All our Ills come from our Disconnection from Nature

  I have to write about a movie I watched recently, Into the White. 1940 WWII 2 war planes, 1 German and 1 British who get shot down and crash land in the same Norwegian mountainside in the dead of winter. 2 British soldiers survive the crash and 3 German soldiers survive and meet at a blizzard covered cabin atop of the mountain. The struggle for power that goes back and forth while trying to survive and live in the same small space was anything short of how some families try to.

 As the movie progressed and they got over their initial defensiveness and the “program” that the other guy was the “enemy”, their boundaries started to come down and they began behaving like friends. After a time they forgot they were supposed to be enemies and began treating each other like friends.

 I thought it was incredible to watch how their real selves were trying to break through the program like a chick beaks through an egg. The conditions they were under forced them to come together and work together to survive rather than fight each other to death.
 The fact that they were able to come out of the program and come back to realness, humanness by the end of the winter in the cabin was transforming!
 The Norwegian Ski Patrol came searching for them who were still in the mode of “war”, showed up and killed one of the Germans while he was out skiing with one of the British soldiers having a really good time.The Norwegian officer saw them through his eye scope of his rifle and shot the German soldier dead.

 The British soldier who was there was grief stricken seeing his new friend killed out of nowhere.
 These soldiers shared a rare and unique friendship during their time in the cabin during the harsh winter of 1940. It ended with the 4 remaining being taken apart from each other. In one of the last scenes the German soldier, I believe it was, was being questioned by a Norwegian officer and the Norwegian officer called him a “TRAITOR” for befriending the “enemy”.
 The British soldier, in his questioning, stood up to the Norwegian officer and yelled back telling him that they had to get along to survive.

 What is this whole charade for? We have been so conditioned out of our Normal, healthy balanced state of being to serve some “leaders” who don’t even give a shit about us! Even back in 1940. It’s the “leaders” who want us fighting and conditioned away from our Humanity.
  In one scene of the movie I was so taken aback when the Commanding German Soldier, under the weight of the cabin falling in, admits to the British soldier helping him hold it up, that he is a failure and had crashed planes in which a fellow soldier was killed. To see the German soldier admit his humanness and show himself was so surprising. I was not ready for it.

 Our entire society has been conditioned out of gentleness, caring and compassion and into fighting, division and opposition ALL for their own benefit at our expense!! Normal, healthy feelings of friendship, understanding and listening ALL have been banned as “fag”, “sissy”, the “P” word. It seems Any trace of caring or consideration are considered “P” in the system. If anyone,, even females who are biologically wired to be caring and gentle, are becoming more and more like men in order to make $ and get ahead in business. If you’re not “tough” ALL the time, never allowed to come down from tough to be relaxed and put your “weapons down” you’re called “P”. This is how the system keeps people conditioned to be what they want and away from what is healthy, balanced feelings.

 The system wants us to go into emotional, physical and Spiritual debt for it’s insatiable lust for it’s next fix, it’s next high, it’s next war and accumulation of power ALL at our expense! I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again here,, “IT’S NOT $$ THAT = DEBT,, because $$ is Fake,, the Real Debt is Nature, the environment, our relationships, our mental, physical and Spiritual health. Why would we deliberately allow anyone, no matter who they are, to take that much from us?? Once they take it, it’s gone! That’s it! Once Nature is harmed that much, it’s Over!! Nature and our health is the Real $$, Not getting us to give that up. Anyone who Really cared about us would not ever ask us to give that much! Not ever.
 Listen to your gut! Trust your instincts!! Don’t listen to anyone Over your instincts!! Anyone who tries to get you to go against your feelings and instincts is the enemy!! 


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