Banana in the Tail Pipe Society/Choking on our Own Fumes!

  Understandably, many people, not all, are looking to get somewhere due to the rigged system that we have been living in for decades. Wasting our energy going along with a system that’s been using us and making a mockery of our efforts for years. Like the betrayal of a long, committed marriage only to find your spouse has been cheating on you. And, although we may not be completely aware if it, on a certain level our bodies know it, feel it. There is No way around that fact because nature calculates everything even if we don’t acknowledge it. We’ve been conditioned not to trust our gut and to block it out because it isn’t what we want to know.

  The amount of emotional debt that has been created goes unrealized by a lot of people. We’re in a kind of “Shock”. We have a certain level of Altered Mental Status from being depleted of our valuable energy. Many of us never even had the chance to acquire very much energy in the first place to be able to have any leverage in the system at all, and are living half charged, like a cell phone. I think of someone with Hypothermia who is doing their best to turn the situation around on their own. The more the Hypothermia advances the more poor choices they make which then, advances the Hypothermia even more making them make even poorer choices. That’s Debt perpetuating itself. That is the world we live in unless we act on Real Compassion. Value that ONLY comes from Nature. I feel that that is what has happened to our country and world. Poor people or middle class people (who once existed) don’t have the ability to see. They rely on those at the top to help them get ahead all the while being taken for a ride.

 The fact that we ASSume that the PTB are playing fair and “care” shows that we are in an altered state, a Deficiency state. looking to them to Give us something.  That we bestow this “power” on them to be our Never-ending Parent. No Wonder I grew up feeling like it very difficult to leave the Nest! You Can’t! We live in a VERY CO DEPENDENT Society, VERY Dysfunctional. They don’t want you to grow up,, they “say” they do but, their actions are doing the exact opposite! Clipping your wings, pulling the rug out from under, putting you in the position to be responsible for them rather then the other way around. Relating to you in unhealthy ways that goes against Health.

 At a young age,, we Must have people to rely on to get not only our Physical Needs met but, even More important, that was not even thought of as important when I was growing up, was your emotional needs. That is Essential! Non Negotiable! The attitude was, you have a roof over your head, clothes and food, you’re good! Even though you were being poorly treated emotionally.
I sometimes liken the way our society operates to an Ingrown Hair! Too many people can’t break the surface so they stay stuck under it and all their energy gets turned inward instead of being able to grow up and out! What that does to a person’s Psyche over time is nothing short of dangerous.

 How can a person get ahead then without the help of another? What’s Truly alarming is the fact that the people are paying for it! So much for the saying “You get what you pay for”. People placed so much value on $$, thinking that if we paid for something we were getting something valuable. So much for that!! So because we’re paying and giving the PTB our Fake $$, that means there’s some guarantee that they will not do us in??! Paying them $$ insures that we’re set. 

 That’s why real help is not about $$. We can’t just take for granted that our $$ is making something happen then go to sleep. Real help is someone helping for free. It’s more likely that the person wants to do you good. the Fact is, Nature does Not function by man made $$!

  The real debt is the Health Debt. That is the most important thing for people to realize. That we didn’t get the chance to live to our fullest in the first place and are still trying to get there while the system is undermining your attempts. How will we Ever be able to acquire the leverage necessary to reach our full potential as long as we’re playing by the rules of a rigged man-made system Rather than Natural Law?

 It’s like living on a ventilator, a false womb


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