Fudging the #’s!!!

I cannot help but feel,, and see more and more strongly how, when I was growing up, And TODAY. people were always, FUDGING THE #’s!! Meaning anytime I had an accurate, outspoken response that someone didn’t like to what was happening around me, the “Authority” would, fudge the #’s, use their “magic” powers to fix the accounting to make it come out the way THEY wanted instead of the way it was.
 This talk we here lately about “Whistle Blowers” being the “criminal/bad guy” like Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden. Julian Assange, Lynne Stewart, Micheal Hastings,
Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond when the REALITY is that some people are just Normal, Healthy and have a Natural response to Corruption and Injustice. This life is getting more and more Psychotic and we will not be able to continue denying that and covering it up making the Healthy people the Criminals!!
 I cannot turn on the radio, watch a Youtube video, watch Russia Today or listen to Alex Jones now without saying to myself, “Saying that since I’m 7!” The dismissive attitude of everyone around me when I was a kid telling me, “Oh, your poor parents, they couldn’t take good care of you because no one taught them”, bla, bla, bla, and how “I” get made out to be the Criminal at 7 &8 years old for doing them what “whistle blowers” are doing today. My life just happened in more of a , slow and gradual way, rather than the “sudden and violent” that I post many times fro the James Madison quote.
 When those who are supposed to be watching out for you, protecting you, and giving you an edge at an early age are NOT doing that and, instead, doing the opposite AND everybody else around is making excuses for them and telling me that I need to be feeling sorry for Them! Which I know I’ve written about before,, If THAT isn’t blatant evidence that we’re living in a totally Obvious Corrupt world, I don’t know what does!!
 It’s RIGHT THERE, plain as day, that my resources are being ROBBED and trained to be feeling sorry for the VERY people who are supposed to be supporting ME! No one thinks about the MATH then and there and what that will create down the road. Having my Normal, Healthy reactions to very stressful violent events being made out to be wrong or punishable when they’re, instead, SPOT ON ACCURATE. Then, YOU as a child, are forced into an impossible Dilemma of having to CHOOSE between what you KNOW and feel, and the Incompetent, unhealthy people in charge!! THIS IS HOW WE get programmed to keep the status Quo going at the expense of ourselves!
 I KNOW that what is happening to my brother now,, whether or not anyone agrees,, is because he learned to be OK with,, “Not that Bad” as good enough, instead of shooting for Optimum, or at least, going in that direction.

 I read somewhere a loooooooong time ago that, It’s NOT the Trauma or the stress or the horrible event that creates the damage, it’s the DENIAL of it! That is Very TRUE!
 Not admitting the reality throws everyone Off Coarse, then you stay even MORE off course, yet more again. Instead of admitting the truth, people continue adding more Debt! More denial! 
 We come into this world with only So many resources, only so much energy. Our young bodies can only handle so much stress and trauma. Parents are supposed to be protecting us for as long as possible until we’re strong enough and have built up More resources and strength. THAT’S WEALTH building! Our bodies and Psyches are NOT some kind of Unlimited Bank Account that Parents can use, abuse and exploit for their own selfish misuse, which is what many parents do, whether anyone likes hearing/reading it or not. That’s what it’s about after all.
  I heard/hear people say and think that kids are “resilient”, “oh, they bounce right back”, just stuff to say to themselves to make themselves feel better so they don’t have to face the Truth! So, in other words, kids are like some kind of Samsonite luggage we can toss around and beat upon and not have to worry about the consequences? That is LITERALLY how the attitude has turned!! Children are here for US, to use! Didn’t they come with a Money back guarantee? A warranty? Gradually,, that’s how the attitude sloooowly turns around! Little by little, “authority” nibbles more and more off the future of their children in very subtle ways. If you  show any signs of breakage or usage, then there’s something wrong with you!
I heard so many times in my life that “You’re too sensitive”. You’re not allowed to have any showing of limits. Make another feel what they don’t want,, Look out!
  More people are talking about acknowledging the fact that we are robbing future generations. People are supposed to be teaching and handing something of value down to the future, NOT passing on DEBT and pollution!! I couldn’t believe how Obvious it was when I was a very young kid and No body cared! People were Oblivious to the fact that they were Blatantly Screwing you! And why shouldn’t they be oblivious? Why not use up your resources and minimize the effects of it when they can do it and get away with it? It’s Normal! Must be because No one stopped it or called it what it was. Like throwing one little piece of litter in the street,, what’s One little piece going to do? When thousands, millions of children are being born into abusive, poor, starving conditions, that creates, NO FUTURE! 
 The problem ISN’T being exposed to stress or trauma or violence, it’s the DENIAL. When we don’t acknowledge the reality and call something what it is, it will keep us going in circles, perpetuating the same thing, SIMPLE! We have to admit
 Speaking with cousins of mine recently and hearing them talk about the way my brother drives, not one person hasn’t had a terrifying experience with my brother behind the wheel. My cousin “Peter” was telling me about a time when he, my cousin Joe and my Uncle Rob drove down to AC with my brother driving and he said they All vowed to Never drive with my brother again! My cousin Joe wanted to get out of the car and sleep in a hotel, but didn’t, my Uncle Rob said, which I’ve also felt, that it would catch up to my brother one day


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