Trusting your Own Gut is a No Brainer!

Last night I attended the 74th Birthday Celebration of Lynne Stewart at the St Mark’s Theater in NYC. I did live radio there which can be heard on when the podcast is complete,, or on youtube, AwakeRadio1.
  It turned out to be too small a theater for the amount of people who showed up, they had to rotate some people going in and out as to allow those who could not fit to have a chance.
 When I first heard about Lynne Stewart I had No idea who she was and what happened to her or why she was in prison. Gradually, I became more familiar with her and why she was imprisoned and why she did what she did. Ultimately, only WE are in our bodies and only WE can determine the course of action we need to take. Lynne Stewart was the one representing Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, getting to know him and understanding him and where he was coming from. Whether or not he was who he was being portrayed to be, actually slowing down and taking the time to get to the bottom of things, which No one else was doing.
 Think of it like this,, We are ALL connected body parts, PERIOD. Whether we like it or not, We ARE one Large connected Body. If our index finger tells our brain that fire is hot when we put our finger near it, do we Really need to question that? I mean, isn’t it a No Brainer to take the nerves in our index finger’s “word” for it Not to touch Fire? After all, our index finger is THERE. Our index finger is the part of the System that is on the Scene relaying the info. 
FACT: The way our system works LITERALLY IS a NO BRAINER! Reflexes do NOT even need the brain (Authorities) to function. A Reflex is only goes to the spinal cord and stops,, it Doesn’t go All the way to the brain for everything.
From Neurology 
Sometimes a reflex can look a lot like conscious behavior. For example, in the “triple flexion” reflex, the knee, hip, and foot flex in such a way that the leg withdraws when a painful stimulus is applied. This can happen even if an electrical signal never reaches the brain it can be completely orchestrated by the spinal cord. It’s important to distinguish between a reflex and intentional movement in cases of coma or altered consciousness.
 So it is with other people. This idea that the “head”, the “authority” gives the orders is Ridiculous!! The soldiers, Police, journalists, Emergency workers, or in this case, the Lawyer, on the Scene, PRESENT is the one who determines the course of action to take.
 ANY real “head” takes ALL information from who is on the scene and incorporates and values the judgement and training of their fellow unit in making decisions. In some cases, those of lower rank make the decisions on their own WITHOUT consulting the “head” at all! As THEY are the ones THERE!! They are the ones Present and know exactly what’s going on!! That is what is meant by TRUST!!
 This idea that the “head” makes ALL decisions with or without consulting with those on the scene and those of lower rank are there to “just Follow Orders” is the Exact OPPOSITE of the way a healthy system operates!!   Where’s the Trust?? Why would anyone choose to be in such an abusive relationship as to put up with being seen as NOT having value? To “just follow Orders” is to NOT be Trusted, to be kept in diminished state. I don’t pretend to know how the Military exactly works or the Police but, how does one advance in their relative positions? Does one move to Captain or Lieutenant by being the best as “just following orders?” That would make someone the LEAST qualified to advance to an “authority” position. 
 The way NATURE works,, and Please excuse me if I KNOW that there is NO higher intelligence than that and that Everything we do should be aligning ourselves with it, should be what we consult. 
 When we build airplanes we first looked at how birds flew.

 It’s blatantly obvious that Man has completely left Nature OUT in his operations on this planet, which means that the Man who thinks he is the “authority” is the one NOT to be Trusted. That’s why we get that twinge in our gut when we KNOW what someone is telling us to do is Wrong and against our own instincts and natures intelligence.
 Any REAL Authority would never tell another to go against their gut! They would take the time to reason, explain and listen to those with lower rank. Only when enough TRUST is built up among groups will those in lower rank feel able to follow orders.

 So Lynne Stewart followed her own gut intelligence, which is what MORE people should do! She would not be in prison right now if it wasn’t so RARE a quality in the Public. The fact that someone with that kind of quality of character is in Prison because of it and NOT being praised and honored shows that we’ve “normalized” “just Following orders” and Criminalized Healthy people!!

 The way to take our system BACK,, isn’t so much Ending the Fed, or Getting $$ out of Politics, although that would help,, as much as we need to be Strengthening our Connection to our OWN Nature and Gut Intelligence. Not going against what our feelings tell us and “just Follow Orders” because doing that will only Weaken us and lead us away from ourselves. 
 The Only TRUE Authority is WITHIN!!! Take the Time to SLOW down and Connect to it like Lynne Stewart did with Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman or YOU will be regarded as a Criminal for trusting your own Gut and being healthy too!!


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