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It seems that many people get into a certain amount of “defending the status quo” even though the Status Quo is working against them. People don’t realize the Status Quo IS them,, is In them and to challenge it, we must challenge ourselves. We must continually “cleanse” and “shed” old habits and ways of thinking. We think about going on diets and cleansing our bodies but Not our minds and emotions. So many of the thoughts we think are defeatist and stem from things we learned growing up as kids. We don’t realize that, along with much of the food we were fed and the “Corprotocracy” information diet we’ve been ingesting, we’ve also taken in attitudes and beliefs that work to our detriment.
 The environments and the families we grew up in, knowingly or unknowingly, fed us, to some degree, what can be described as a kind of “date rape drug”. Where we’ve been “drugged” over time to go along.

 How many parents raise their kids to challenge the system? How many parents teach their kids their rights? How many parents pass on the idea that their child can grow up to be their own person? How many parents teach their kids to Challenge Authority? How many parents teach their kids to be the unique individual they were meant to be and to express their unique gifts and talents to their fullest?

 Most of the things we were taught as kids we can easily discard as, “not working for us anymore”, no different than getting rid of an old Stove. But how many people do that? How many people actually stop to Be present enough to catch themselves behaving in the same old unconscious ways then, try to do something different? Even is it’s a small shift? Even the slightest adjustment can make a Huge difference. A few degrees can transform a situation.

 That is the practice of Yoga, of which I am very fond. The level of tuning in, being Present and investigating that this practice increases amounts to the largest wealth accumulation one can imagine! While everyone else is chasing after fake, counterfeit, man- made fiat currency, those who have the knowledge and the awareness of where Real wealth lies will come out ahead. Even if that means dying.
I believe that those who die or get killed while standing up for truth and justice don’t “die”. They end up more alive. 
 It’s “simply” the way that Nature works. Natural Law is the ultimate authority over man’s law. Man’s law should be aligned with Natural Law. They should be one in the same. When man’s law diverts away from natural law it is within the right of anyone to break man’s law for the sake of natural law.

 We have been led far far away from Natural Law and ourselves. I just hope it’s not too late to turn it around. Has our energy been depleted too much? Has our Spirit been beaten down to badly? Have we lost our will? Are we to weak? Can we arouse a sense of Victory in one another? Are too many people too “Zombified?” Are too many people indoctrinated? Will too many awake people waste their energy attempting to revive the Dead?

 Knowing when to “Stop CPR” is key. Trying to Wake other sup can become Co Dependency. We can easily get into a trap trying to save others from themselves. Knowing when to Stop CPR is Key. That how we recognize that WE are getting into Debt trying to save someone else and NOT gaining!

 As an EMT for FDNY for 7 years there was a term,, V Fib, Ventricular Fibrillation, which is a kind of heart attack when the heart has lost it’s natural beat and is basically, “quivering”.
 I think of this term when I see the way the world we live in is today. Chaotic. No rhythm, no beat just a lot of confusion and anything goes. When the “Good” people following the system get screwed while the Criminals steal from those following the rules. This is what happens when we lose touch with nature and allow man to lead us astray.


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