SWEAT the small stuff! The Slow and Gradual is MORE dangerous!

  Because it’s the small stuff that accrues into one huge, Major event! The problem is that people don’t respect the small stuff until it amounts to a Catastrophe!! The small is exactly what we need to pay attention to more! The “small’ is exactly what we want to heed, catching it at the manageable level preventing it from turning into a Monster problem!
 I’m convinced more than ever now that our Capitalistic system has kept us disconnected from reality and the true Cost of keeping the $$ system going at our expense. To have a normally health, capable still fairly young, brother bed ridden seemlingly overnight needing to be fed, and have an itch scratched for him brings you into reality immediately! I blog all the time about not paying attention to the signs and symptoms that nature clearly gives and how we’ve managed to minimize and disregard them at our convenience. To me, what is happening now is a “smaller” example of what we will face on a more global scale due to our disconnection from the natural world and the signals out bodies clearly give us.
 I remember taking a John Perkins workshop just a couple of years ago and being told about the Indigenous people in the Amazon and how they can look at plants and know if they are sick. Can your average American do that?? Funny, in just the last sentence, I accidentally wrote “american” in all low case and the red underline come under it until I made it Capital “A!” Please!
 I know I wrote this yesterday but, I really feel the urgent need to write it again,, that if this can happen to 1 person within their own body, with clear signals of numbness in limbs and inability to lift an arm to comb your hair, and it takes until the body has to say it LOUD AND CLEAR by collapsing on the floor, like, “did you get it yet?” the body is asking,, “Is that clear enough for you?” to bring you to the ER to find a fractured vertebra and swelling on the spinal cord, then I can’t even imagine on a global scale what we are all in for!! And if we think that it’s just the starving, those being droned or bombed in wars or the poor who are footing the bill, think again! We are the ones passing the bill on. We will get our share. Bet my life on it, for not making doing more for the atrocities taking place in other parts of the world. I feel it in my hear that there is NO getting around the laws of Nature and the bill will come due, it’s a mathematical certainty.
 I try to stress in previous blogs that we need to be more Fit, that it isn’t just the absence of paralysis, cancer, alzheimers, stroke, post traumatic stress, that makes us “healthy”. That we need to make Deposits to our health account and be as fit on all levels as we can be. Just walking around able to move and work and pay bills does not necessarily mean we are in as top shape as we can. The fact that our jobs consume all of our energy and time leaving us little left to even get to know who we are and what we want. Are our jobs a reflection of what we believe? Are we doing what we truly want to be doing if life? Isn’t it obvious than, if the answer to those questions is, “no”, that we’re living and perpetuating a totally dysfunctional system? The fact the we don’t even have a firm “grip” on ourselves, who we are, and that we do not have enough leverage and “muscle” to keep ourselves from ‘tipping over’, losing our balance more and more every day, every week.

  I tried telling people, like I’ve blogged many times, how I felt my health being compromised early on growing up in a less-than healthy environment and feeling the injury and harm inside myself to which NO one took seriously or responded to in a Fit way. Because I felt my health was compromised very early and I had NO one who listened or headed the signal, I began reading every book I could on dysfunctional, abusive families/relationships, I started physically exercising at age 16 in my room doing calisthenics and running in the neighborhood. I learned that families can end up costing more than they’re worth when you have parents who take advantage of you as a captive audience. As long as we make excuses for the dysfunctional ones, continue enabling and ‘bailing them out” rather than holding them accountable, we are perpetuating the DISEASE. Where it will lead is anybodies guess. Don’t listen to me, find out for yourself. It isn’t me saying it, it’s Natural Law.

I needed exercising because I craved the Truth, I craved the honest feedback and interaction that only comes from relating to inadament objects. People can leave your head spinning with all their cover ups and making up whatever rules they feel like, especially when they’re in “charge”. They have to act like they know what they’re doing even when they clearly don’t, making things much worse than if they just admitted they don’t have a clue! Weight training and running, then Yoga felt like such a relief!! To be exchanging with something that was Not going to rip me off, was not going to lie, pull the, “I have the Power, I can do what ever I want”, crap with me. I felt, treated fairly and with respect when I was lifting weights. Yoga practice is Entirely about ACCEPTING where you’re at, accept the pose you can do with integrity!! Wow! What a concept. Unlike my brother who is now finding out in is own way, I made my emotional and physical health my priority because I taught myself early that if any situation, including “home” tried to get me to listen to THEM over what my gut said,, I was outta there!! Even if no one else saw it or validated me and what I felt, “I” knew what I knew and knew what I felt! I knew I was screwed by the very people who were supposed to be protecting and supporting me and that my body and Psyche was in NO way able to afford to be bailing anyone else out or feeling sorry for them not being able to be there for me! That was clear things were being turned around and I was being taken for a ride!
 I truly believe that what is happening to my brother is the slow and gradual diversion the system is taking us on, away from health and nature, so it can keep us trapped and enslaved in the fake Economy. The Only REAL Economy is your health on ALL levels! Anything that takes you away from that and asks for more and more of you, FUCK THAT!! Most people already start out in life without enough leverage and teaching from parents who are on the ball and are smart, so we’re already in a partial “Debt” in our level of health. That only leads to a depletion of our energy because no one taught us to respect ourselves and how to take care of and love ourselves, our bodies or each other. We ignore the only bodies we have and the signals glaring at us from our environment. Why do we want to live dysfunctionally and less than when we can and have a RIGHT to live as fully and healthily as possible? We ignore our health and shun our own bodies when they try to get our attention. Why? We don’t have health insurance and cannot afford to feel what we feel. That is the same thing I learned early on that I payed attention to and attempted to reverse. People around could not afford for me to feel what I felt emotionally, so they downplay and minimize the effects, while nature is not compromising itself. It will continue to hold us to it’s highest standards, like it or not.

 So while I could have been living much more fully and healthy with confidence and good self esteem, having had someone to respond to me the way physics does when I weight train, what a life would have been possible!

  I had my brother watching “I AM”, documentary with Tom Shadyac on reprioritizing one’s life and stop chasing the “Stuff”, not that my brother is a total “stuff” person but most of us are conditioned to chase materialism at the expense of everything else. I pray that more people don’t have to have serious health impairments or natural disasters before they make the time to put effort into what real value is!


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