Don’t waste Energy 6/3/13

How many people are truly brought up to be on their own side? To be who they authentically are? Are brought up to be truly Free and keep all their energy for themselves? I would safely say, Not many. Perhaps some but, not the majority.

 I think about charging our cell phones and our upbringing could be equated to only being plugged in to the point where we don’t quite reach a full charge, to varying degrees. To what ever point a person is not “charged” fully, that energy will be used elsewhere, usually at the expense of who that person really is for the benefit of the system. We end up fighting or chasing to get that energy back only to end up losing more of it rather than gaining it. That is the Real Debt. We end up walking around like in an altered state of Hypothermia, attempting to get warmer, when the advanced stages of Hypothermia feels like we’re burning, which creates the opposite and we Freeze ourselves even more.

  Most people are brought up to do or be what Parents and/or the system wants at the expense of who they really are so the flow of current doesn’t fully go in the direction of Parent to Child. Some of the energy goes to the Parent. Kind of like having a job. You get paid but much of the pay goes to taxes and the owners of the Company. The parent has an agenda as to who the child becomes which is not always in the best interest of the child. Many kids will rebel and resists and succeed but, many will give in. The pressure will be too great.

 Since Crony Capitalism has gotten so out of control and has infected pretty much every area of our lives, the “Family” has turned into a smaller version of a Corporation. We get treated like an employee/slave at home where you are not seen as having much value. You exist more for the needs of the Family rather than for yourself. You’re expected to “sacrifice” yourself to be or go in the direction the family expects.

 It takes healthy, conscious parents to raise a free, unique individual. And as we can all tell by the too- many- to- count Sheople running around, that that is not the norm but a very rare exception.

 Maybe we should look at what a Sheople is? Many people spell it Sheeple. Can we really blame people for being Sheople? Doesn’t it just Prove that We have allowed the PTB to gain so much power and leverage while “drugging” the masses with TV, Fluoride and Bad Parenting.

 Some one created a Sheople. Someone gave birth to and raised a Sheople. Is it really their fault if they are a Sheople and No one took the time or made the effort to teach them to be better, more knowledgeable and to think more independently? We’ve all allowed for it to be the Norm to simply get by living the bare minimum one can possibly be. For just anyone to have a child regardless of their position in life or whether or not they can afford it financially and Emotionally.

 The Sheople are truly to blame for what has happened and for thinking that some “leader” is going to take care of you rather than fully growing and Maturing to your FULL Charge so you can run on your own.

 The way our system has strayed away from the way that Nature works is truly remarkable. Having “leaders” goes against the whole point of being born. The whole point of life is to Fully Actualize.
From Wikipedia Self Actualization is described by,, . In Goldstein’s view, it is the organism’s master motive, the only real motive: “the tendency to actualize itself as fully as possible is the basic drive… the drive of self-actualization.” The concept was brought most fully to prominence in Abraham Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs theory as the final level of psychological development that can be achieved when all basic and mental needs are essentially fulfilled and the “actualization” of the full personal potential takes place. The whole point of life is to be our own “authority”. We’ve created a system that perpetuates the idea that people need to be led. It’s a vicious cycle. As long as people keep giving birth and raising Sheople, we will keep perpetuating a system of Psychopaths who will be more than happy to take on that role.

 The Key is to see and admit to being a Sheople, just like you would have to admit you’ve gained weight if you’re to take action to lose it. That’s the trick. That’s the challenging part, getting people to shed their Sheople. Like walking around having allowed ourselves to have such low standards of Parenting,, of Physical fitness, of keeping up on what we’re eating and where our country is going, allowing ourselves to live so much lower than we’re capable of. We have to Admit that we are much lower than we could be. It’s to easy to keep making excuses and do nothing.

 We must stop knocking people for being Sheople, and look at it the same way we would look at ourselves in the mirror and notice that we have gained weight. We simply need to accept that we’ve gotten out of shape and begin to turn it around. If we get caught up in the Bashing cycle, humiliating people for not being in the Know when there’s no way they could have become anything else, then we will end up going in circles.

 We must get some leverage. We must strengthen our Grip to pull ourselves out. The Only place to get Leverage is IN the Moment, by Being FULLY Present In the Here and Now, otherwise we slip back into the past and create a vicious Cycle and end up doing the same and creating the same.

PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE,, without the Present,, we end up with PAST/FUTURE,, = a Vicious Cycle. Takes much diligence and practice, to be a Great Warrior


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