“Why don’t we start leading the shark Back to shore instead of him leading us out out sea?” JAWS
 People have been “led out to Sea” by the shark so much and have drifted so far away from themselves, their instincts and inner nature, people have been so herded and corralled they simply are just too Disoriented to know what they’re coordinates are. FACT: We are disconnected from the way Nature works due to living in our Urban, Man Made, $$ reward system.
 The Greatest quality a person can have is the ability to Step outside of themselves. To have a good grasp on who they really are rather than all the Programming they’ve been ingesting all their lives. That is the only way towards Freedom,, is to see in oneself, the lies, the program and dis-info for what it is. Only then, can we “Shed” it. We can’t “shed” the “Mental Cellulite” if we do not know where the Real US ends and the Program begins. As long as people are In It,, cling to it, cannot separate from it, there is no hope. They are like an artery that is Completely Blocked by “Atherosclerosis”. they’re DONE, the Living Dead.
 The definition of LIFE,, is to have Movement. Without motion, there is no life. Stagnation = Death. Just because we are physically alive does Not mean we’re living fully and to completeness. It’s Not difficult to tell that too many people are not living to their fullest capabilities. When babies are born their Development is checked and monitored for the first few years of their life to ensure that they are growing at the rate of development that is healthy for their age. Why does this end when we become older? We still need to scale on which to base how and where we are in our development. People mostly focus on job or $$ as a scale on which to measure themselves which has No real accuracy. A REAL measure is the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual development of a person. Whether or not a person is truly fulfilled in their life, whether or not they are doing a job they Love and getting satisfaction from it or not, whether or not their home life and family relationships are close and connected and whether or not they are in healthy Physical condition, do they take the time to exercise and reflect.
      People should be living Vibrantly, Energetically and in Love everyday of their lives! That is health and they way we’re meant to live. People think it’s Normal to live with war, unfulfilled relationships and jobs, poor connections to our kids, poor health and disease. This is what the Monetary System and those running it and benefiting from it want us to believe. There’s NO other system besides the one we have?


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