The way out of Debt isn’t Monetary,, it’s Emotionally Giving. It comes from Nature!

It didn’t take the crash of 08 to know that we are living in a completely screwed up world and that people’s minds have been rewired. It was clear to me as a kid that people have lost their Natural Humanity,, their Natural Instincts to help, to step up, to care, to give to one another.

 In my house you were starved Emotionally. The unspoken message was to be kept in Psych Debt. If you were treated too good, too respectfully, too valuable you might be hard to handle and get out of control. You might grow to be too “big” and take over the “authority”. Never realizing that ,, debt is self perpetuating,, that it’s by NOT giving, by Not loving and giving what is Emotionally REQUIRED by Nature, that those in “authority” are playing with Fire.

 I’ve literally been trying to get through to people for 4 decades that it’s Right in front of them! I am standing RIGHT in front of them and they don’t get it!! They don’t see!! Too many people have been brainwashed to Starve one another emotionally. To this day I see and feel the apprehension to be Emotionally,, NOT $$,, Giving. Giving $ is easier for most people than giving Emotionally, which is not a surprise due to the fact that we’ve been severed from our bodies and inner resources that we don’t know how to use, let alone, know we even HAVE this natural currency.

 Not much has changed since I was a kid. It’s STILL so hard to get what you Emotionally need from people. I feel that people are afraid to give, to Be Nice, To give Credit and recognition to those who are Starving for it, like feeding the hungry,, it’s not just about physical food.

 Too many people don’t know how to do BASIC Human things, have Basic Human understandings,, BE there when someone is in need Emotionally by simply showing support, giving another person what’s within their RIGHT to feel. WE’RE the one’s taking away one another’s RIGHTS!! It wasn’t the 1% when I was a kid shaming me for knowing that I was being robbed! It wasn’t J. P Morgan or Rockefeller who was treating me like I was a Criminal for wanting to be treated with respect, for wanting what was RIGHTfully mine!

 It was those around me who were doing it!! It was my own family who was doing the Emotional Starving! Can you Imagine?/ Taking advantage of my vulnerable position as a child to put themselves first at My expense?? And the neighbors and other relatives who added to my Debt by,, instead of Supporting ME, by recognizing that “I” was the one deserving and needing the help, were telling me to feel sorry for those who were incompetent towards me!!

 The DETERIORATION is RIGHT in front of us!! Holy Shit!! WTF!! I’m sorry I can’t hold it back anymore!

  It was those around me who treated me like a slave, who passed on the brainwashing from the Top that “Life isn’t Fair”.

  Can you Imagine?? People are actually perpetuating the idea that Life is Not Fair,, and being OK with that!! HELLO!!

 I do NOT blame the Powers that Be!! It’s the People!! I stood there as a small child dumbfounded by what I was experiencing!! I could not find ONE person to step up to the plate for me! NOT ONE!! Person took me under their wing and protected me and taught me what a child needs to be taught,, set the example,, even a little!!,, ENGAGED me and took the time to invest in me,, Not one!! Not to the extent that is required by NATURE.

“Man” wants it to be to his OWN Requirements,, “Oh Get over it” ,, Rather than what is required by NATURE!

 The VERY people who were supposed to be taking care of me,, standing up for me,, protecting me,, encouraging me to stand up for myself,, GIVING me the necessary Leverage in life to Thrive,, were the VERY ones robbing it!! Surprise! Exactly what we have NOW!! Your own home is just a smaller version of it! Some had it worse than others.

 But, it was because I felt it so strongly, had it so blatantly, felt the sense of Emergency all my life,, That all around me were Minimizing (The Mind/Body Split),, that it prompted me to wake up and learn. To investigate, to study how the Family system is supposed to function. What a Healthy Family looks like, what HEALTHY,, FIT relating looks like!

 I’m writing all of this PURELY from the Basis of the MATH. PERIOD! Bad accounting


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