Nothing has changed, Poor Quality People

 People are the same low quality that they’ve been all my life. The Problem is,, they don’t see it or admit it. I get the same attitudes from people I’ve seen and encountered most of my life. Right about Now is when I’m sure many reading are saying, “That’s not a nice thing to say”, which is EXACTLY the mentality that is destroying the world. Telling the truth, calling a spade a spade is what we have to do if we are to save ourselves. To see and to admit how far off course we truly have gone. Not admitting that is the very thing that perpetuates the Debt. Wanting things to be nice when they’re not, saying things are nice when they’re not is what is perpetuating the DEBT down the road.

Well, guess what? The road is coming to an END! It’s Not that the interests on the fake $ put into circulation through loans does not exist, as Peter Joseph points out in Zeitgeist Addendum, it’s that the Healthy Human qualities and understandings we need to survive do not exist! They’ve been devalued in the pursuit to pay off the fake debt! The ramifications of this are staggering!! 

 That means that more and more people are going to snap! Are going to flip out, lose it! 

 People who are simply not of good quality. They want to take from you and not give, they want you to be there for the good times and the fun but, not be there for the “bill”, for the hard time, for the challenge. They want to Socialize the gains and Privatize the Losses, The exact Opposite of the Powers that Be! Who Privatize the Gains then Socialize the Losses! With those around you, they expect you to be happy and smiling all the time, but don’t want to know you when the “bill” comes.

 People don’t take the time to get to know one another, to listen, to BE in the moment and deal with issues in the here and now. Not enough people know how to DEAL with, how to STAY in times of difficulties, misunderstandings, hurt emotions, anger, frustration, listening. They don’t know how to GIVE.

 What TRULY SCARES me in this world is that there really IS a DEBT, but Not the debt we normally think of, but a Health Debt, an Emotional, Spiritual Debt, the REAL Debt of Natural resources, the real debt of relationship qualities and skills like, slowing down, Being there for someone, listening, giving, caring, validating, understanding, empathizing. Because we’ve been led astray from Nature and what has Real value we’ve been overly focused and preoccupied with man-made fake fiat and have allowed our Fitness get too compromised. Our Physical fitness, our relationship fitness, our Spiritual Fitness, Emotional fitness, the fitness of the Earth and it’s resources, the fitness of our instincts and all the things people once knew when they lived more connected to nature. We are crippled now, handicapped, mentally and emotionally ill. And as long as we don’t see it, feel to offended to admit it is to the extent that we keep it going.

 I read in a John Perkins book, I believe it was Confessions of an Economic Hitman, he wrote about people who live/lived more connected to the earth and nature, that when a member of the tribe got sick, either physically or emotionally, every member of that community would come together to help the person heal. To bring the Spirit back to the person. 
 Where is that today? We’re not even close to that. The separation and division we live with now and have come to accept as “normal”, not even realizing how sick it really is is just more debt placed upon our already existing debt.

 I do not believe people really Get how far off course we are, how disconnected from nature we have gone and what the consequences of that really are. Not just in terms of the earth and animals but also our Mental Health and our relationships. People have NO idea what Real Health is, what it really means to be Fit on all levels the way people were before all the modern day conveniences and technology have diverted us away from who we really are and where we come from.

 People do not have quality relationships skills. People do NOT have STAYING POWER, which is exactly the qualities we need! Not enough people Get or have or can “afford” the level of Compassion, the level of understanding, of patience, of caring. How many people have truly satisfying, fulfilling, loving relationships? How many people would even admit that they don’t or would even know that they could be living more fulfilled, more satisfied, more loving. Like our jobs, most people don’t want to admit their job is unsatisfying and that we are meant to live much more fulfilled, doing what we love and feeling a sense of purpose.
 We have to have the Courage to admit and FEEL the sadness, FEEL the depression, FEEL our longing  for something only Nature can provide, not man-made fake $.


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