feedback? So if we get certain signs and symptoms of an illness (skin rashes, lesions, severe stomach pain, jaundice, etc.) which is Nature’s way of telling us something is wrong and we need to turn things around, are we really going to say that it’s Nature who’s wrong? That is Exactly what this country has become! The disease of addiction to power has been allowed to continue for so long that now the healthy part is seen as the Disease and the Diseased part thinks it’s healthy!

 People are connected to nature! Used to be that if we wanted to learn an activity we turned to nature/physics for feedback, like riding a 2 wheeler bicycle, or skiing down a mountain. Physics is the feedback we Need to consider if we’re to learn Any activity. Other people getting hurt is also another way nature signals us that something is bad or wrong, now it’s become a sign that the PTB are doing good!

 I fear that it is the people who have created the Monster. We’ve made the 1% who they are and taught them how to treat us.  Like I read in John Bradshaw’s books in the early 90’s when describing how a married couple creates the behavior in the other that they don’t want. He said, ” He won’t talk because she nags and she nags because he won’t talk”.  It’s a viscous cycle. The only way to break a viscous cycle is to awaken. To become aware of oneself. To Stop. Or at least slow down. People might need some help. Does that help exist? Are there enough people able to help to slow down the momentum? It doesn’t seem as though.


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