The Problem is Not the Bankers or Corporations,, look within

 This idea that in order to fix and create a better world we have to ONLY look at Wall St., the Bankers, Corporations and such is missing the point, if you ask me. That is definitely is part of it but, for sure, not it entirely. If we continue to point fingers at the Bankers and the Gov./Corporations we will just continue giving our power away to them,, looking for THEM to change, asking THEM to stop exploiting the environment, the poor, the vulnerable.

 We have to look at US. Ask ourselves; how did WE contribute to this situation we’ve created, What was OUR part, What is OUR responsibility? No different than in ANY other relationship with someone in our personal lives; son, daughter, friend, spouse, wife, husband, boss, employee, etc. But, that’s part of the problem isn’t it? That’s right, I forgot. We don’t have healthy relationships with people in our personal lives! We don’t know how to relate and resolve conflict anymore, we DON’T take the time to listen and hear the other person’s feelings then VALIDATE them and take them into consideration. We don’t value what the other feels. We live in a Debt Society, that means, Digging into the “bone”, that means, “Chewing away at the other person”, not giving them their rightful ground to stand on, pulling the rug out from under them so they can’t accumulate any traction, keeping them in a constant state of Emotional Debt.

 People miss the DEBT that’s right in front of their faces!! How do we think the Debt and corruption got to be on such a Large scale? How did it get to be so big? If we are to stop it and turn it around we have to start with ourselves, look within, take responsibility for our part in allowing things to get to be where it now is.

 I think of the poster in some work places/factories showing how to lift heavy objects with the legs so workers don’t hurt their backs. It’s the same thing with relationships. all it takes is a little MINDFULNESS. Just stop to take a sec to consider another, animal, person, tree, whatever. We can have relationships that work as elegantly as watching someone do a waltz if we stopped to tune in and be thoughtful. We need to get traction in the HERE AND NOW. We need to remember that we live in a Physical and Energetic reality where natural law is active ALL the time! We must work WITH it, not against it if we are to thrive. Emotions are simply energy, they pick up momentum. If we don’t know how to deal with our own and anothers emotions we can create a Crash that can lead to life long emotional injuries. Why walk around being careless hurting others and, ultimately, ourselves, when we can plug into physics, know it is in effect, GIVE another person room to feel what they feel and let the emotion wind down. By resisting what another person legitimately feels, we create and then perpetuate DEBT by blocking Real feedback. We try to control Nature from releasing energy that Must be released and expelled in order for someone to be healthy and balanced.

 As husbands, wives, mothers, spouses, (Not Bosses or employees necessarily) it is in our best interest to take the time to connect, to have relationships based on Honesty and truth. We cannot come to have any kind of satisfying interaction with anyone without truth and honesty. This is the “street level” view of our larger global problems. We need to address problems at the “smaller scale” level in order to deal with them at the larger level.

 The Corporatocracy has infected and invaded EVERY aspect of our lives! It wants to and is designed to turn anything Natural and Free into Fake, man-made $$. We have CANCER!! On a GLOBAL scale!! This is serious and people better realize it quick! The Corporatocracy has turned Us against Us. It will continue to distract us from ourselves, use whatever means possible to divert our attention away from Family, away from Nature, away from health, those things that can only bring us TRUE joy and satisfaction.

 That’s why it’s more dangerous for those who did not grow up in healthy, connected family. The Corp. will have an easier time luring those people into it’s web when people do not come from good, strong connections with people who were truly there for them and were looking out for their best interests. Those of us who grew up in more “loose fitting”, broken, every one for yourself, uncaring, unsupported, or any level of less than Optimum fitness environments, the Corp will put it to the test. Only those people with strong convictions who learned early to be a quality person will have the ability to withstand the onslaught coming down from the PTB.

 The mistake that people make, is that they stop investing, they stop accumulating more Fitness, more knowledge, more health. Things that only NATURE can provide and, instead, allow themselves to diverted by the fakery, the man-made $$ system right off the cliff!! They get to a certain point and STOP growing, then cannot afford the ravages coming at them from the system. Even when it’s obvious that we have not reached FULL potential mode, have not achieved our dreams, people STOP and that’s when the depletion starts. That’s when the Darkness makes it’s move. People relax and assume that their Gov is on their side even when it’s obviously not.

 That’s why the Best way to know if your GOV/Country is on your side or not is to look right in front of you at the relationships surrounding you. Do they support your individuality? Do they allow you to speak your truth without fear or humiliation? Do they encourage you to be yourself and not try to make you like them? Are they regurgitating beliefs from 60 years ago? Do they ignore your authenticity and push you to make $$? Do they cut you short when you try to give honest feedback? Do they discourage you from feeling Valid anger or challenging “authority”? Do they try to make you the way they want or do they encourage you to be your own person and allow themselves to be stretched by you?

 By looking at what is, who is Right in Front of us will we see the larger picture. Because we don’t know and have never had a truly conscious, healthy, fulfilling relationship we don’t pay attention to how our relationships function. (At least many of us) We have no idea how optimally healthy and fulfilled we’re capable of feeling and being.

 We need to get more in touch with the “Economy” that’s right in front of us, the rate of exchange we have with those around us. Do we invest our time and energy giving to those we care about or do we just take for granted and take advantage? Do we treat those around us with respect and value or do we treat them with disregard and lack or respect?

 These are difficult and challenging questions that many people do not want to ask or look at and it’s  not wanting to look at that reality that will keep us on the road to total deficit and Spiritual bankruptcy.
 The choice is yours!


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