This is, pretty much, what it all comes down to! This IS the Reality for too many people to some degree. I don’t presume to tell people what they are or are not going through but, the fact is, unless you’re a Mega Billionaire 1% you are living on a down escalator.

 The system Is and always will be designed to keep most of us at a disadvantage point. The system will always be manipulated, in some way, shape, or form, to keep us LESS. The fact is, however, is that the tools, weapons they use to keep us down are NOT the real Debts. Meaning, The PTB use $$, Media, TV, Credit Cards, etc, all kinds of tricks and conditioning of FAKE tools to rob us of our TRUE wealth. So, while we’re busy following the fake stuff they set or as bait, we’re being robbed of our REAL wealth!! How crazy is that?

 We Must understand what has REAL value! PERIOD! And it all comes from Physics and Nature, NOT anything that comes from Man, (unless it’s like a boat built by man to save you from a flood, or something along those lines).
 We’re kept in a skill deficit, an information deficit, an emotional deficit, a Love deficit, a nutritional deficit and a fitness deficit. I’m sure you can think of others.

 The PTB want to keep us from having everything and anything to hold onto that is Real to give us Any leverage or advantage at all.

 The sad thing about it is that I’ve known this and felt it ALL my life from when I was at least 6 or 7 years old. I was deprived of basic emotional needs that are NON negotiable! Simple. There is NO discussion. Just like $$, we need a certain amount to make and earn in order to live a decent life style. If we’re killing ourselves working 40+ hrs a week and making minimum wage, The MATH is the MATH, you are not going to be able to live! Period.

 The same thing with family, emotions, growth. We need what we need growing up to be healthy, strong adults. We need what Nature has, Not what man makes. Materialism is a part of having our needs met but, it’s only a part. What is MORE important is what we NEED be receiving from NATURE/family. Support, caring, respect for our feelings, listening, etc. We can have all the $$ and all the materialism in the world but, without “Relationship Nutrition” we will not grow up to be healthy and balanced. PERIOD.

 Not getting sufficient emotional needs met growing up keeps us weakened, keeps us easy to control, keeps us in emotional debt. The only way to grow strong is to have someone there for us emotionally. PERIOD. Families are people farms. They’re either raising Organic people or Artificial ones, That’s it! We’re either working WITH Nature or against it. Theses are Not difficult concepts to grasp, and yet they truly seem to be in our current system of GMO everything.

 All I hear today on the radio about the Shadow Gov and the NWO is that the system wants us dumbed down, easy to control, on drugs, and working in sweat shops. We can thank the way we were raised for that! We would not be here now if that is not the way we were brought up. Our Parents were the PTB. Our families were the working for the PTB to some degree. Some families more than others.

 We learn Debt at home when we grow up with ignorant, dysfunctional people who have kids and have nothing of real value to pass on. What is the point of passing on ignorance and debt?? What is the point of having kids just to create more people to follow along? What is the point of people who can’t even give themselves a decent standard of living and family to have kids?? It’s like having a half charged battery yourself then bringing another person into the situation to feed off the same battery! Why not Raise yourself up first, rather than passing along the debt? Get oneself to a firm foundation in life THEN have kids. What is the point of bringing more and more people into an already “low charged” family? This is backwards living!

 As unpleasant as it might be to face, the facts are the facts. Most people don’t want to be woken from their delusion and that’s why people do not want to see the PTB for what they are because then the People would have to face the truth in themselves. That they are doing to their children and passing along the same slave mentality that the PTB are doing to them.

 Rather than bringing kids into the world to GIVE to and pass along values,, too many people have children in order to GET,, to take. DEBT BASED RELATING. I was raised with the attitude that I was to be responsible and take care of my mother. To feel sorry for her and see her as a victim.  For her to be allowed to tap into my energy and MY resources and I had no right to say anything about it. It was a kind of “Emotional Incest”. It was only by just going with what my body and my instincts new that I resisted and fought back. Due to the lack of support, however, I was not able to get free. Due to the TOTAL brainwashing of the entire neighborhood and No one having the intelligence to recognize the dysfunction and travesty that was occurring, I drowned.

 FACT; If one or both parents are not getting their emotional needs met in the marriage by the other parent, they will USE their children to meet their own needs at the Expense of the child’s needs.
 We don’t hear many people on Financial radio talk about that kind of Debt! Yet, that is a debt that is more prevalent than we realize.

 That is what sets people up later in life for allowing themselves to be used. If we do not live with healthy interpersonal relationships growing up, where parents are there for their children, and we, instead, live with a backwards “flow” of children being used to fill the unmet needs of the parents, we will end up with a society of people believing that it’s NORMAL to keep funding relationships that are screwing them. SIMPLE.
  People will, when older, go to work and act out the unfinished relationship they had with their parent. We can’t help but BE where we are, where we left off. The same thing happens in Families. We end up marrying the “parent” who we had the most difficulties with in order to complete unfinished business.

 I would bet that’s what happened to the PTB. With all the $$ and status J.P. Morgan had or the Rothchilds, without being allowed to be the authentic person you are meant to be, if a person is raised to be what Parents want and Not Free to be oneself, there is NO way around the fact that what will be created is a NON Organic person, PERIOD.

 $$ and material wealth are necessary to a point. They serve some purpose, that’s it! They do not overshadow what comes from Nature. What can ONLY come from going through and completing Nature’s process. It’s the process we go through of growing that makes us who we are, either natural or unnatural. PERIOD.

 I keep saying Period because I want to stress that is IS, in fact, Nature that is calling the shots. We have strayed so far off that course that I hear too many people TALKING, thinking that They are going to dictate to nature and not the other way around. People Really need to get it into their heads, that we align with Nature! We don’t try to get Nature to align with our Deviation! Although we DO try and that is what’s creating more and more debt, more and more deviation.

  The whole point is to SEE the Deviation, Admit our misalignment so that we can at least begin to move back towards alignment. As long as we do not see or admit to the extent that we are misaligned is the the extent that we will continue to go more and more out of alignment. DEBT begets DEBT. Once we’re in it,, it just perpetuates itself. Like Bleeding out and going further and further into an altered mental status.

 As long as we think we ARE the misalignment, we will be stuck in a vicious cycle indefinitely. The ONLY way to get out, the ONLY way to change direction is to admit the truth, to Grab onto something Real. We MUST get out of our heads!!!!! And into reality. The body doesn’t lie!


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