Personal Training for Society

Here is a piece from Matt Taibi’s article in Rolling Stone Magazine,, entitled Looting the Pension Funds: How Wall St. Robs Public Workers.
  Here’s what this game comes down to. Politicians run for office, promising to deliver law and order, safe and clean streets, and good schools. Then they get elected, and instead of paying for the cops, garbagemen, teachers and firefighters they only just 10 minutes ago promised voters, they intercept taxpayer money allocated for those workers and blow it on other stuff. It’s the governmental equivalent of stealing from your kids’ college fund to buy lap dances. In Rhode Island, some cities have underfunded pensions for decades. In certain years zero required dollars were contributed to the municipal pension fund. “We’d be fine if they had made all of their contributions,” says Stephen T. Day, retired president of the Providence firefighters union. “Instead, after they took all that money, they’re saying we’re broke. Are you fucking kidding me?”

 The line where it reads, “It’s the governmental equivalent of stealing from your kids’ college to buy lap dances.”
  What about those “families” who don’t even have College funds for their kids? What do call that? EXACTLY like Matt Taibi writes this is exactly what happens in many “families”. What is happening to our Society IS being handed down to unsuspecting, ill-equipt, unable to afford, didn’t ask to be born, INNOCENT Victims,, called Children! 
 I TRULY believe that Just bringing a child into this world in these times is near the equivalent to child abuse because there is NO way around the fact that that child will, in some way, shape, or form, inherit some amount of debt environmentally, financially, psychologically or otherwise.
 The article continues to describe how it’s the same Wall St crooks who caused the crash who are not the ones saying that Police, Firefighters, teachers are the one responsible for their cities being broke! 
 People ARE Robbing their child’s futures and leaving them with a SHIT load of problems that they will in NO way be able to ever get out from under. 
 I believe that it’s poor Parenting that is responsible for the fact that people are not rising up! 
 I have a cousin who lives in Fla visiting NY for a Bday party and staying for a week with his 22 year old son. We all hung out together the other day and took a trip to the city and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. We rode the subway and during the ride I began to tell my cousin’s son about some of the things I focus on about corruption, that I didn’t attend the Bday party because I felt it necessary to attend the big Rally in DC against NSA Spying that same Saturday. I went on a bit about how we’re being taken over and future generations are going to inherit the mess. He replied with something like, “I never heard anybody speak like this” and then with the “What can you do about it?” common theme. I mentioned a few things to him like the Commission on Corruption, Moreland Act, public hearing that I attended investigating the board of Elections. Which brings me to the point of, What are we teaching our kids? Or NOT teaching them? People are just TOO oblivious to SERIOUS facts that are going on and cannot afford to not know!    
We NEED to be Challenged!! We need some Roughage in our Diets!! If Parents don’t teach and step up to the plate and raise their kids to be informed, to ask questions, to challenge the status quo, then they are doing their Children a GRAVE Injustice!! Then it’s Not the 1% who are to blame then is it? 
If parents don’t think enough of their own children to make an effort to teach them to be the best the can be, to help them get the leverage they require to survive, you’re literally feeding your kids to the wolves! 
There is too much Blatant corruption going on today for people to not be doing something, be informed somewhat. 
It makes sense to me that the reason people are not out in the streets in the MILLIONS is due to the way they were brought up. Too many “families” are NOT doing their job! People get used to being treated like crap at home, think it’s normal then when shit like the crash and bailout happen,, “Oh, no big deal”. Not enough people are outraged because they feel so unworthy. They have so little self esteem and sense of power that they just throw their hands up and put up with it. Having fake $$ will not save you either. Paper $ is the Problem! We need a healthy earth, water, relationships, self confidence. What good is paper $ with out that?
  That is NOT parenting!! If people were raised the way nature demands, if parents TRULY Loved their kids, they would not be putting up with no where near the amount of crap that the public is taking. THIS IS YOUR CHILD’S PLANET! 
Parents should be like Personal Trainers to their kids!! Being there to encourage, to support, to champion, to listen, to comfort when needed. Some parents push their children too much to be and grow up too fast while many do not encourage at all. The healthy way is to cultivate a child’s growth Nature’s way! Create the conditions for the child to grow and Nature will do the rest. When we do things with Nature, there’s no struggle, no force.
 We have lost our Pride and need to get it back before it’s too late and your children have no future. The shameless Wall St. bankers are amping it up! They will use whatever complacency you give them against you! This is not to be taken lightly, times are getting more and more dire. You are here to be more than you were taught, to use more than you thought you had. STOP being your own worst enemy and start exercising the Muscles on those who deserve it and NOT on the vulnerable and poor who Don’t!! What Psycho get’s off on violating and abusing the weak and poor? Only those without the courage to stand up to the REAL Criminals.
 I don’t want to repeat myself although, that’s what has to be done. I feel like I write about the same things yet, that is exactly what people need. I think of how many bicep curls I had to do, how many squats, lunges, tricep extensions, lat pull downs, for years in order to shape the muscle and train it to be stronger. There was a reason I was a Personal Trainer for the body for 0ver 15 years.
Now I want to be the Personal Trainer for Self Worth, for Societal Fitness. For recovering from the misinformation most of us were fed.



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