The Present Moment gives us the Grip to turn things around

 Recently, I heard a story on Democracy Now about the NFL players lawsuit suing the NFL for downplaying the effects of concussions and Traumatic injuries to the head in order to make the game more brutal for spectators and make more profits. The NFL would Never do that!! Would they?? One player, Junior Seau, shot himself in the chest from what is being called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Repeated hits to the head over time brought about cellular changes.

 In an article in Health Day, Margaret Steele writes, “About 4,000 former NFL players filed a class-action lawsuit last year claiming the league failed to protect players from traumatic brain injuries or warn them about the dangers of concussions.”
 “The NFL has said that it never intentionally hid the dangers of concussion from players, and that it is now doing everything it can to protect players against concussions. The league has given a $30 million research grant to the National Institutes of Health for that purpose”
 Dr. Howard Derman, director at the Methodist Concussion Center in Houston states, “the majority of these players who have committed suicide do have changes of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. We feel that that is also playing a role in their mental state.”

 I bring this topic up because of my passion on the subject of PTSD and my suspect that a great majority of the population has this condition in varying degrees due to the the manipulation of the system against people, the enslaving of the masses and the conditioning of people AGAINST the way the mind/body works.

 It’s not only Physical hits to the head that causes brain injury, it’s traumatic events that happen to people when they’re not able to cope with it either in a One-time, sudden situation or over time.

 The Sad reality is,, that it’s those people who are already in a position of leverage, to fight back, to stand up for themselves, as in the case of the NFL players/families, that are more likely to get the help, compensation they deserve and have these issues brought to light. FAMILY is a great contributing factor to this.

 But what about those people who’s Families are the one’s who cause the Trauma? The Eye Opening reality is the fact that it’s Those who need the most help, those people who are Traumatized the most,  are the ones least likely to be able to Speak Up!! The Whole Point is that, without someone Standing up for those people, they end up discarded and forgotten. Their Words are unable to express but their situation is SCREAMING it!! The whole point is, without HELP,, without Leverage, “funds”, intervention to come from somewhere, Someone to recognize when a person is in need and is unable to help themselves, those in Need are as good as Dead! And would probable be better off dead rather than living in a slow, deteriorating decay.

 What is TRULY Scary is that the REAL DEBT in our Society IS NOT $$!! It’s the fact that there are Not enough people around to help, to care, to step up, to recognize!!
 The REAL DEBT is the ongoing “farming” of people with such indifference to the suffering of others and more willing to join in the onslaught rather than intervene!!
 It’s the Lack of Quality in NATURE that is the Real Debt!! The very wealth we’ve been weaned away from and onto Man Made Funny Money! We’ve been on a Diet of Fake Funny Money for decades which has turned us into uncaring, uncompassionate, indifferent, detached, zombified followers instead of the Sharp, go getter, awake, aware, responsive, step-up-to-the-plate people we are meant to be!!

 The point I want to make about the NFL case,, is the fact that the players committed suicide, in my opinion, because they had something to compare their lives to. They HAD reached, achievements, they DID live “ascended”, meaning they were able to life themselves up to become something. And it was the deterioration after the Brain injury that gave them something to compare their lives to that made them feel the decent even more. Which made the decent that much more excruciating to bare.

 For those of us who don’t have that height of success to contrast our lives, we end up living in a perpetual state of apathy and think it’s normal. Why do Pro Football Players commit suicide and Homeless people don’t?? Why don’t “average” people commit suicide? Like soldiers in the Military who commit suicide from Traumatic events in wars,, again, I believe it’s also the CONTRAST of going from the HIGH and the Thrill of killing and excitement to the degradation and humiliation of being injured as illustrated in the film “Million Dollar Baby”.
 No different than experiencing the “Bends” or Altitude sickness,, or putting a person into harsh cold when they’re suffering from Heat Stroke.
 It’s the Extremes that Kill!!

 I struggle as I write this as I do most times I write due to the fact that I was bashed early on for speaking out about abuse growing up. I will most likely be in a constant state of “rehab” til my dying day from growing up in an environment that trained me to be a slave, that “How Dare I” want to be something in my life, that Shamed me for wanting to be the healthy, smart person I was meant to be.
 I feel as I get older the effects from growing up in an environment maybe not so different from the NFL, where my welfare was not being protected and yet I will never have the leverage, the recognition by others to bring it out in the open.

 We get locked in a vicious cycle where,, without someone taking the time to hear us, to see the human being that’s under the downtrodden ness of us, we continue to be what Society sees. People see others they way they want to see them. It takes a person of Great quality to see the Humanity in a Homeless person or a starving person rather than being turned off.

  How else do we turn things around? We Must STOP and really look at what we do, how we behave, how we perpetuate the VERY things we should be changing.

 When I tried expressing my feelings as a child I was met with excuses from my parent as to why they were unable to treat me the way I deserved rather than taking the opportunity to use the realization of the moment to change direction. They perpetuated the situation by continuing with the same Loser mentality. Perpetuating MY Debt further by making me pay the bill, getting me used to feeling sorry for them and depleting my already immature energy supply.

 This is what we’re doing to Nature, to the future. DEPLETING it. Whether we like it or not whether we want to hear it or not.

 As a child I was not in a position to be Suing anyone!! So I end up living in a constant state of depletion. And without Anyone to step up for me and protect my rights, it continues indefinitely.

THE REAL DEBT,,,  The Ratio of People in need and being abused to /Quality/Healthy people to Step up. The scale has tipped!


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