Signs and Symptoms of SHOCK/DEBT

I cannot help but feel that things will not get better until people are truly prepared to dig deeper and break more os a sweat in the direction that will benefit them, Not in the direction that’s screwing them. We’ve been playing by the rules with those who have taken advantage, have robbed and completely taken us for fools.
 This is our Life!! Are we going to let ourselves be taken for a ride indefinitely?

 What we need to realize is, “IT’S NOT A $$ PROBLEM!! It’s an information problem,, a Self esteem problem. The Real Debt is NOT $$ , it’s Self worth and the energy exchange we have with each other and Society.  We were taught to interact and treat those closest to us the worst while we bow and not stand up to those we should be. Over Time,, WE are the ones doing the Energy Transfer from the “little guy” to the Addicts, allowing them to deplete all our value, confidence and worth. We need to learn how to do Emergency Medical techniques to Stop the Bleeding out, Put PRESSURE on the Wound and elevate, energetically with those around us.

 We need to live in more of a,, Trim the Fat/Build the Muscle system than the E Coli system we are unconsciously perpetuating. We need to STOP robbing, blaming and depleting those who can afford it the least on an EMOTIONAL level. We need to STOP Transferring our hostility, created by and that BELONGS to the 1%, (which would actually make them healthier) and Stop perpetuate the VICIOUS CYCLE onto the Most vulnerable.
 We have to start seeing $$ for what it truly has become, A Weapon used to manipulate our emotions and make us turn on each other. See the Documentary, the Century of the Self about Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, the Engineer of Propaganda;

Adam Curtis: The Century of the Self on Vimeo

 I’ve come up with a term called; Financial, could even call it, Economic Morbid Obesity. This idea that $$ can do no wrong or that $$ is some how Immune to being SICK is,, itself Ludacris! We’ve So conditioned ourselves to this perception that $$ is the BE All and END All,, OVER Nature!! Holy Crap!! That is SICK!! HIGH ALERT!! The Red light is FLASHING,, the Alarm is sounding!!
 Those at the TOP are the Criminals,, NOT the Afghans or the Syrians, or the poor or women or children or gays or GLBT. Those with all the Fake $$ to control everything can orchestrate it all to make it look however they want! The momentum will continue to accelerate unless we Wake up Now!!

 What we are experiencing is called; OSMOSIS. What we are doing in Society is,, Unconscious, EASY,, taking from poor to give to Rich.
 Osmosis is the spontaneous net movement of water across a semipermeable membrane from a region of LOW solute concentration to a solution with a HIGH solute concentration, down a solute concentration gradient. 
  This is EASY,, takes No EFFORT.
SO,,  If a molecule is to be transported from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration, Easy,, no Effort,, THEN,, WORK, EFFORT,, AWARENESS must be done to overcome the influences of diffusion and osmosis.

  It’s more about the way we behave and treat each other than it is about $$.
 We are terribly unconscious to the fact that we treat those around us the way we should be treating the Powers that Be, the Bakers, the Fed, Corps, etc. We, unknowingly, deplete the energy and self confidence of our “family”, “Friends”, “neighbors” and community around us to Feed the Monster because we simply do not have the AWARENESS and because it takes EFFORT,, to stand up for what’s right. This is what the PTB count on, the fact that we’re SLEEPING.
 People are so Lost in all this BS, Political terminology using labels like, “Socialism”, “Communism”, “Left, “Right”, “Democrat”, “Republican”, ???????? How about just some SIMPLE, Basic Common Sense like helping those who need and DESERVE IT?? WHY do people Unconsciously CONTINUE To PROTECT THE CRIMINALS?? WHY?? Please, Someone tell me!
 I know why,, LAZINESS!! People continuing to keep doing the SAME thing Over and Over instead of making a CONSCIOUS effort to change.
 That, like I said before, Is the REAL DEBT!! It’s TAKES EFFORT,, Real work to change, and people want to continue doing what’s EASY,, even though their inaction is costing the lives of Millions of Innocent people just to maintain the HIGH Maintenance of the 1%.
 Did the Koch Brothers Earn what they have? J.P. Morgan? The Rockefellers?? The Bushes? Clinton’s? Monsanto? Exxon? I don’t know the details but, most of them were Born into it,, had much of it handed to them and we Grovel at these people?? When the Little guy deserves More praise and deserves it Way more, has worked harder than Any one of the names mentioned.

 When are we going to get that we are digging our graves and the graves of our children??
  Is anyone really ever on anyone elses side, they’re always offering advice or telling you what to do for their OWN benefit, Not yours! Living in a never ending, Debt Spiral. No one ever sees this. It’s too subtle, too unconscious, that there’s NO cushion, no airbag and we have to blow it back up again! Relationships end up being Bone on Nerve, No joint! All used up! And no one paying attention to it, just continue eroding it.

I’m sick of everything being so confusing when it’s not. I’m sick of the VERY people around who need to be Championing and supporting,, be the ones doing the choking instead. I’m sick of being told to Calm Down!! When I and THEY have every reason to be Mad and direct it Out there! NOT at each other!
 ALWAYS having to be what someone else wants, needs and getting Nothing in return. Trained to simply, Bleed out!
 I have such clarity of being trained to have to think of others my entire life and NEVER myself. Trained to be the Conductor of my OWN demise!! Because I grew up in a Debt situation, you were expected to “sacrifice” but then never get it back, NEVER get your turn. As a child, I was given the impression that if I was just “good” now and sacrificed for others now, I would get mine later. But, of course, later never comes.
Here comes the infamous Benjamin Franklyn quote,,,

 Those who would give up Essential Liberty
to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

 What do we do,  however, when it’s our Very OWN “Families” who are blackmailing us?? Who are the ones taking advantage of their positions to keep us in Emotional Starvation?? Who are acting AS the Powers that Be??  The walls and boundaries of the Family unit have been caved in by Crony Capitalism such that the family system has dissolved til there’s NO protection from Capitalism, no cushion left No Leverage, just slipping and sliding. Capitalism takes Every resource it can from anywhere it can! It has no care, no compassion, no remorse because it’s simple momentum now. 
 The PTB aren’t doing it, the people are doing it to each other. While the 1% sit back and let it roll in. 

 So -called Family and “friends” are supposed to be the ones behind one another, sticking up for one another have instead been the ones knocking me down when I’m smart or right or angry! Because most people are afraid of their own power, afraid of their anger they fear yours and need to squash it when you express even valid anger, which is what puts you into further and further DEBT!

 If we are Not Willing to Look into some pretty PAINFUL issues in ourselves and our lives, NOTHING will ever change. The whole point is that it’s HARD. We have to push into the pain a bit at at time. That’s the Direction we need to be going. Not in the, Keeping doing what’s easy, direction. Which only makes things harder later.
 A family that is not healthy emotionally is like a body going into shock. The first thing that goes is Mental Status. The people involved are living in Scarcity instead of sufficiency so there’s no way they’re not in a state of impaired judgement. Parents who are not getting their emotional needs met from one another end up using their children to fill it. Same thing that happens when the Body is losing blood, the body has to choose which parts lose blood first so, naturally the children get sacrificed first.

 They keep the child in position of slavery so the parent can continue to get what they want and need at the expense of the child. This is the same exact example of what we have happening on a Global scale, where the PTB want the masses right where they want them, SUCKING up to them for the duration. The Family ends up being a smaller version of a Corp or Job. We do to our kids what our boss does to us. Makes us kill ourselves for “minimum wage.”


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