Small IS Significant

 I have been compelled to write about things more and more lately due to the conditions becoming more ripe these days. It’s not even “Me” doing it, it’s the conditions that bring it out. It’s the only natural way for the body to respond. Just as it tried to do 4 decades ago. The system is beginning to break down, the truth coming out more and courageous people exposing who the real Terrorists are. I have attempted to bring light to truths and insights since I was very young and, having been silenced, ridiculed and intimidated by the very people who should be on my side. It was clear early on that we were living in a kind of huge Vacuum cleaner that was invisibly and gradually “aborting” everything and anything in it’s path and that it had already reached those I was living with.

 I believe we all have been silenced and manipulated while very young to some degree to keep the system going at the expense of ourselves and who we truly are and what we truly must say. The system has rigged all of us to give it the feedback it wants us to give rather than the true and honest feedback that comes from nature. At very young ages, most of us have been re-wired to some degree, had our nervous systems “fixed” so that we don’t step out of line too much to threaten the status quo.

 I believe that the way to bring down the system is to look at ourselves, to take a good hard look at how we were taught early on, how we were related to by those around us. Which direction was the flow going in? Was the flow going from them to us, if so, for how long before changing direction? At what age did those around us begin to tap into our resources? Begin to “make withdrawals” for themselves at our expense.

 It’s not about bashing anyone, it’s about, simply, doing the Math. Getting out of our emotional attachment to situations and actually checking how much energy we invest in our emotional attachments. We think of cutting down expenses at home by getting rid of cable TV, or not going out to dinner 3+ times a week but, how often to people take a look at how we were taught to invest our energy and emotions? No one asked us if we wanted to invest in this or that when we’re young, the PTB make these decisions for us and we, with no choice, accept it. We blindly trust that those making these decisions are making them in Our best interest. But, Are they really? Are, even our own families, making decisions and treating us in the best interest of us, or at least, admitting it when they can’t?

 This, I feel, is an even more important question. I don’t believe it is the mistakes or honest ignorances that harm us but, the denial of them.
 Our bodies know when someone is truly acting on our behalf, the same way it knows when we’re eating something that is good for us. We don’t have to think about it, the body “simply” responds, Naturally.

 This is the Significant point that I am trying to make here.
    How many times early in our lives did we experience those around us tampering with the way our mind and body work together naturally? Because the fact is, those in the positions of “authority” are always responsible for those in their care. NO MATTER WHAT. Once the person in charge begins to shift the blame onto the subordinate for the mishaps that occur, what is created is a completed breakdown of the system. When the person who holds the “authority” position is not qualified by being too immature or irresponsible, and the consequences of that begin to be exposed, that person tends to feel shame or fear. They then, unconsciously, shift the blame and responsibility down.

 Fact is; the way our society has become, is the accumulation of what we were taught in our houses as kids. It’s the accumulation of the fact that we’re taught to hide, lie, cover up for those in charge, put up a false image, to live beyond our means energetically. It has nothing to do with $$. It’s All about emotional energy.

 Our subordinate positions as children are taken advantage of by those in our care to some degree and to that degree will the Debt be passed onto us. Because we are children and have NO way of defending ourselves, we welcome the Debt and begin t make excuses and defend those who passed it on to us. As young people we have no choice. We do not have the mental capacity yet to do anything about it. Because we “need” these “authority” people to take “care” of us we cannot see them as faulting or our survival is at stake. We’re forced to use our energy to “prop” them up. We’re put into impossible situation to transfer some of our energy to them in order to uphold their image we hold and so desperately need.

 All we’re doing in the system with the “leaders” of the country, and they us, is acting out the relationships we had with our families. The country/world is just the larger dysfunctional family that we were unable to leave. It’s an accumulation of all of our unfinished processes. 

 THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH,, from when we were kids up until now. If we were not allowed to feel what we feel, reveal our bodies Natural expressions, send out basic feedback without being made to feel that we’re over some line, then all that rigging and fudging the energetic #’s will accumulate into such a surge that it is now of people beginning to push back and blow the whistle.

 Nature and our healthy feedback being made out to be the criminals, that WE are the terrorists for simply having fully functioning and competent minds and bodies along with the Natural world responding by deteriorating from the pollution and toxic waste dumped onto it.

 If that doesn’t reveal those at the “top” as the total Psychos that they are, I don’t know how much more clearer things can get!!
 Then we, the people, have been led astray further than we know.

 We need to catch up and get it in Gear! Big Time! I do not see that happening.


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