A good look at "family"

We all have to really take a good hard look at ourselves and our “families” if we are to truly understand how our society arrived where we are. If we do not look at and address what needs to be addressed, we are digging our own graves! Simple.

 I was in a real dilemma for a few days completely undecided whether or not to attend the NSA Rally in DC this Sat or go to a family 70th Bday part in L.I.
 Now, I’m sure many of you are,, right off the bat saying,, the Family function is the thing to go to, family comes first, yada, yada, yada.
 But, I Truly believe this is exactly where the problems plaguing us today originate. It is a fact that our country would not be in the situation it is in if it was not a collective of all of us behaving and living the way we learned to in our “families”. WE created this society! Simple.

 I’ve tried to say and point things out since I was very young, I saw everything that we now have in this society when I was a young kid. How can it be such a surprise that we’ve arrived at where we are when the slow and gradual complacency has been paved for decades?
 If you’re growing up in your own house and the very people supposed to be protecting and standing up for you are, instead, the ones draining your energy, THEN you’re conditioned by the nest set of people who could be stepping in but don’t, and instead, THEY’RE telling you to let those who are not doing right by you off the hook,, then WTF??? THERE IT WAS! As plain as the nose on my face, being trained not only to accept the excuses as to why those in my care could not do their job properly, I was guilted into “bailing them out!”, into feeling sorry for them! Any time I tried protecting myself and standing up for myself, I was guilted and shamed for not feeling sorry for my “Poor Parents”.  If that is not a CLEAR indication of the world we NOW have, I don’t know what is!
 When you Do the Math and really take a look, it amounts to ME getting screwed! We “call” people “family”, we call banks “Banks”, we call Gov “Gov”, but now we find that all these labels are Not backed by anything real and that Hospitals can make you sick instead of healthy and banks/mortgage brokers rob you rather than making you wealthier. WHY? Because we’re too busy looking at the label, too busy being checked out and not paying attention to the actions.

  This dilemma as to whether or not I go to the NSA action or to the “family” Bday party brought into focus how I am programmed to just go through motions because people are labeled “family”.  Just like a new and improved product, people need to continuously put effort into being the best they can for each other. The problem with family is that, just like the Gov/Corp/Banks, we are a captive audience, those in charge, many times, don’t feel the need to “earn” because they already have the power. It’s based more on position than any Real “ingredients” or quality of character. Since I was a kid I started looking into the way the Family is supposed to work. Like today, many people are getting suspicious and, well, it doesn’t even take a lot of snooping actually, to see the blatant dysfunction and, now, criminality, that is going on. 
 Maybe it’s because I began looking into things early on. Like Joe Banister, the former IRS agent, who began looking into whether or not there really was a law that required Americans to pay a tax on their income. All it takes is a bit of “presence” and investigating. So what I started to inquire about as a kid on the family system was the same thing that many are looking into with the way the FED works, Banks, how $$ is made and where it comes from, what is a credit default swap. That is what life is all about, that is what Debt is based on! Having False info that gets built upon over time leading people completely off course.

 The only way to Truly KNOW something is in your Body, in your gut. The Only way to truly KNOW something is to spend time understanding it and digesting it. How else do we learn to ride a bike or roller skate or anything else? We concentrate and focus our mind/body connection until we perfect the moves. When we’re expected to just take someones word for it and NEVER have the chance to challenge it or put it to the test by putting it through our own “checks and balances”, then we are being related to in a completely dysfunctional and unhealthy way. The “leader” who relates to us in this way is anything BUT a true leader. But how do we know this when being related to in this way is All we know? We can FEEL it. We can feel that something isn’t quite right inside of us. We can feel that we are not as healthy and coordinated as we could be. We can feel the awkwardness and the abandonment at being left behind. Having the ability and the permission to take the time to process (Nature) is the equivalent to building the span of a bridge. Once it’s done we can cross to the other side. As we can clearly see from our society, this is not the case. We have millions upon millions of people left behind by “leaders” who claim to be in the interest of the people when, if they truly were, they would take the time to teach until the info was processed by people. 
 You can’t PAY someone to be in your best interest! $$ cannot substitute for the time and processing it takes Nature to construct things. The whole point of “authority” is to Teach, to allow the “span” to be built. “Oh Trust me”, yet the “leader” does not teach or give you the time for your mind/body to make the connections is a signal to run in the other direction. This also includes “parents”. This is usually how we learn to blindly give our trust over when the person clearly does not deserve it or has earned it. Without smart, caring parents, we’re set up to be used by the system, period. This is uncomfortable to deal with but, the effort put in will be well worth it!
 If parents don’t do their job first,, why should we expect “leaders” of the country and corp or the Gov to care about us?


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