Man Made $$ is GMO!

In my experiences over decades of observation it appears that too many people have been so infected by man made currency OVER their own natural, innate currency such that people’s REAL currencies/muscles like; Listening, emotional giving, patience, slowing down, being Present and understanding have all ATROPHIED!!

 I have a WAY better chance of getting Fake Man-Made Fiat out of someone than I do understanding. People are so in the habit of exchanging Man-Made fiat that asking for donations is the new thing. I feel it has made people very lazy and disconnected to their natural currencies of taking the time and making an effort to come together rather than simply donating more Fake man-made fiat. The very thing that has poisoned our society and has circulated systemically for so long that our Entire Global world has $$ HIV!

 And what do people want to do,, keep using the same funny money instead of getting rid of it, detoxing ourselves from it. Why not do things cold turkey? Why do we have to continue circulating the very diseased Fiat that is creating and spreading the $$ HIV!? Aren’t we just making it worse by using it when what is truly going to help is to create FREE space, The very thing that is missing?! Doesn’t it make sense that the more we perpetuate fake $$ the more we’re spreading the disease? Until we Clean $$ up and have it represent TRUE value,, as long as we’re circulating it we’re just making the problems worse.

 But, of course, how do we get enough people to let go of it at the same time to be effective?

 I’m just looking at everything in terms of Nature and health and how, if the body were sick, is $$ really going to help ultimately? I feel it’s our Conditioning to Think of $$ as the Savior that is destroying us. We have to turn to Nature DIRECTLY and Cut out the “Middle man”, as long as use use Fake Man made fiat, WE are the ones inviting the very Criminals we say we want to get rid of, into our lives over and over. If we do not learn to STOP and do something different, WE will continue being part of the problem.

 I feel we have to do things Cold Turkey. $$ creates a skew in our reality, an Untrue reading. It creates “static”. People need to change Currencies to one that comes from Nature, from themselves. People need to see themselves as more powerful than the donation they can hand over without getting up out of a chair. People need to get active, get moving. Wake up their Natural Currencies of standing up and stepping in rather than the Lazy Currency of fiat. 

 I was just speaking with a friend about her experience with to which she is fairly new to. To keep it simple, she feels she is finding out that this “dating” site is no different than Wall St Stock Market. That it’s a shell game, rigged and manipulated for $$ instead of simple allowing it to be what it is and take it’s natural course. I had some similar experience with where I just had suspicions that many of the profiles were not even real. That these sites are just worms on hooks looking to Bait people into being on for a while for $$. Because, after all, If you meet someone too soon and get married, that doesn’t exactly work out too well for the site as far as $ goes. Well actually it would because then more people would go on it and it would get more business, but because the people running the site do not have any trust, and they grab for the $$ too hard, they manipulate things like Wall St does because their Greed outweighs their honesty.

My friend told me that the people running the site blatantly lied about referring her to a # that was supposed to handle certain issues and when she called the # 3 times they said they only deal with billing issues. 

By engaging in “organic” activities,, Skiing, bike riding, playing instruments, working on a car engine, etc, we are getting PURE feedback. No manipulation, nothing rigged.
 If a CEO and a garbage collector go skiing and both cannot ski, Physics is going to give them Both the same feedback! Physics is NOT going to cower to the CEO and make him/her a better skier because that person has $$ or position. They will get a TRUE reading, unlike the feedback and the sucking up to that the CEO gets in his life as the head of some Company. His position and $$ has created a FALSE reading in his life and he is DEPRIVED of Accurate feedback of who he really is and his True capabilities. 
 Imagine if Fake $$ could, in fact, alter the laws of Physics to which CEO’s have deluded themselves into believing that it does,, and the conditions and laws of nature bowed to the CEO to make him a “Pro Skier”. 

These Power hungry people would be even more Psychotic than they already are! 
 This is Exactly what WE have done! What WE the people have created, or were conditioned to create. When you think about it, how in the Heck is it getting WE the people anywhere by giving our power Away!! Then looking for it back?? This has been the question I’ve been asking myself my entire life. Doesn’t it make sense to KEEP or BE Given the power to ourselves DIRECTLY?? How is it doing US any good by having anything; energy, fake $$, credit, recognition, work, Filtered through Psychos who will suck up 99% of it and leave us starving?? 

 We Must make it really simple by just acknowledging to ourselves that we are, in FACT, in an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP!! An “arranged” Marriage that we did not consent to, like the 16 year old “brides” in Afghanistan. As long as the PTB think they have all the power and we have none and are just some captive audience, the abuse will continue and escalate. By being participants and by Not knowing how to respond to their Power Trip we will be FUELING our own enslavement.


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