EVERYTHING needs to be cleaned! Including the Psyche

We are a country of Complacent Retards that deserve what we get. Simple.

 I don’t get it!! Again! How completely blatant and off course our society has gone and barely anyone makes any noise about it. I can’t believe how true the statement “Hidden in Plain Sight” is. It Really is the Best hiding place because that’s exactly where No one is! IN their instincts, IN their Consciences, IN their bodies trusting and following what they feel acting as their Own Authority as we should be as “Adults”, and the Very reason why I’ve been an advocate for FITNESS my entire life!

 While listening to an Amy Goodman video today with Chris Hedges and Geoffrey Stone on whether of not Snowden is a Traitor or a Hero, it hit me, as it has many times before, how “dirty” many people are. I mean, think about it. We clean everything else; we do our laundry, we take showers, brush our teeth, (or some of us do) change the air filters in our cars, but how many people Clean their minds? Clean their Psyches? How many people are going to even be able to admit that they are, in fact, Dirty and are living and moving through the world looking through a dirty mind that hasn’t been cleaned in it’s entire life!

 Geoffrey Stone was saying Snowden broke laws and put the National Security at risk while the point Chris Hedges made was the complete breakdown and lack of a Free, independent, CLEAN, (my term) media. IT HIT ME,, this is why I meditate and practice Yoga! The whole point is to “CLEAN” oneself. To take the time to “wash” and take ones own inventory, like the 4th step of AA suggests. People go to AA because they admit they’re powerless. Yes, Powerless because they’re the “little guy” and can’t get away with anything like the PTB can. Who is going to hold those in the highest positions of power accountable when their ADDICTIONS and abuses of power harm innocent people the same way the rest of us are?

 The fact that Bradley Manning and Ed Snowden are being branded by the REAL Criminals as Traitors goes to show us that it’s the Dirty trying to Brand those trying to “Clean” as the Dirty ones. I wondered how Free Geoffrey Stone is? How Free do people feel to speak what they really feel before they have to worry about their jobs? Because the fact is, Not many people are Truly Free. That’s why Ed Snowden and Bradley Manning risked and willingly gave up their positions and Snowden, over a 6 figure income, to release the info they released.

  The only way to be Truly Free is to either be working for an independent company OR have the Courage to risk it all to bring the truth forth and let go of your “job” and the selling of your soul. Is it better to have a fake position and a Black, Rotted Soul for a 6 figure income and a house in Hawaii or be Truly Free and let that all go? How many people actually have the Courage to do that?

 So, to hear Geoffrey Stone calling a guy with the Courage to let go of the Dirt and be Clean, a traitor who broke the “laws” of the Dirty criminals is laughable!!

 THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT!!! To expose who’s Really Dirty!! Not to keep going in circles having the Dirty people calling the Clean people dirty!!
 WASH YOUR PSYCHE!!! As long as your working for Funny $$,, you have to keep checking to see how dirty you’ve become to get it, because, chances are, you’ve accumulated a LOT of dust and gunk along the way as long as the funny $$ is the priority and NOT being Clean!!


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