It’s All about Leverage, Mental/Verbal Wrestling,

Yet another Whistleblower has come forward in what is being called one of the largest Political leaks in US history, a former Technical Assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He is handing over material from one of the most secretive organizations, the NSA.

 It’s just weird to me to hear people like Edward Snowden, along with plenty of others, speaking in the same language and saying the SAME things I spoke early in my life trying to wake people up to the simple fact that there is something wrong in a society where you can’t even feel safe, protected and respected in your own house! If you don’t even feel that your “family” is on your side then, when are you going to feel it?? If you don’t feel supported or that those who are your blood want whats best for you and are making an effort to see to it that you have the best life possible, then when are you??

 Family and Parents ARE the Powers that Be!! They are acting and functioning AS the PTB when you are young. What is coming at you inside your family IS coming from the Top, trickling down, like an umbilical cord into the womb! Parents ARE acting as the PTB. So, to what ever extent you’re getting compromised in your family is the extent that the corrupt crony system has made it’s way into your house/womb. The Toxic poisonous fumes have seeped into the minds and souls of the “leaders” of your house, just like employees of a Company get Fog Brain when exposed to Blatant abuses and do not respond to it in a Healthy, sharp, on the Ball kind of way.

 What I tried to disclose is even worse because Family is the last Sanctuary, the last “Free” space to have protection and be supported and have people on your side. If we don’t have it there, where do you have it? There aren’t some Extra family members laying around somewhere, unless some fortunate people do have caring Grandmothers or Aunts & Uncles to step up and take over. If you’re not fortunate to have that, that’s it! Your boat has sunk. This is It! Your plane has crashed and people around you do Not want to admit it.  People talk and act as if that’s Not it,, that there is somehow some secret hidden “funds” lying around somewhere that will magically turn up and make everything alright. People don’t want to hear the truth because then they might have to step up and DO something, so they minimize the reality to suit their own complacency rather than use the reality to step up! Completely backwards!

 I hear these whislteblowers say the exact same things I’ve said all my life and have gotten ridiculed. Told to “Get over it”, or “It’s not that bad”, or even better, “Don’t talk bad about your parent”.

 How or why is it any different for Ed Snowden, Julian Assange or Bradley Manning to come out about things they felt were wrong or unethical in their perspective jobs or institutions yet, when I did it in my own house I was seen as the bad guy from most people. ?? There was not ONE person who stepped up for me and told me I was doing the right thing. Every one makes you feel like the guilty party when all you’re doing is behaving in the Healthy functioning way that Nature is supposed to! You literally get tortured for being healthy! How Nuts is that??? I’m surprised the PTB don’t arrest people’s White Blood Cells for hopping to it when a germ enters the body!

 When Obama eats something that’s bad for him and his body does the healthy thing by Vomiting,, Does Obama order a Drone attack on his stomach for responding in a normal, healthy way to the poisons that invaded his body??
 This Country has Clearly Declared a WAR on Health and having normal healthy responses to sick, dysfunctional situations.
  WHITE BLOOD CELLS ARE TERRORISTS!!! Call out the National Guard!!

 The person in the Position of Power Can NEVER be wrong or Mentally ill !! Got it!! They are GOD!!


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