The Road is So Less Traveld, there IS No Road!!

 Trying to express to people that, just because you’re not “Sick” physically; having cancer or an injury or illness, does Not mean you’re healthy and as Optimally Fit as can be. 

 I had so much anxiety growing up around people who were so accepting of living with things being “not that bad”. Any time I felt a lack of quality, a lack of standards, complacency and simply, a lack of direction, (which Was quite frequently) I would say something and get responses like “it isn’t that bad”, “No body’s perfect”, which essentially is DEBT based thinking. Referring to the poor, criminal, derelict, deranged so that we can feel good about ourselves. THIS is the reason I feel that the poor and starving will always exist. Without them to contrast with the Celebrities and our own lives, we would not be able to feel better about ourselves.  When the REALITY is that we SUCK because the poor Exist!!
 We look at things from the reference point that deludes us, thereby perpetuating our own delusion that we are OK.  It’s a Catch 22!! The Absence of the poor would be a TRUE indicator that we are quality people who do not allow those kinds of atrocities to exist!! Instead of keeping them around to compare ourselves to!! That’s like feeling good about yourself by having a filthy apartment or house and saying “It’s not as dirty as my neighbors”. Or, “I’m not as overweight as So and So”. We keep the poor and starving around to keep ourselves Disoriented so we don’t have to take action and start moving in a better direction. As long as we’re “Not that Bad” we don’t have to do anything. 

 The Very Fact that the Poor and downtrodden exist is Proof that the Powers that Be SUCK!! That WE SUCK!! If they/we need to have so many people crawling around in the streets in order to feel good about ourselves, that is a DEBT based way of looking at the world. Too many people have lost the True Measure of what makes Excellence and Success. Trampling on others and perpetuating Poverty and misery is a sign that we SUCK!! Not a sign you’re Cool or successful. And who is doing anything about it?? Is APPLE Co doing anything?? Not is it’s going to put a dent in their business. 

How many people would be willing to give up their iphones to eliminate poverty and starvation?? Our whole Measuring process has been switched from the way Nature measures success for the way Psychos measure it! We’ve allowed the ADDICTS sick, twisted view of the world to become the way we measure everything. The way we measure beauty has been dominated by Heroine skinny Models and people who shop til you’re bankrupt.
 Everything about $$ is related to being SICK, not healthy!! 
 The system uses your insecurities and Low Self esteem against you to get you addicted to the DRUG of Consumerism!! To keep you addicted and enslaved for the rest of your life while you go deeper deeper into Spiritual deprivation, the exact Opposite direction we need to go in, which is Caring, Emotional Giving, Slowing Down to sit and Listen to someone who feels sad.

 The ONLY thing that’s Real comes from US, People, from what We have inside of us that Fake Man-Made $$ couldn’t come close to touching. We have to learn to see ourselves as MORE than we were taught to believe. We have to cultivate a “Bank Account” of Self worth and Esteem for one another or we will be endlessly living from our sense of Low Self worth and being taken for a ride.

 WE are Not connected to and cultivating ALL the Power we have. We have NO idea how powerful we are and what we have inside of us that can help another. We’re so used to thinking of only healthy Food that comes from a natural source being good for us. We completely overlook ourselves and the Nutritional power we have to  heal another person,, to enrich another person’s life and empower another person WITHOUT $$. As long as we don’t GIVE, freely,, we are perpetuating the Vicious cycle!! We are SCREWED if we do not understand that we are living on a Living, Breathing Organism called EARTH that has laws that Demand adherence to PERIOD. 

 We have been living and following Man Made rules for Too long which are not backed by and in accordance with Nature! This is not that difficult to understand when you think of our man made habitats we spend most of our time in.
 We MUST realign ourselves with how Nature functions or we are doomed!! Too many people have completely ignored helping and caring for others. We’ve gone OVERBOARD in trampling on others and competing with them til we’ve exhausted it! We have to start turning that trend around!! How much more crap can you buy? How many more gadgets can you use?? Consumerism will only go s far,, REAL happiness comes from caring and compassion for those in need.

 Living an Optimally Healthy life, not just the absence of disease, is what life is all about. Mental Fitness, Truly Loving your spouse and family instead of just being roommates. Challenging the Gov. and Congress with questions you have a Right to ask and actually receive answers to.
 There are all levels of health and fitness on many levels from Physical to Spiritual that we are not utilizing. If $$ had value, it would be backed by these qualities NOT at the expense of them!! If we have to compete with one another in unhealthy ways, treat one another like shit to feel one up on, sell our souls and morality for another iphone,, the system can keep it! I’d rather follow Nature’s way,, OBVIOUSLY, the Road Less Traveled!! There is NO road!! 

 We must Dig DEEP inside ourselves,, Break a Sweat!! Make an Effort in the direction of Nature not man made. Give directly to people in front of you. Do what matters It’s healthier for you!



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