Multiple Schlerosis Society/ Comfortable Numb!

  Who would ever think that someone could be IN Society, IN “civilization” yet be dying right in front of people and No one pays attention? Unfortunately, this is what our system is. “Normally”, one would think that someone dying or being harmed would illicit a response of another person springing into action and doing the right thing, just like the cells in your own body do if a bacteria or germ entered it.
 But, the body must be crazy for behaving that way because according to our Sick Society, a person who has a Healthy response to an unjust situation is labeled a “traitor”.

 I can’t believe how many times I hear people on Alternative news sources saying the Exact same thing I was saying/tried to say when I was around 7 years old! It’s actually happening!!! The entire world is turning into the house I grew up in and was not allowed to say it! Everything that is happening lately is a lager version of what many people growing up in abusive homes live with everyday for years and have NO one to turn to and NO where to go, just like we have now.
 The ENTIRE world, almost, has become so polluted, Dirty, so Bought and EVERYONE’S Souls are Owned!!! That ANY attempt at Anyone or Any part of Nature that attempts to bring attention to it is seen as a Criminal when they’re actually the ones who are the most SANE and Healthy!!

 OF COURSE, a bought and dirty person is going to see a Clean person as the enemy!!! That’s how you know they’re Dirty!! That’s the reaction Dirt will have when any attempts at cleaning are made!! That’s why a cut will bubble when Peroxide is poured on it. These things are NOT complicated!! No different than your body having a perfectly healthy response to a bacterial invasion!! Not speaking up due to threats or intimidation of losing one’s job and funny $$ is NOT going to stop Nature from taking it’s healthy course!!

 I’ve been shut down and shamed my ENTIRE life for calling a spade a spade and having a PERFECTLY HEALTHY reaction to a Completely UNHEALTHY environment!! I knew by the time I was 6 years old that this world was completely RETARDED and making ME retarded for saying it!!
 It’s too uncomfortable for people to think about, let alone DO anything about, injustice and abuse that’s happening right next door. I don’t know for what purpose people think they’re on this Earth for but, it’s certainly isn’t to fulfill a Higher one!! It’s to exert oneself as little as possible and just get by having a job, being a follower and getting a paycheck. NOT to think for oneself, take action when seeing low standard behavior, but to mind one’s business.

 David Knight on the Alex Jones show today talked about cops who used a stun gun on an 11 year old Autistic girl walking without any clothes on and Shot Dead a guy’s dog who was coming to the aid of it’s master when cops were arresting him for filming them because they “feared” for their safety. David Knight said that if a cop fears for their safety from an 11 year old Naked Autistic girl and a dog that was defending it’s master who was WITHIN his rights to film them, then they better find more competent people to assign to these positions.

 Yeah!! That’s EXACTLY how I felt at 6 years old! If you can’t feel safe and protected in your own house, if you can’t even speak out about feeling harmed by the VERY people who are supposed to be on your side in YOUR OWN HOUSE!!  Then is it ANY Big SURPRISE that were are living in the country that we’re currently living in??

 The HOME is just a Micro Cosm of the MACRO cosm. It’s just a smaller sample of what the country has become. Don’t we think that MAYBE the country is the way it is because we were “RAISED” that way?? Because it’s Normal, because our parents prepped us for this so we’re used to it and don’t think there’s anything wrong??!! Whether or not it was done intentionally is IRRELEVANT! IT was DONE! Period!

 What was considered “normal” parenting years ago was clearly abuse. It was Normal to parent by Fear and intimidation, to Fear the Father figure rather than parent through reason.

 I was made out to be the Bad guy, the Criminal in my own House when I was a small child. If you’re own parents are not on your side then who is?? There is NO Family B!! That is DEBT. WHO IS THERE PROTECTING THE KID?? That is why we are where we are!! Because NO ONE is there to protect the “little guy” ,, Everyone is TOO busy working for the Powers That BULLY!! Everything comes due one day!! WE CREATED THIS!! I knew it when I was 6!! I was not being raised healthy, I was not allowed to speak what I felt, I was not allowed to blow the whistle or point out what I saw that was harming me. I was not allowed to have a NORMAL reaction to an unhealthy, stressful, physically violent house.

 If there was even a small amount of health there either parent would have been on my side admitting to the situation. Instead they make excuses for their behavior and put themselves in Opposition to their own blood. They take their own side over their kid. They put the child in the impossible position of having to deal with a situation that is WAY beyond your coping ability! THAT IS DEBT!! That is how it’s done. That is how they pass the debt along and get you used to it!!
 Even the neighbors, any time I attempted to express my pain, would say, “oh your poor mother”, as if “I” was the bad guy for not wanting to live in a stressful, depressing house!!

 The issue wasn’t even that parents make “mistakes” or abuse,, the REAL Debt and harm comes from the DENIAL, from Not admitting! From making excuses and taking TOTAL advantage of the powerless position of their own child. To pass down shoddy behavior and not take steps to improve, to take steps in the right direction, leaving a feeling of Complete Disorientation!! You end up with a Complete lack of direction!! Of, where are we?? Which way is up?? Which way is North, South, East or West??

 You end up just totally LOST just going through motions in your life with NO sense of where you’re going or why you’re doing things,, Like a rapist who puts you in the trunk so you don’t know where you’re being taken!! Scary Shit!!

 Your driven FURTHER into PSYCHOLOGICAL debt because then you’re told to feel sorry for the people who are screwing you! Your emotional bank account is being completely ROBBED by the very people who should be on your side!! You’re LITERALLY taught to be an accomplice in the Coup De Tat and MIND CONTROLLED against your own self!!

 If it happens in “Families”, people do it to their own kids,, you think it can’t happen in the Country?? You think your own Government gives a Shit about you??! Gimme a Break!!

 When people simply have sex, make kids they don’t want and can’t emotionally care for, think that they’re being a parent because they “didn’t abort you” because it was against the church, that is a DEBT based way of doing things! It’s Backwards! THERE IT WAS!!
 I’ve been trying to say it for 40 years!!!

 The reduction of Standards!! People in the “authority” position can do what ever they want and not be held accountable! I’ve known that all my life. Then YOU have to feel sorry for THEM!!
 A family is the foundation of any healthy society. If it’s not healthy, and even the community doesn’t step in and take action,, there is something clearly wrong! The sub standard is allowed to accumulate until is it what we have today.
 The fact that it’s so easy to get by in society just by having a job and getting a paycheck without any call for people to be all they can be and fulfill their potential should say a lot about our system. the fact that it does Not call you to step up and be as Fit as one can be should scare the crap out of anyone! The fact that we hand over our trust and power to total strangers just because they wear nice clothes and have fancy labels should make us tremble.


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