Dysfunctional Families Create Dysfunctional Countries!

I am not speaking for anyone else, Only for myself. I cannot help the fact that it was crystal clear to me at a very young age that I was being screwed by the very people who were supposed to be protecting me and teaching me to stand up for myself. I will say it again,, This is DEBT!! 
 I have been working at it my ENTIRE life trying to get the support I need to get myself Out of this Debt space. Without getting some leverage from somewhere, from someone, lifting yourself up is impossible.

 Problem is, “I” end up being aware of the very things that I’m turning to other people for!! Meaning, Other people are oblivious to what I’m trying to tell them. I then go further into Energy Debt exhausting myself explaining to people to get them to understand which ends up costing me energy I can’t afford to lose! It ends up not working out anyway because the person I try to say things to just ends up being in denial to what’s going on and treating the whole situation like I’m overreacting!

 Meanwhile,, We the People, are getting robbed more and more by the Corp and the banks who live by a completely different set of rules than we have been trained to.

 This is the point I’m getting at; Being brainwashed at a very young age to not only allow the very people who are the ONLY people I have to rely on to treat me poorly and then on Top of that, being told and trained that “I” have to feel sorry for them and put my body into a Debt situation for others that my body cannot afford!! Most people do NOT look at these things. This is Exactly what we need to be looking at because this is exactly where we’ve learned to keep the system going at our expense. It’s a HEALTH Issue, an environmental Issue,, an Energy issue! That is the Only thing in this life that is Real! Fake $$ is the tool to create Real Debt in Nature. If we focused more on what’s REAL instead of what’s Fake we would not be in the situation we’re in. We have to realize that the people with all the leverage and control are not on our side. That is a fact!! It’s pretty clear by what’s been happening with the Economy for the last decade and way before that. But, most people do not take the time to look and learn.

 If the people do not start standing up to the abusers, knowing their rights and stop funding the people that are screwing us. We will be living in such poverty and enslavement that we have been seeing in places like Somalia, the Middle East and Haiti and have sat back and allowed to spread.

 I have been reading the Occupy Finance book that was put together by Occupiers who have worked in high places in Finance and Wall St and have been on the PBS special Frontline. Micheal Hudson and other very knowledgeable people attend this group.

 I will put here ONE part out of 12! of what I read under the section describing how Congress has passed laws and regulators have written “regulations” that further entrench Wall Streets interests.
 # 12 entitled Lack of Accountability and Prosecution.
 I will not write word for word, I will summarize,, it reads, the Megabanks, after running up BILLIONS of dollars in losses to their Companies and TRILLIONS in “collateral damage” to the Economy,, they were NOT required to replace their CEO’s or other senior executives!! Not only did the CEO’s keep their positions, they kept their bonuses , stock options, and Corporate Jets!! 

Is there ANYONE out there? who’s even a little enraged by this?? and that is only 1 out of 12!! 

 I showed it to a friend yesterday in the hopes of getting a rise. People need to feel their ANGER!! Not let it get out of control,, But Wake it up!! and learn to use it!! This is the point I was trying to make to my friend who was telling me I was making myself sick getting so upset. It’s not feeling Real feelings that will make us sick, it’s NOT feeling them!! And it also isn’t in my absolute control in life as to what comes my way. It isn’t ME,, it’s the System screwing us and pushing us to our limits! We need more people to get MAD!! 

 We were trained early in our lives to go along. The Banks and Hedge Funds do NOT live and operate by the same rules we were trained to. We NEED to break some rules! Break out of the mental cage we have been living in. I have been aware of this and trying to empower myself but, due to most people around me  keeping themselves in check, they do the same to me. If people are used to being nice and worrying about everyone else instead of taking care of yourself, they will do that til they bleed out. 

 The Fact is: We cannot Afford to be Unconscious anymore! We have to Stretch ourselves mentally and do things that feel wrong. If you’re used to being subdued and nice, embrace another part of yourself and see how it feels. Even more challenging,, If you’re someone who is used to dominating and bullying others, try letting go of that role just a little and see what happens.  These are the things I read about in John Bradshaw books back in the early 90’s. He called it the Parts Party, an exercise where you invite ALL the parts of you to, especially the parts that we were taught are “bad” or dirty, like anger and sexuality. Like our Physical muscles, we need to use ALL the parts of ourselves.
 Anger alerts us to a violation, if that alert is not tended to we will be trampled on and used. The Body is NEVER WRONG! Nature is NEVER wrong,, our feelings are NEVER wrong when we are young. How else to we think the country is the way it is?? We have been taught WRONG! We’d better start changing it and ourselves Pronto!!
 Today, it’s become quite evident that caring and gentleness have been outlawed for the sake of $$. We need to focus on getting back to balance and health and away from $$ that is at the expense of that. 

 I was attempting to show my friend that we need to do things that feel uncomfortable if we are to change. If we the people are not willing to take what’s rightfully ours emotionally, physically and economically, then there’s NO use pointing the fingers at the Bankers because as long as we do that, we’re perpetuating the same problem. Looking to the disease for the cure. 

 Most of us were taught to Blindly listen to and follow parents without question, even if the parent is wrong or abusive.  Child rearing was done through Fear and intimidation rather than reasoning and respect for the child’s feelings. That has gotten us to where we now are where most people just follow Corrupt “authority” and do not challenge them. This goes against Nature. The young are supposed to challenge, be encouraged to challenge and change the system. Nothing is supposed to stay the same with the same people in charge indefinitely! 

 We are not supposed to be living with parents into our 30’s and 40’s, that is dysfunctional and Co Dependent. Not being able to emotionally break away due to not getting our emotional needs met is the smaller version of the exact system we are now living under. Where our very Nature’s are being used against us and by not getting what we need emotionally growing up, we are kept in a perpetual state of immaturity for the rest of our lives!! If that does not raise your eyebrow,, I don’t know what will. We are all being kept small so we can be used and abused indefinitely. 
 And your children and grandchildren will simply be slaves in captivity for their entire lives.

People being born and growing up are supposed to replace those in the Leadership role and be able to come from all walks of life,, not just the offspring of those people who currently occupy those roles.

 We must be willing to go through the pain and discomfort of looking at the way we were taught to keep this system going at our expense from the way we were taught growing up, the way our parents interacted with us and treated us when we challenged them. If we were taught that they automatically win by the shear fact that they’re in the Authority role,, we’ve been screwed.


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