Tuning in to Nature’s Signs & Symptoms

 I’m writing this from the cafeteria of Mt. Carmel West hospital in Columbus, OH waiting for visiting hours to resume so I can go back upstairs and visit with my brother again. He had surgery yesterday on his C1, 2 & 3 and has an infection in the same area. He thought he had whiplash from a run in with a deer in late Sept and just had a Stiff neck. The pain was not subsiding and he was not able to turn his head for weeks. To make a long story short, he ended up falling due to the progression of an Abscess in front of C1, 2 and a fracture to one of them, creating loss of mobility to his legs and arms!
 I drove from NY to Columbus, OH in a state of urgency while they were wheeling him into surgery to fuse C1 & 2 to C3 to stabilize the fracture and relieve the compression on the nerve. Seeing my still young, and in normally in good shape, brother helpless in this hospital bed unable to move very well 3 of his 4 limbs is extremely painful!
 I wanted to write about this because I can’t stress enough when I write my blogs, the connection to nature and the body that has, also, deteriorated in our Society and many people do not even recognize! The relationship “fitness” that we have with our environment, as well as out bodies, has gradually diverted us off course to the point that we simply do not take the signs seriously enough. I feel that if we lived in a healthier society our response to the callings of Nature would be instantaneous! Immediate! Sharp as a blade! The response time would be in a FLASH, the way is when it’s Fit.
 I just feel that what is happening with my brothers’ health is a metaphor for the amount of disconnection we live with and think is normal, which is actually a signal to look into something serious. If our System had health as the Priority, we would not have so much Corruption in Government, in Corporations, banks, politics, etc. These issues are Illnesses, PERIOD. People being disconnected from each other and functioning in perpetually more disconnecting ways.
 Like a person from Asia visits Greece, for example, and has No idea how to communicate, that is the way some people live within their own bodies and families. Not knowing the language. We do not know what certain feelings we have mean, either Emotionally or Physically.

  We learn growing up to dismiss much of what we feel rather than work WITH it, to integrate it and consider it. We think by dismissing and disregarding it we are getting away with something, when the entire opposite is true. All that does is create more and more of the debt. So it goes with our bodies it goes with our communities. As long as we see other cultures and countries as separate and the enemy when, in fact, we are all part of the same larger body, we will be screwing ourselves and perpetuating and worsening our current problems indefinitely. It’s Obvious we don’t want to solve these problems because $$ has replaced Real value. People see $$ as having more value than connection and peace. We need disconnection to feed the $$ system. So, it’s clear the Diseased Mind has taken over. The disconnected mind is in the drivers seat!
 We do the same thing to ourselves. We’re taught to cut off valuable parts of ourselves emotionally and physically over time because we learn, “We can’t afford to feel”. No one teaches us to slow down and actually DEAL with our feelings. No one teaches us that our feelings are valid and accurate feedback coming from nature. We learn to contort our bodies and emotions to fit the sick system rather than the other way around!
 It makes no sense when I hear people say that they’re too busy to wake up and pay attention. Too busy working, with kids, laundry, eating, whatever. So, essentially what they’re saying is that they’re too busy feeding the Corrupt system to make the time to do the right thing! Think about that for a second. We don’t have the time or energy to do the health, just thing, because we’re too exhausted from putting all our energy into Screwing ourselves??? SLAP! “Snap out of it!” like Cher said to Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck!

 So that’s it? We’re gonna keep screwing ourselves and allowing the Psycho, power hungry, unhealthy Elite to lead us over a cliff and we’re going to continue to follow.

 This is why I looked into things So closely. What is the point of life then? The whole point is to Wake up! Be Conscious! Be in charge of your mind and body and not just be led. That’s the whole point! To BE Alive! To be Awake! The Problem is not the Problem! The Solution is IN the Problem! The second we become aware, the problem disappears! The answer is IN the Problem! That’s why there’s really no such thing as “negative”. “Negative” is just a judgment. It all comes down to what I learned at the Omega Institute with Denabandu from the Kripalu Center, the way to break the vicious cycle is to BE in the Present moment. PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE,, without the Present, we have a vicious cycle,, PAST/FUTURE. The very thing we try to get away from follows us if we do not stop to look at it.
  There’s No way around Physics. Slow down, Be more in the NOW. Pay closer attention to seemingly menial actions. Really LOOK and feel and BE. We really do miss so much of the important things by dismissing what we think is trivial. It’s the Accumulation of the dismissal of ALL the seemingly “trivial” things that add up to the HUGE Debt we’ve accrued.

 In the end we will find that it is our connections to others that will be the most valuable thing. Not $$ or Status or position. Only things that come from Nature, that have “ripened” over time and cultivated with love and presence. Why live with “junk” relationships with our own bodies and other people when we can have Fit and super nutritious ones? We just have to make an effort to learn how to “farm”. We have No idea how truly amazing life can be because we were never taught or had it modeled for us. Those who hold the strings are taking total advantage of that and they will not be the ones to tell us or show us. The fact that we pay them $ to do it is Ridiculous because $ is not real. It’s a self perpetuating cycle. The $$ only fuels our screwing! Because we’re not starting out with the Natural ability to stand up to them in the first place. It’s what comes from inside of us, standing up to the PTB Powers that Be, that is the Vitamin that will do the trick. How can loading fake man-made $$ on things ever get us the result we seek?
 So whether in our own bodies or in the Environment and the community, as long as we continue to perpetuate rather than turn around, as long as we allow ourselves to more lost in momentum rather than waking up and gaining our composure, we will be carried away by the “rapids” of our emotions and getting triggered instead of looking at Why people feel what they feel.
 There is Nothing Slowing down and giving more time and attention to can’t cure! That is Exactly what is needed,, more NATURE,, NATURE is what’s Missing!
Feeling that we don’t like in others or in ourselves, anger for one, will continue until we invite anger in! The more we shut it out, the more it will push it’s way in! Anger is valid! It’s Not bad, negative, wrong or anything else we’ve been conditioned to believe so the Elite can brainwash us into submission. The Debt is our lack of Power and use of our Valid Anger. They use $$ to keep us cut off from our True wealth! If we Stopped going after the fake $$ and realized we had the wealth in us already,, the 1% would be F d!! :)
More people need to get courageous to tip the scales.


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