Croney Capitalism,, Soul Debt.

  I don’t think people realize at times, the deep effects that our Crony Capitalist system is having and has had on us and the way we think, behave and live. I feel that the real effects of the Predatory system, the Anti Nature system that we’ve created go unnoticed. The fact that it has become so normal for many people to relate dysfunctionally to family members and people we know, to treat people closest to us like garbage while the PTB are sucking the life force out of all of us.

 I don’t think that people truly realize that there is a slow and gradual depletion of their energy and Spirit, not to mention Love, compassion, caring, understanding and patience, that has No where else to go except the Family! The Family ends up being the Toxic Waste dump for the entire Ill system because there is simply no where else for the waste to go! The same way that the pollution that some company dumps ends up contaminating some river or stream that ends up making some people living in the area sick or killing them. It’s all about profit. Doing things natures way doesn’t yield enough profit. Worrying about harming others and being responsible doesn’t fit into the profit motive. There is simply NO room for consideration in a world where certain parts of the earth, animals and parts of the population are designated to be eliminated because there’s NO way that those making Profits are going to change their ways because some “simple” people, trees and animals are being killed.

 We must learn to look at what is the most susceptible to being exploited, what is closest to being destroyed, what is next in line? Anything and everything that is not a part of the $$ system will be sucked out like an Abortion. Maybe we can make a list:

  What should be OFF Limits to Capitalism/NOT for Sale! Natural resources;
1. Water, air?? land, trees, animals, vegetables, agriculture, plants, flowers, and other natural materials.
2. Family is not part of the $$ system so will surely be depleted.
3. Health, another part of nature that needs to be replenished, taken care of, invested in order to be maintained.
4. People are a part of nature and resources and will surely get used up til exhaustion.

  My interest and love of health and the body has brought me to study and learn as much as I could about how it works. The body is just a smaller system and just like Society, the smaller and more vulnerable parts of our bodies will be the parts that get injured an compromised the most. While a person is working all their lives for fake $$ and not taking care of or exercising their bodies or their minds, illness is taking over and the vulnerable parts will be those that get sick first. We don’t even realize how we’re losing more and more of ourselves while getting less. Unless a company encourages us to take the time to exercise and have paid time off to care for kids and have maternity leave so we can maintain a good healthy family and attitude, we will simply get depleted.

 We will also get depleted when we sell our souls for $$. Many people do not understand the health risks involved in not speaking up when seeing something dishonest or immoral going on at their jobs. Most people don’t think of or even pay attention to the fact that they are being Robbed of their Souls and their Spirit when they’re forced to work at a job that forces them to choose fake $$ over caring, fake $$ over expressing oneself honestly, over having one’s concern’s addressed and considered. The fact that people think that choosing fake $$ over any of these things is a pretty sick prospect in and of itself.

 How can fake paper $ that man makes possibly replace and make up for the exhilaration that comes from doing the right thing?? We forget that we live in a Natural world that functions on Natural processes and it’s these processes that are Necessary for life to be sustained. If we interfere with nature’s processes we die! Plain and simple. Yourself, as well as those who you sold out.

 That feeling in your gut, that uneasy, sinking feeling that tells you there’s something wrong, that tells you something doesn’t feel quite right, is Wisdom, is the Intelligence that comes from the highest source in the Universe. To deny that feeling for $$ is to commit suicide a little at a time for yourself and everyone. The fear we feel in speaking up and standing alone is Nature speaking! The sinking feeling we have when someone at work speaks down to us or treats us with disrespect is Nature’s intelligence warning us not to put up with it. How an $$ ever make up for not speaking up?? It can’t. No matter how much $$ you make or how many houses or cars you buy, your body and Soul will pay the price.

 It’s Nature we need to be preserving, it’s Nature’s signals we Must be cultivating in the environment AND within us! Do we Really think we can get around that? Do we really think we can get over on Nature? The BILL that we are accumulating in Nature is coming due and, believe me, it’s going to be extremely painful. All the pain that we’ve cause others by passing our fear of speaking up onto them will come back on us.

 Our bodies become a smaller version of the system we live in. The way Corporations dump pollution on the most vulnerable parts of the world or exploit the poorest people, so too are our bodies function the same way, toxically. Our bodies will become or have become just a mini version of dumping our garbage on others while taking the most for ourselves. Our souls are becoming black with indifference for fake Paper. I will never get over that or ever comprehend it.


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