It’s Not $$ we need,, it’s the Attitude!!

  Today is one week since my brother has been in the hospital. I never liked hearing people talk about injuries or hospitals and now I’m in one. I’ve been here since Monday so almost a week for me. My brother has a spinal cord injury from an accident with a deer, believe it or not, that he thought was no big deal at the time. Although symptoms were not going away too quickly, I imagine it’s the whole, “I don’t have health insurance so if I don’t go to the hospital my problem will go away” type thing, that ends up creating a mathematically inconsistent situation where the “Debt” has to end up somewhere! Nature ends up having to speak out despite our not speaking out. Not having $$ does not stop nature from making itself and it’s needs known. Not having $$ will not deter our bodies from feeling what it feels and giving honest feedback to the world. Denial just creates the same “Debt Economy” situation in our health that we’ve created in Society

 NATURE DOESN’T LIE,, I always say and write about in my blog. The fact that we live in a society where people have to ignore and deny what they feel because they can’t afford to feel it is another thing I’ve been aware of and attempting to explain to people all my life. Not just our physical pains or injuries but, also, our emotional feelings. I’ve been aware all my life of how I was taught and treated so that I was not allowed to feel what I felt, emotionally. The unhealthy situations we’re born into, or less than optimally fit, can be equated to trying to shove something into a space it doesn’t fit into. The body is a good example because it’s packed pretty tight inside the visceral lining and there isn’t much room for anything else. Imagine trying to shove an extra organ or, think of when a woman gets pregnant, the pressure on other organs and the aorta when she lays flat.

 I feel that when we bring children into and already stressed situation that’s what we’re doing. Creating a kind of tumor/hernia situation, pushing up against, crowding and straining the other parts around. We need to create children from the most optimum conditions; Loving, respectful parents who like We can say how wonderful babies are all we want, it’s not the baby, it’s the situation. I hear people say all the time,, “Oh kids are So wonderful!” It’s NOT the kid,, it’s the MATH of the situation. People attempt all the time to call something OTHER that what it is to make it nice and manipulate the accounting but, THE MATH IS THE MATH. The situation needs to be accommodating and affordable or else we end up with a type of “back up”. We end up extracting from our kids rather than them taking from us all they need to become healthy, strong, quality adults. Too many “parents” are simply not mature or responsible enough and children will put your marriage/relationship to the test! Not enough people build themselves up first before the “weight training” of bringing a life into the world and that’s why too many people end up divorced, thereby, passing down a bit more debt. The direction the “circulation” flows in ends up being backwards. We end up cheating our kids out of all they Fully deserve. We need an environment that can afford to accept ALL of who we are when we enter this world. If’ we’re made to feel that any part of us is bad or wrong when we’re growing up, we learn to “cut off” that part of ourselves early on. My favorite, John Bradshaw, would say it’s like trying to hold a beach ball under water. We walk around contorting our inner Posture to accommodate those around us instead of our environment accommodating us. We learn to strangle what we feel if those around us are not healthy and have not dealt with their healthy feelings. Us feeling what we feel forces them to have to look at and deal with unresolved painful emotions so they tell us our feelings are bad or wrong, when if fact, they are spot on!

 We, the “little guy” need to learn to live and Be larger, not smaller while the Big guy, the 1%, Elite can learn to live smaller. They could stand to lose the weight! Financially Morbidly Obese is the term I’ve used to refer to those who have way more than they need. Just like the body can only eat so much before it gets full, the fat storage begins or that our nervous system can only take in only so much stimuli before we get overstimulated and traumatized, we can only take in and use so much $$ and power before our bodies and emotions get imbalanced and turn Psychotic. We have TRUE mental illness in this country and the world when we have too few with way more than 99% of the populace.
 I heard my brother speaking with the PT yesterday who once worked in NYC at Dean Witter while my brother once worked for J.P. Morgan and the PT said that today the average person could never get hired at one of these firms. Years ago himself and others could get a job on Wall St but, today only those coming our of Ivy League colleges get hired at these firms. Gee! So how is the little guy supposed to lift himself/herself up? It’s pretty obvious then that the privileged will continue to get and those without, won’t.
 I imagine the attitudes the privileged grow up having as opposed to the mind set of the rest of us. I could not imagine an Ivy Leaguer walking around denying within themselves their emotional feelings, except for maybe, Compassion, let alone walk around with neck pain and not feel entitled to have it tended to. Us 99%’ers are our own worst enemies because we don’t have the attitude of a Wall St banker or an Ivy Leaguer.
 When we live in a impoverished environment early in our lives, and by impoverished I’m not necessarily talking about $$, because plenty of poor people are anything but poor in attitude and love. We learn to not have much regard for ourselves, to not think much of ourselves and do what we need to take good care of ourselves. The wealth is more inner and natural than $$ which is value that is more real.


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