Lift with your LEGS,, Not your BACK/ Out of relationship DEBT

You know those posters they have hanging up in factories and storage facilities showing how to lift heavy objects more efficiently by lifting with your legs instead of your back? Well, that is a good metaphor for life. Because we can use that idea and apply it to everything we do all the time.

 I think of; when people drive, ski, play tennis, play guitar or any other activity that forces us to be more alert, more engaged because if we don’t we can get really hurt or hurt someone else. And yet, when we’re not engaged in these activities we behave as if physics ceases to exist. That just because we have stepped off our skis or out of our car the laws of physics stops.

“I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
James Madison

We still need to engage with life as if we’re on ice skates. We can’t shut ourselves off from our connection to Natural Law.
 We do not pay nearly as much attention, if any, to the cumulative effects of life, to the PRESENT moment, as we do when we are involved in an activity that calls for our focus. And even then, many times people lose focus after having gotten the hang of these activities. This is very dangerous! The cumulative effects add up to the SAME Trauma over time that can happen in One single car accident, ski accident, not paying attention to your parenting skills, losing focus on your marriage, not paying attention to your boss or co workers and the dishonesty that goes on in “small” amounts.

 Every day we allow injustices to go by thinking “Oh it’s so small, it can’t possible have an effect”, when the Reality is that it is even MORE Dangerous because of it’s subtleness. The Powers that Be are the ones paying attention to the Slow and Gradual over time and using it to their advantage while WE the people consider the “small” stuff to be irrelevant which is the reason why we are being enslaved!!
 It’s that penny we save every day that adds up to something OVER TIME. But, It’s not just the penny, it’s the way we behave, it’s the way we feel about ourselves and our families, community. If we begin life from a place of low self worth, that just perpetuates itself if we do not address it and realign ourselves with what REAL value is, all we do is get further and further off course. Where we are today.

 I referred to the poster of lifting heavy heavy boxes/objects to illustrate how misaligned we live over time and then it’s from our misalignment that we get even further misaligned. That is the REAL DEBT! If people could realize that $$ is what’s taking us out of alignment from what is truly valuable. If more people could realize that man made $$ has broken away from physics and natural law and is actually at the expense of it and that we need to let go of it and bring ourselves back to alignment with Natural Law.

 How can we ever go in the right direction when we fail to admit our misalignment? We become energetically and Emotionally like the the poster if we’re lifting life without proper alignment. We go further and further in emotional and mental misalignment.

 Fact: We do not live in a Society that places a priority on health on any level. The Economy is seen and regarded as the be all and end all even though it’s detached from any real value and those who control it’s quantity are not in the best interest of the people. Is it that hard to figure out that only things that come from Nature and that Natural Law should be the main focus? What ever happened to “In God We Trust?” $$ and God have Nothing to do with each other!! Fake Man Made fiat and God have been divorced for decades now and we weren’t old about it. We still think the “Parents” are Married. We still act and live as if they’re joined in Holy Matrimony when they’re been living apart for many years now.

 If the people do not start to slow down and pay attention, we will become so detached to what’s going on it will be too late to recover, for which I feel we are approaching and have approached. We are No longer a Happy Family, we are a Dysfunctional, domestic violence, in need a divorce because the other party (The Elite) are in Denial! The 99% need to Divorce the 1%. Simple.

 In talking with a friend yesterday about a relationship with a guy, we got into what happens when relationships end up calling us to be healthy. When relationships require us to look at our level of emotional/ mental fitness that keeps us unavailable to go deeper into Love we tend to get taken off balance and our emotional injuries get triggered.

 The whole point of life is to have a “Bank Account”. The most valuable account there is is with another person. Depending on how we were taught growing up, depending on who our examples were, we either learned or didn’t learn to some degree, to Cultivate wealth that is sustaining. Our interactions and responses to those around us are either wealth creating or deficit perpetuating. Period! They’re either “muscle building” or muscle tearing.
 The problem is that there is So much DEBT on the level of relationship skills that all that ends up happening is that people end up triggering one another’s emotional injuries, knocking each other off balance, rather than having the “funds” to help steady one another. We end up “bankrupting” ourselves and another instead of making deposits.

 By practicing Meditation and being in the Present moment, and even that we can only start doing Now, we can at least begin some REAL “funding” of ourselves so we’re not so triggered in relationships. If we can understand that the other person lost their emotional footing and give them the time to regain it, if they have the presence of mind, and not allow ourselves to get pulled in, we can begin to repair the Perpetuation of the Relationship Debt that the PTB want us to be in so we can’t come together to Muscle build to take them on!


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