"Assault on Wall Street" movie

I have to write about the movie,, Assault on Wall Street. I have to say,, if I could have given it 6 stars I would have. I don’t condone violence but, the truth is, if we Fuck with people’s lives enough and push them to their limits, this is Exactly the kind of behavior we’re asking for!! This is why the “little guy” will always lose, if he doesn’t get it and isn’t prepared to do what needs to be done. The FACT is, we’ve waited TOO long! If we stared decades ago, we could have done things more “peacefully”, we could have had non violent protests and activism, bills and regulations passed, but, we waited too long! We’re in Stage 4 Cancer now.

   The time for eating right, quitting smoking and starting an exercise program is Over! TOO LATE!
 I’m tired of people NOT getting it! We live in a Cause and Effect world. People who turn around and say things like, “Oh, Violence isn’t the answer”, or “Oh, That was wrong of that guy to shoot those brokers”, is living in Denial! We don’t live in our heads! That’s just it! That’s the TRUE Debt!! The debt of our Health!! Not Fake $$!! The depletion of our bodies emotional and physical resources, along with the raping of the environment for Profit, is the REAL debt! Our minds and emotions are So skewed we don’t even know it! There is NO kicking the Emotional or Physical health can down the debt road any more!! Once we push people, nature, the body to it’s limits it’s Done! Finished! This is what Fake Man made $$ has diverted us away from. We don’t even know what’s real anymore. We think $$ is real! We think it can manipulate reality for us. We think we can keep pushing and pushing people, keep inflicting violence on other countries, our own country and families, the environment and that our fake $$ will continue to keep it at bay. Then criminalize other cultures and call them “terrorists” for standing up and fighting back when they’re simply having a healthy response to being treated with complete degradation.

 It’s Normal for Nature/people to retaliate when they’ve had such violations of their humanity and rights. Does your skin not burn if in the sun too long? Does the body not get sick when mistreated or injured? Is the Body a criminal for getting sick? Is nature a Criminal for responding to being disrespected?? I mean , Come on!! Are we REALLY that “out to sea?”

 Once we screw up nature it’s DONE! Once you eat too much crap, not exercise, drink to much alcohol, have too much unprotected sex, marry the wrong person, have children, drop a match in a forest, spill milk on your computer, get our legs blown off in a “war”, blow someone else up in a “war”, drunk drive, it’s DONE! We can do our best to remedy it ONLY after we’ve acknowledged our errors. Even then there is NO guarantee we can undo much of the damage. We can only heal what we can heal. Much of the damage cannot be undone. This is the Reality too many don’t want to get. We can’t talk/think our way out of a heart attack!
 We can’t do what the FED and banks do, although we have been programmed to,, have anything we want regardless of whether or not we should have it or can afford it, $$ or Emotionally. We don’t want to hear about it when there are consequences to our actions. We resist the Real feedback coming back at us from physics and other people. We don’t want to look, we don’t want to take responsibility even if we ARE responsible! We want to pass the buck onto our children, people in other countries, nature and never admit when we need to be inconvenienced and change our ways. When we need to challenge ourselves and do something different.
 FACT: WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! It surprises the heck out of me that no one has done what Jim Baxford did in this movie! Of course, if he did, he would be seen as the biggest criminal!! We say, “oh that’s not the way to deal with things?” When this country is the biggest purveyor of violence in the entire world!!! Why do people continue protecting the PSYCHOS?

 As long as we continue to block out reality and live in our heads, like the Fed and banks have trained us to, as long as we think we can dictate to nature and physics instead of the other way around, as long as we don’t want to deal with the consequences and hold others responsible when it calls for it, we are deluding ourselves and kicking our health Debt can down the road even more. When people are done, they’re done, when they’re reached their emotional and physical capacity, they’re reached it. NO MEANS NO! Adults are supposed to get that but, of course we don’t have any of those. Not everyone is going to respond like a coward and cower in fear to the PTB and to the rigged system by putting up with it and throwing their hands up saying, “There’s nothing we can do” What wold the Native Americans and Forefather have done? They would Never put up with this crap!! We should be Ashamed!! Where’s our Pride. our self respect?

 There Are some people who will respond like a heart attack. Do you ever hear someone say, “That heart attack could have been a little less painful” or,, “How dare my body get cancer”. We can’t criminalize Hurricane Sandy! Are we going to arrest the birds in the gulf for getting oil all over themselves??
 The little guy who Snaps is NOT the criminal! It’s what’s being done to them that’s criminal! STOP blaming the Little guy!! for not being able to take the Heavy weight crushing them from the TOP, BLAME THOSE IN CHARGE!!!!! STOP being a Coward yourself and continuing to pass the debt and blame onto those who do not deserve it. Grow some courage and stand up to those who could stand be stood up to, who would benefit greatly from it!! It’s only Your laziness and cowardice that keeps the blame on the innocent. It’s easy to knock those who act out unskillfully when they’re at least acting.

  I will continue to say it,, it’s the PEOPLE who are the problem,, the way they treat each other,, NOT the 1%. We need to reconnect the Mind/Body split! We need to stop doing to each other, our bodies and the earth what the system wants,, for us to continue pushing ourselves, our bodies, the earth and each other for fake $$ while exhausting our resources emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s not just the Military/war, that’s a Racket. Too many put $$ before Real value and what’s right. That makes $$ the Opposite of wealth! who’s courageous enough to realize that? Get out of your head! BE in your body! Listen to it! TRUST IT! Cultivate that relationship otherwise you will be taken for a ride by a scammer. We were not taught how magnificent we really are and how amazing our bodies are. It must be cultivated in healthy ways, not the Ego ways the system directs us towards.


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