NFL/Crony Capitalism = Not allowed to have Limits!!

Last night I watched the very disturbing PBS video on the Denial of the NFL on the dangers of football on it’s players. I was not surprised because it fits the pattern perfectly our society has taken in recent decades which is the acceleration of a Fake system & Crony Capitalism at ALL Costs!! The complete extreme of “masculine”, Capitalism, the “intellect” over Nature, the body, the environment, animals & other people, has come to a perilous point. 
 Does it Really take a Rocket Scientist to understand, or even a Neurologist for that matter, that repeated blunt trauma to the head over time can and will result in irreparable damage to the brain? I mean, come on! The M.D’s for the NFL, Ira R. Casson, Elliot J. Pellman and David C Viano DENIED  the CLEAR evidence presented by the Medical Examiner Dr. Bennett Omalu and began a smear campaign against him.

 It’s All too familiar! It’s the same scenario as Wall St. The NFL is just another “Too Big to Fail”, making $$ at ANY Cost. Simply Using players like Gladiators for $$. It’s one thing when it happens to Soldiers in the Military who come from low to no opportunity environments or when it’s poor, uneducated people in Indonesia working in the Nike sweatshops, but when it’s educated, talented Pro Football players, you KNOW the System has gone overboard! When the NFL doesn’t even care about it’s players, just tosses them to the side when done using and profiting the life out of them. 
 At least the NFL Players did make good $$, they did get paid extremely well for their sacrifices. Take the soldiers in the Military and just about anyone for that matter, who buy into some BS “dream” that they’re fighting for the freedom of the people of their country and fighting some “Terrorists” who want to take that Freedom. Or kids who go to College thinking they’re going for the “dream” of a future in their choice of career path when all they’re doing is accumulating Debt they will never get out of!

 The victims of the Mortgage crisis,, THEY were responsible! The people SHOULD have known!! Those Robbed by Wall St,, should have known! When Wall St, the NFL a Corp or whoever want someone to Screw, they want to be in a relationship with you,, when it comes out the “Authority” is the one doing the Screwing ,, they blame the people. It’s typical Slight of hand,, I mean,, Slight of Mind! They just make up the rules as they go along and change them at will to protect themselves.  They want to Perks of being the “Authority” minus the Responsibility. All Take and NO Give! 
 Video of Player Ryan Clark of Pittsburg Steelers talking about the “Shady” NFL.  
 The debate he’s having with Skip Bayless, sports journalist for ESPN, is the exact Same debate I’ve had with people since I’m 7 years old! No body wants to take Responsibility even though they’re in the Position of it!!

 I was so angry watching this PBS Frontline because it’s the Exact same argument I’ve been having ALL my life since I’m very young. The very people who should be on your side are on the side of Capitalism on Steroids, $$. No one protects or cares about anyone, Families, the NFL, Wall St, the Military, Corporations but, to SUCK you in, that’s Exactly what they’ll preach to you, to get into your pants!  Except family, is WORSE because you don’t get to choose, you’re born right into it! At least NFL players can sue, can fight back, join together, in your own family you’re Totally Screwed! With No one but, yourself to rely on and everyone in denial about the harm the Trauma, the health effects of growing up in Domestic Violence and Abuse.

 Here’s My Question?? How is it that we can notice the deterioration of the NFL players from the way they were to what they become, as Something is AWRY,,  when we don’t notice the Millions of people who are that way ALL their lives?? Of course there’s an obvious difference in players who were once strong, right minded, coherent, funny and loving people who then become Angry, confused, disoriented, incoherent, frustrated and suicidal but, what about the Millions who were ALWAYS that way? Who never made it to the top so they can fall, but who Never made it at All! What do we call that? What is the Medical term for that? Is that Normal?? For so many in the population to Never get off the ground? To what Deformity of Society do we attribute that to? That’s Larger than the NFL. We get so used to having so many people who never reach their full capabilities we think it’s Normal!

 From what I recall, if a child wasn’t talking or walking by,, the age of 2 the doctor would say something was of concern. Something to be looked at or monitored. Today,, we have Millions of people living Well Below their Mental abilities and call it Normal. In Fact, the system is Designed to ARREST people’s development so they stay slaves and are unable to Progress. Developmental delays are an Epidemic in our Society! Where’s the Law suit for that? How or Who is a child going to sue for Not growing up in a Healthy and Caring environment?? Where is a person going to get leverage from if they don’t get it from family? There are Many people who have kids who are not capable of giving that child a full and healthy life. Who is going to be on their side when the Centripetal Force of Capitalism on Steroids has Pulled the ground out from under?? Abused and Neglected children are the Unseen and unheard victims who don’t and cannot get what they need to grow to accomplish their goals. Who is going to stand up for that?

 When the Gov comes along and takes more and more rights and Dignity away from the people, those who grew up in non families won’t notice because it will be “familiar”, nothing wrong because that is what they’re used to. Families treat each other like crap, so do Gov.

 This “be Tough” epidemic for $$ has over Masculinized the world at the expense of Truth. Weather a football player or a Soldier or a sweatshop worker, oil covered birds, animals to Slaughter, a cut down rainforest, agriculture, anything Natural, we’re ALL expendable in the eyes of Sick Capitalism. We’re not allowed to have limits, we’re not allowed to need care, to get sick, to grow at a certain pace, get injured, break down, to need maintenance, replenishment, love, filling up, gentleness.
 I felt this right away at an early age. I inherited and was forced to take on more stress and responsibility than my body/mind was capable of. I was forced to grow faster than my mind/body was capable of and I wasn’t allowed to have emotional needs, needs for care, tenderness, love, understanding, or Love. It was take take take, no give. 
 We’re Brainwashed to do to our own bodies and minds what Capitalism does to the Natural world, take, push, push more and harder when you’re body is is telling you to stop. Even when our Emotions tell us not to listen to or trust some “authority” we were not taught to have the leverage to listen and trust the wisdom of our own gut. We simply were not taught or have the leverage to counter it. Which is what Family is supposed to be but, has deteriorated.


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