Reality is,, Whatever you want it to be!!

That’s the way it goes today! Make up whatever Reality you want!! I get tired of saying it! I get tired of writing at times because I end up getting myself so worked up. I don’t know why I feel things and see things so clearly and other people don’t seem to see and feel what I feel. The blatant robbery that I experienced since the very beginning of my life and the complete Lack of Anyone to be there to help and reinforce me until I was able to gain some strength. If this isn’t such Obvious evidence as to the Sick Society we live in I don’t know what is! And this is FAMILY doing it!! Neighbors, extended family ALL oblivious to and taking advantage of the fact that I’m young and vulnerable and completely unable to do things and stand up for myself. My Low power position is a Green light for anyone to get over, to treat you any way they feel like and make what ever excuses why they can’t treat you the way you deserve.

 Again,, I say this from the perspective of Pure MATH, of REALITY, of the way it IS. I’m so Sick of people, and it’s been the Norm my entire life, THINKING, because they’re “Decapitated” from their bodies and instincts, that they can simply MAKE UP what ever reality they feel like if they do Not life the feedback that comes at them.

 It isn’t just the 1% who do it, who rig the system and make the laws to adjust to their Psychosis so they no longer see their Psychosis. The people getting screwed and left with the bill, aka, the 99%, do it too. I’ve been saying it my whole life. I would not be seeing and feeling more and more everyday how I was conditioned to live so small, have no one there to give ANY leverage or protection at all and instead, do the exact Opposite, if there wasn’t something so screwed up about our Society! I have felt it in my body my entire life, how MANGLED, twisted and contorted my body feels all because those around can’t handle the Truth, don’t wan to hear the Truth. If I had a Normal, healthy response to what ever was going on around me I was made to feel that I was wrong, that my body was wrong, that Nature is WRONG! That is LUDACRIS!! This is what REAL DEBT is all about, Not having anyone be there on your side. People being in such a state of; every one for themselves, that those who are supposed to be there for you when you’re very young and who’s support you NON NEGOTIABLY need to rely on, completely betray the trust and abandon you to be on your own and treat you like you’re already able to fend for yourself.

 This is how you end up in DEBT. The earlier you had to grow up, the more those around you treated you like you’re already an “adult” when you’re not, if they didn’t cultivate and give to you, fill you up until you’re satisfied, support you until you’re completely developed, you’ve been Robbed to some degree.
 Children are like a bank account. “Adults” are supposed to ADD to it until the child grows then can  Emotionally “afford” the stresses of life. People can’t get anywhere because too many “parents” make more “withdrawals” then they do “deposits” into their own child’s Psyche.

 HOW is the Child Ever going to stand up to that?? This is why the world is a MESS!! We teach our kids to accept CRAP!! How many parents TRULY step up to the plate for their kids and do the right thing by them and treat them they way they deserve? Who’s looking out for kids to make sure they’re receiving the best treatment for them to become healthy, strong adults. The standards in this country are WAY too low! Not enough parents teach their kids enough to give that child the leverage and confidence they need to thrive. Too many parents “raise” their kids to just have a job. Whoopie!! That’s a life!! Where’s the standards? Where’s the Fitness? There are TOO many people walking around not living to their potential, just looking to get by. This is what brings the system down!! The people are WEIGHING the system Down!! Like it or not!! STOP having kids, then expecting the System to give them a job and be responsible for them!! BE Responsible yourself for your own Children!! Teach them yourself! Give them the skills and confidence they need yourself!! This is why the “system” is using your kids to fight it’s wars and rob from you!!
 There are Limits to Everything!!! The System will not continue forever!! There comes a day when things break!! When there’s NO more jobs, resources, space, clean water, trees, non laboratory animals.
 We c Getting back to not living in reality,, my entire life I was responded to as if my natural, nail-on-the-head feelings were way off the mark, when the fact was that they were Right on!! How can we turn out to be healthy adults when we have people Robbing us of our reality and the credit we deserve when we’re too young to do anything about it? Imagine!! I will never understand this as long as I live!! When “family” is Not Family and ROB you of what’s rightfully yours telling you you’re wrong when you’re absolutely RIGHT!! You’re going to be walking around completely Lost and Disoriented. Without any one there for you responding to you and your feelings with the mirroring and the response that you DESERVE, that is Accurate!! That is MATHEMATICALLY balanced. If people respond to their child’s feelings in any way that is not 100% completely mathematically accurate,, a debt will accrue over time that will leave that person, later in life, completely screwed!! They’ll be so deep in Psych debt they will NEVER be able to dig themselves out! They will continue to Screw themselves over time by not responding appropriately to people because that’s the way they were taught. When you don’t have good self worth and no one taught you you deserve more, you will allow yourself to be robbed of your dignity over and over again.        
We can’t continue to IGNORE the signs!! The entire system is breaking down because we are straining the resources. That’s why the Powers that Be have turned against us and would rather exterminate us instead of allowing us to have opportunities. We can say, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the 1% decide to use Edward Bernays to brainwash us into being robot consumers or did WE help them go in that direction? It’s easy to blame them and take the responsibility off ourselves. We’re ALL connected. Others mirror us back to ourselves.The 1% feel that way about us because we teach them to treat us that way.
 I can’t take people not wanting to Tell it like it is!! NATURE WILL IF YOU DON’T!! 


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