Hitler Didn’t Exterminate,, it was the PEOPLE

In my entire life, since I was very young, 6 years old when parents divorced and “mother” had to go to work, on top of being brought into the world  because it was a sin to get an abortion according to the Catholic Church. So you’re whole life starts out in Debt right from the beginning. Too many people do not think of Debt this way. We’re so conditioned in the direction of Fake, man made $$ as the only thing that has value, and away from what truly is valuable; healthy, win-win relationships, community, support, fresh air, and water, animals, a healthy environment, peace and Love,, when the reality is that it has none except our ignorance. Our ignorance does NOT make it valuable. $$ does Not have Real value because we believe it does. Ultimately, Natural Law determines what has value. When are we going to understand that what comes Only from Nature has Real value?? Holding onto and clutching to what man makes at the expense of what Nature makes will take us down. It’s all about how we were trained. We’ve had it conditioned into us from the beginning, we’ve been fed the fake “medication” from man made world right from our birth just like animals for slaughter! We’ve been “injected” with so much BS, lies and misinformation designed to divert us away from who we Authentically are and into what our Counterfeit, poor imitation Society wants to turn us into for it’s own benefit.

 When I was young and for decades after I used to feel that my upbringing was  worse than those who it seemed were brought up in more loving, secure environments. What’s strange is that lately I’m seeing my Traumatic earlier years as good “Survival Training” for what’s to come, while those who I thought grew up “better”, in reality, were not, they only had the misinformation camouflaged  under some real caring. For me, there was NO mistaking it! My body woke up right away even though I was being told it was Real Love and my family really cared about me, while my body was telling me something Quite the contrary. I was having the Blue Pill shoved down my throat in much more violent clumps rather than smaller doses that I wouldn’t notice. Thank God for what was given to us in Nature and in our bodies that was activated early on. I felt completely alone most of my life, feeling as is I had a chance to see a glimmer of freedom and what’s behind the Fake, man made world when that part of me kicked in and rebelled and fought nearly to the death. Eventually, however, I had no allies. I was surrounded by Blue Pill swallowers who saw me as a threat and began their process of wearing me down.

 I feel as though I’ve been living in hiding most of my life. Making many attempts to speak the truth only to be invalidated and minimized. Having what I was trying to express not taken seriously enough and the criminality behind it being taken ever so lightly. I can feel myself these days regaining some strength due to more and more people waking up but, not enough strength to live openly.

 I can see how, as far back as 6 and 7 years old,  I was doing the right, healthy thing. Calling those in charge for who they were. I learned then and there that Might made Right! It was Clear what the Rules were!! No one was on your side no matter how much they claimed to “love” and “care” about me,, My Body always knew the Truth!! My Body and Gut always knew otherwise, that I was surrounded by “man Made People who were in a program that I was unable to snap them out of. Not just a “parent” but, neighbors, relatives. NO one was truly FIT, No one Got it! No one was really fit and healthy. I would never get what I needed t grow to be a truly healthy, independent, vibrant adult from anyone around me, so I read and taught myself as best as I could. With still no one to be a mentor and step up to give me some leverage so I could gain some self confidence and self mastery, it was an uphill battle for decades. I stay stuck in Psych debt grabbing onto crumbs of strength here and there but, never enough to gain any real momentum.

And it Wasn’t the FED, The Banksters, Wall St, or the Military that was doing it!!! It was the PEOPLE!! my “FAMILY”, NEIGHBORS, RELATIVES, All with the Label of people who are supposed to be “Good” for you but the INGREDIENTS were something entirely different!!
 My gut knew very early that what I was being told and fed was JUNK!! GARBAGE, that I was being robbed, the very people supposed to be the Only ones to count on in life, the Very people on which your life depends, are all nothing but a bunch of Losers and Man Made people!! I felt so traumatized!! I felt like I was living in the Twilight Zone my entire life, always being the one who had dreams and wanted to live to my fullest while most people around me were just satisfied to live the way their parents did.

 Speaking out at a young age that my own “parents” were not doing their job and treating me the way I deserved, the fact that it’s in US! The Body/Gut knows!! But, then our Mind /Body connection gets lost and rewired. We’re no longer living in the moment, in a Pay as you Go manner, the way our bodies are designed to when we come into this world . Having our minds and bodies disconnected and pinned against each other is the way the System keeps us in Debt and living beyond our means and with a Constant “Bill” over us.

 With everyone around me making excuses for the “leader”, Bailing Out the “Authority” at MY expense!! Who was there for me?? NO One!! I learned how Fucked up the “Economy” was by the time I was 8!! That we lived in a Completely FUCKED system where those with Power could do what ever they wanted to you and get away with it!! And you had to Love them! 

 Looking PURELY at the MATH,, It’s a totally DEBT system when people bring you into the world by accident, have you because it’s a sin to get and abortion, Not really want you and have absolutely NO intention of making an effort to not pass the bill onto you, and expect you to be satisfied just not having been aborted!! I’m having My Resources, my energy, self worth and dignity completely ROBBED by the VERY people labeled as “family”!! Then we wonder why “Banks” Rob people, Hospitals make people sick at their expense, and you wonderful Congress sits by while you’re rights are being drained left and right!! TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!
 Does this sound even a Little bit like the Country/World were living in today,, Only smaller??!?!
 Gee,, I can’t imagine how we arrived here??!
 Maybe it’s from all the people who grew up around Me who settled for the average, not completely living a full life,, who beat me into submission when I tried to show them what was going on!!!


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