A new Show called LOST,, showing us in "Civilization"

I cannot believe how utterly OBVIOUS it all is and has been to me ALL my life, that the people are Totally complicit in their own screwing. How’s it’s really Not the 1% or the banks, or corps. but the PEOPLE! I’m TIRED of the excuses!! The PEOPLE are the ones having and passing the ignorance and Psych debt to their own children. How is that Love? How is that “family?’

 I saw it as clear as day at such a young age that “family” is Not Family. There’s nothing but excuses being made for the very people who are supposed to be teaching you, who are supposed to be be your Champions, having a certain level of Standard! If “family” suck that bad and are that dysfunctional and abusive, I mean, Does it Really Take the crash of 08 to know there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this Society?

 When we’re taught as kids that parents can do no wrong, that they can do what ever they want and we cannot question or challenge it. When it’s so obvious that too many are “raised” to just keep the system going and not put the brakes on it or, to simply, not be a winner in life, to not be someone who stands up for what’s right. I mean, what kind of people are reproducing?? How can we get mad about the crap the corps put out and feed the public when it’s the public who’s asking for it?

 Parents are not raising their children to be truly courageous, quality people! People just get “raised” to get a job, be the bare minimum that this lousy life requires. Many, not all, but too many I feel are just getting what they accept. How so many can sit by and watch many others walk away with so much more than what they deserve while the masses blurt out sayings like, “Who ever said life was fair?” Showing that they’re on the side of those who have more than they do!!! When I say “more” I’m not necessarily talking about materialistically more, although that is part of it. A More important “more” is being more inside of oneself. Using more of ones talents, gifts, smarts, ideas, etc. Like I stated, too many people are simply “happy” being losers. Afraid of what’s inside of them, afraid of their own greatness. I can’t help but get angry at how blatant things are/were when I was growing up and being taught that I had to be alright with growing up in an unhealthy and stressful environment. How, if I wanted or thought I deserved better, to grow up in a loving, more supportive environment, “I” was the criminal!! I’m tired of being surrounded by those who I end up having more regard for then they do for themselves! I’M the enemy because I’m trying to wake them up and get them to see that they’re more, that the system is using them against themselves. So many people are so Afraid of their own Power, TERRIFIED of it!! There’s No other way for Society to go except for those in “control” to take our share and use it against us. It’s Simple Physics. I’m really getting pretty cynical for the fate of mankind. We are not Organic people,, we are Man-made people who have lost our instincts and completely lost our inner compass. We’ve been diminished from the incredible potential that we could achieve. We’ve allowed ourselves to be so diverted off course from what our True Nature really is, to stand up for the vulnerable until they’re able to stand on their own. We Never get a chance to grow FULLY. We Never reach our fullest expression. We’re stuck, stunted, arrested emotionally. I don’t believe any one of us is Ever totally independent. We are Always in need of another for something at all stages of life. What truly gives satisfaction and Joy in life is helping others, that’s Natural! The only ORGANIC Happiness comes from NATURE, NOT Fake $$! We’ve been conditioned to screw over others for fake man-made $$ like Pavlov’s dog salivating to the bell. Just as it is healthy for the human body to respond to cells attempting to alert the entire system to an invader, with prompt action and sharpness, so it is Healthy for ALL persons to respond with Healthy Sharpness to other people who show signs of imbalance. Period! This is what creates Satisfaction and “Nutrition”. Our entire system is constructed in the Complete OPPOSITE way!! With the “head” of the system responding to the imbalance with MORE imbalance rather than moving towards Balance. For those at the Head to even think that THEY are benefiting by the set up of this system is just more proof of their mindset being out of balance and going further and further in the WRONG direction! WE MUST CHANGE COARSE!! $$ has made people DISORIENTED. $$ is a Foreign INVADER not being recognized for what it is! We are MORE LOST, that those out in the wilderness who Man thought years ago were too Primitive and HE was going to make them Progressive! There ought to be a New show called LOST and show people in “civilization”. That’s LOST! We’re so much more focused on being good employees than we’re concerned about being good wives, parents or husbands. We give more of ourselves to our jobs,, well maybe, in some cases that’s totally not true, than we give to our families. We are SO conditioned to see Fake $$ as having value at the Expense of Nature’s only REAL value! PERIOD I’m tired of trying to get this out. I’m tired of trying to get people to listen to me and how Emotionally abusive this Society REALLY is and how we’ve ALL been Robbed one way or another! I’m SICK of people having such a nonchalant attitude towards things that should be dealt with with much more respect and sharpness. The problem is that, because we’ve deceived ourselves into thinking that just because we can get over on and rob a person in a more vulnerable position than us, like our children or the poor, that we’ve gotten over on Nature. WRONG!!!! We’re actually Perpetuating the DISEASE! WE really only BENEFIT and get our NUTRITION when we Support others, when we Cultivate Healthy relationships! Our Society is on a DEATH Spiral!! Manufacturing more and more POLLUTION and SICKNESS all because of it’s INTOXICATION and impairment of and craving for more Fake $$. We think we can ignore the Demands of Nature and of other people and get away with it. We might think we can and we might have for a long time but, ultimately, Nature always evens the score. The Bill Always comes. We’ve made it So Normal to be low quality people that produce low quality people. That is all we are to the globalists. Sheople farms! More people for the Powers that Be to exploit, sell, use or buy. I do not like being this raw but, the problem is, we MUST start living in the truth! Truth is Truth!! It’s NOT about liking it! Always wanting things to be what we want and like which is the problem. How can we keep wanting things to be what we want and like when That’s the Problem!! Would you rather deal with the pain of a smaller cut or deny the cut and have to deal with amputating your finger later? This is the kind of society we have created. One that just Denies reality if we don’t like it. This is what we’ve allowed the Powers that Be to turn us into. Grown imbeciles! We Have to ADMIT it or we’re done!! It has to be true or the system wouldn’t be the way it is! WE created it! The ONLY way out is to ADMIT it!! Keep denying, keep getting offended!! And keep getting the same thing. I see it, I feel it, I’ve felt it ALL my life and Admitted it. I admitted to growing up to be a loser, feeling like a loser, knowing my parents were losers and admitting to myself first that I did NOT want to turn out to anything like them! This was the Truth! WHY am I NOT allowed to say it!!? If I


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