Emotional Scarcity/ DEBT

I feel I have to keep coming back over and over again to Nature to which, WE, Human beings are a part and to which We also have been Hugely diverted from. 
 It is really so evident to me the amount of Emotional, Psychological debt that many people are in and in the attempts at getting what they actually Do deserve they end up spinning out of control. The conditions that get created are nothing short of dried leaves on a hot, dry summer day. 
 It takes an immense amount of presence of mind and self control not to allow oneself to get triggered and pulled into arguments where your footing is completely lost.

 Because too many people do not think about or pay enough attention to relationships and how we are connected to nature chemically. We can think about it like; every interaction  or “exchange” we have with another person we’re creating Chemistry. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we are cultivating something ALL the time! Psychics never sleeps, like the beating of our hearts, until we die.

If we are coming from a place of “debt”, scarcity inside of ourselves and not aware of that and we are ineffectively attempting to get what we need from others, our lack of skill will continually perpetuate the debt we are so desperately trying to get out of.

We live in a Society that does not place a very high priority on Love, Caring, Compassion or Giving. The fake $$ system has trained us out of that without our awareness or consent. The System has brainwashed us to be “tough”, rough, hard, macho, cut off any normal healthy feelings of sensitivity, uncaring and mean. Being concerned for someone who legitimately deserves it  is looked at as if the deserving person is getting away with something. 

 For so long we’ve fed the monsters of Gov, Corp, the Fed, Celebrities with the life blood that we should be giving to those around us. We look at and demean the normal for being needy while inflating and gorging the 1% with the very energy and caring we should be placing on those right in front of our faces.

 When people want to blame the 1%, Gov, Corporations or the Fed,, I really want to laugh. Although they are not completely immune of course, but to blame the Corp., Fed or Gov for the fact that people treat one another like shit is ludacris!! 

 We have systematically signed on with the Crooks and the Mafia Gov. to suck the life out of and  emotionally abuse those around us!! I am Furious when I think about it!! 
 This blaming those at the top, and bottom, rather than taking responsibility for the role that WE the people have played in this Scam, will do nothing more than perpetuate the same thing!! 

 We have to ADMIT, take ownership of in order to change. If people keep making excuses Nothing will change!! The ONLY way to BREAK the Vicious cycle is to get a Grip on Reality. This is the reason why ,, everything we were brainwashed to believe is “negative” or bad,, ISN’T!! It’s the Very thing that will keep us afloat!! People have NO idea how much the world has been turned upside down and inside out!

 Nature and Health is the ONLY thing that’s real! We must learn to replenish what has been raped in the name of fake $$, profit. Learning what is healthy and that balance in life including caring, emotional generosity, EMOTIONAL giving is good!! NOT GREED!!! Greed is a SICK addiction that is completely disconnected from anything healthy and fulfilling.

 Everything we need comes from NATURE!! Period!! $$ does not come from nature, it splits people from nature and health like Medication. It takes people further and further from Nature!!
 People caring and helping each other is the only thing that can fulfill, being helped if needed and helping and giving another when needed. 

 The cells in our bodies respond automatically when a bacteria or foreign body enters it. In a HEALTHY body,, the response time is quick. The White Blood cells do not have to “think” about it. Only after the body gets ill does the response time slow down or diminish. When we as people do not respond to others who are in legitimate need and INSTEAD,, bow to and make excuses for Sinister, Evil, Gluttonous, Sloth 1%, we had better recognize the fact and admit our part or we will continue to keep the cancerous Society going and going. The ONLY thing that will put the brakes on the Cancerous Momentum that has built up is for More and more people to Admit and snap out of the Denial and Take Responsibility. 

 Be kinder to those who truly need it and not to those who don’t. Make your Currency exchanges more from your emotions that are real rather than $$ that is fake.
 We need to MOVE back into our bodies and take them over and EVICT the Program out!! Stop taking more energy from the poor by blaming them and Joining the 1% in sucking the life out of the most vulnerable.
 Give more Freely to those around and don’t be afraid to treat people well. We’re cultivating what We will end up reaping the rewards of!!


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