Even The body knows when something is a NO Brainer!!

 There isn’t much in this system that isn’t rigged, including the Family system. One thing I feel very strongly is that people are not really taking issues seriously enough. I really don’t think people get it. I don’t think people truly think about what is possible, what can happen, what the consequences are for behaving with so much disregard for nature, the fact that we are connected to and living on a living, breathing organism called Earth that we have completely ignored. I do not see or feel enough people who actually GET IT on a truly deep level.
 Due to the fact that I grew up feeling enslaved and oppressed growing up in an unhealthy, abusive environment and have been in a state of emergency all of my life, because too many people are complacent and consider it “normal”. I know what it feels like to live in a place where you’re surrounded by people who are not on your side. I do Not want to be there again! I don’t feel that we are living up to the fittest and healthiest relationships we can have.

 I have a lot of passion from growing up in a state of Trauma. I dove into learning and educating myself on what a Healthy, Functioning Family is at a deep level. BECAUSE I lived in an unhealthy environment growing up it made me work THAT much harder to Not end up the same way.
 I had no idea, though, at that young age that the rest of the world was as complacent and as in denial and unwilling to step up as they were/are.

 That was truly the scariest part. The only reason I was able to stand up and fight in my house against the very person supposed to be protecting me was the fact that I thought it was a No Brainer that others would step in too! That it would be no problem finding people outside my house to say, “Hey, that’s not way to treat a child”, and to stand up and step in for me and intervene.

GUESS WHAT?? They didn’t! No one ever did step up and protect me and give me what I needed. I searched and searched for anyone to be the rolemodel I deserved. Someone with quality and standard rather than the complacency and low quality I felt at home. I never did. Neighbors offered some relief and some kindness here and there but, Not to the extent that was required for me to grow into a strong  adult,, someone I now realize the system does not want us to be! I had to do it myself.

 The fact that some people are speaking out about what’s going on lately has given me some air under my wings. It’s difficult to gain ground when you’re surrounded by people who condemn and ridicule you since early on for having critical thought/feelings. It’s a blessing yet, at the same time, unfortunate, that I get air under my wings from people I’ve never met through a radio or a documentary and then get the opposite from most of the people I’m surrounded by. It makes it a bit challenging to acquire the lubrication so I can gain acceleration or momentum. The unfortunate reality is that, the more debt you have, (and by debt I’m not talking about $$ I’m talking about resources, support) the less people help you. People tend to listen to and give credibility to those who ALREADY have momentum and recognition. (Debt based,, Debt perpetuates Debt) So if you’re a complete unknown with no resources and ability to lift yourself up, those around tend to ADD to your debt by projecting THEIR Emotional poverty onto you rather than assist you. (Vicious Cycle) THEY are really the ones who don’t have it, can’t do it, yet project that onto the downtrodden.

 People make YOU BAD for making them feel things They don’t want to feel, by making THEM feel inadequate or uncomfortable, which, by the way, is perfectly healthy to feel,, In a Healthy World.

 The fact is is that ALL the poor, homeless, ill, war stricken, lost, different people of the world are nothing more than US! Nothing more than the accumulation of All of our emotional garbage that we have denied in ourselves and discarded onto someone else to keep the Psycho System going for the Elite who Benefit. PERIOD!

 I’ve known it all my life and I’ve been getting some lubrication from those people who have been speaking out, on how deeply MY conditioning goes. How, at a very young age, I was taught and programmed not to give feedback, not to feel what I felt, to feel sorry for those who were supposed to be taking care of me while having My needs neglected.

 I have to drive these points home because it IS at the CORE of exactly how our society is today! I can’t believe how many people I hear saying EXACTLY what I was saying at 6 & 7 years old about how our Gov, our Police, the banks, Hospitals, you name it, are doing the Exact Opposite of what they tell us they’re doing! Hello! The Family!! When the Family is the Opposite of what it’s name implies,, you’re REALLY in trouble!  

 Most people are afraid of their own Anger! Most people do not have a relationship with their anger or other “taboo” parts of ourselves the system tells us is No good or bad. HOW CAN WHAT NATURE GAVE US BE WRONG?? Most people do NOT understand how Crony Capitalism has turned their Own Bodies into Unnatural, rewired, unconscious, programmed, mini versions of the larger system! To the point that their own mind/body is programmed against them without their control or consent.

 No different than Micheal Hastings car! Our parents, without realizing, or perhaps realizing,  they’re working for the system at the expense of themselves and their children. It’s the slow and Gradual deterioration of our health and our rights rather than the sudden and Violent,, from my Favorite quote by James Madison;

I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations.
JAMES MADISON, speech at the Virginia Convention to ratify the Federal Constitution, Jun. 6, 1788

How else does the pollution from society get into our system if not though the “womb” of the family system? Just like a baby ingests everything the mother does while in the womb and needs every precaution to see to it that only the best nutrients get in,, WE as children ingest the Mental Poison and contamination as soon as we enter the “womb” called the Family, to whatever degree.

 All my life I felt bad because of the way I grew up and not having a family who was on my side. I envied other who came from more closer, “healthier” families with parents who actually wanted them. What I’ve come to realize, however, is that, Due to my “violent and sudden” upbringing I woke up that much earlier because it was unmistakable what was happening. It came from the Body,, NOT the Intellect. it’s not the intellect that knows, it comes from the body. The gut has it’s own “brain”, that’s why we have reflexes, they function literally “brainless” because reflexes are  functions the body doesn’t need to bother the brain for, it can do it without it!! Even the Body Knows when Something is a NO Brainer!!

I can’t tell you how many times my Own family told me I was wrong! That what I felt was wrong and that I was, somehow, mistaken, that it “wasn’t that bad”. This idea that NATURE IS WRONG. That what a healthy, vibrant, smart, energetic child feels,, is WRONG! I guess Mother Nature is also wrong and your body is mistaken when it gets cancer!

I woke up that much earlier which meant, also, that I was beaten into submission earlier !! That is the Unfortunate part!! Because I learned early to submit, to Be “nice”, to feel sorry for those who were not there for me, to be a SLAVE and a PEOPLE PLEASER, and to accept the debt rather than being given the leverage to reject the Debt! 

So others who didn’t grow up as “debt Based” as I did are not even as “Nice” and Giving as I am because they were not trained to have to compensate for what they knew. My behavior was forced to be ,,”makeup” and very unnatural makeup to boot.

Due to the Fact that others grew up with the more, “slow and Gradual” brainwashing than I, they adopted to it easier and didn’t see it or feel it as much. I actually feel, at times now, that it was a blessing in a way, that I had it as direct as I did. It was that fact that enabled me to stand up and fight. Unfortunately, it ended up having to be with the very people who were supposed to be on my side! Which, then leaves you living a double edged sword life. Because you’re literally SCREWED at an early age,, No matter which way you go. 

If you admit the truth that those around you are against you, you have to face the fact that you’re alone, but if you don’t acknowledge the reality you end up a prisoner. Nice situation for a child to be in.


People have learned early on to reject what Nature says, to reject what your own body feels, to have an Intellect OVER Nature/body way of being in the world. This is what’s killing us!! If we do not learn to Listen and trust what we feel and allow others to express what they feel even if it’s not Nice, we are doomed to self destruction! 
 It’s Basic MATH. If we continue to SPIT in the face of GOD by disregarding and dismissing the CLEAR feedback that it is giving us, We’re DONE!! 

This is Not complicated! 

We cannot continue to keep kicking the DEBT can of our Health down the road indefinitely! How much longer am I supposed to stuff down what I truly feel before my reflexes take over? 


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