Speaking Truth to "Power"/increase your Nurition!!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to live in the Present Moment. To pay attention to and tune into what’s right in front of us. The Present is what Too many people miss and are completely oblivious to, yet the VERY place that life is occurring and Most Alive! The Present moment is where you build your “Bank Account”, where you’re either making “deposits” or “withdrawals” with your Dignity and Soul. Unless of course you’re conditioned, like Pavlov’s dog, to salivate to fake man-made currency that is taking you in the opposite direction that your health and Soul need to go in.

 Like it or not, WE the people have created the Monsters called the 1%. We can call them out and point fingers at them all we want and things will never change because they will Never admit or take any responsibility because we have trained them. We have allowed ourselves to be diverted away from our instincts, power and our True Nature and replaced it with fake $$. We have made $$ more valuable than our self worth and dignity.

 I had Robert W. McChesney, co author of the book, DOLLAROCRACY on my radio show on Tues eve and we were able to get into the discussion of how we’re conditioned early on Not to stand on our own “feet”, how we’re “raised” not to think and feel for ourselves fully and to forfeit what we know and should stand for for a false sense of security and materialism.
 We can liken it to a Boxer who is paid to lose a fight even though he is a skilled fighter and has a good potential to win. This is the way many people live their ENTIRE lives. Never following their gut, never challenging themselves and spending the rest of their lives giving power away, Without Question, even in the face of Blatant dishonesty or corruption.

 From parent to teachers to priests to bosses, to some State “Official”, to the Police, to TV Media,  the IRS, to the President of the U.S., we hand our Power over without even a thought. It’s automatic. It’s just the continuation of how we were “raised” and the fact that we were not trained to live to our fullest expression. Like a muscle that doesn’t get used, we wither under the weight of “going along”.
 I think of someone like a Serena Williams and what it took for her to get to the level of that kind of tennis playing. The coaching and training and encouragement to excel it took. Another person or persons actually wanting and giving much permission for her to excel. How good of a player the coach had to be to take her to where she is and what happens when Serena exceeds the ability of the coach? Does the coach get angry if she is able to out do them and tell her she’s not allowed to surpass them??

 This is the kind of upbringing we all should have. Parents should be training us to excel in who ever we are. They are our first teachers. Being just like a tennis, boxing or what ever sport coach wanting us to gain mastery over life and whatever skills or talents we choose to pursue. It became too “Normal” in society for too many people who do not have the ability to train people to their fullest excellence, and I’m not talking about Arrogance, I’m talking about TRUE leadership, Real talent and sportsmanship balanced with humbleness and responsibility. Not fake Ego.

 Many, if not Most of our upbringings, could be equated to being trained in the complete Opposite way that one would train say, a skier. I used to think that if my own parent were a ski instructor, they’d be teaching me that the way to ski was to tumble down the hill rather than gracefully swooshing down it with mastery and ease. That is the reason I felt driven to exercise so much and train with heavy weights for 30 years! I listened to what my body needed in order to REALIGN myself from the completely WRONG training I received at home. I could literally feel the mangledness of my insides. The Body Knows! Nature KNOWS. There is NO getting over on that fact, no matter how we try. Nothing good will ever come from ignoring our own self and instincts.

 It’s actually very possible to receive the Same kind of injuries and trauma that one could get from a head on collision or a rape, over the course of time. Many people do not consider that. All we think about is what happens all of a sudden. The “sudden and violent as apposed to the gradual and silent” that James Madison quoted about. That is why the slow and gradual is MUCH more Dangerous!! The accumulation over time is much more insidious. This is why it is So imperative to be aware and to look at the way we were raised. It isn’t about blame or bashing others, it’s about learning, getting to the facts so we can turn things around and break the vicious cycle cutting through the emotion.

 It’s not too late to start “exercising” the internal Muscles that you were not taught to utilize. We are Way too disconnected from the way Nature and the Universe works and we will pay a DEAR price for not working within it’s laws.

 I believe, just like our bodies/anatomy, the entire Earth is Pressurized. When one part of your body is imbalanced or out of alignment it will throw the entire body off. So it goes with the globe. Nature seeks a balance. There is NO way one part of society or the world can be off balance and it not effect the entire earth community. Of course, the 1% Love this imbalance but, what they do not realize is that no amount of Fake $$ will make them healthy. Their imbalance and Addiction makes them Sick. Period! Man Made $$ does not give impunity from the laws of Nature. It’s just that simple.

 Instead of challenging themselves by “weight training” people who are tougher, (last time I checked the way to get stronger is to resist weight that’s a bit heavy, not too light and easy) society has become a Nation of Bullying the weak and poor,, aka,, weight training with feathers!! And thinking you’re going to get strong!! Again,, THERE’S NO GETTING AROUND NATURE’S PROCESS!!

 In the Occupy Finance book that I’ve been reading which talks about how the banks and mortgage companies want to eliminate risk while making profit!! That make NO sense!! The same thing with cowardly people who want to just have sex and not invest any emotion or caring then expect the sex to be gratifying!! Unless you’re an addict and crave malnutrition, You eat what your sow!! It’s the VERY chemicals the body produces which come from the act of risk taking, of thrill and a bit of fear that is REQUIRED to make the outcome Nutritious!!  Making $ that is not genuinely earned has NO Nutritional Value!! Imagine going on a Roller Coaster and extracting the Thrill and Fear. What would be the point?? If rock climbing was easy and the ability to climb Mt Everest was handed to someone,, what would be the reward??

 The entire economic process, having been turned into a Rigged climb to Mt Everest for those with the remote has no Real Nutrition! Period


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