Humans SUCK at MATH

I simply cannot believe how badly I’ve watched people my entire life, supposed “ADULTS”, “GROWN UPS”, completely SUCK at MATH! Completely SUCK at being the “authority” that they’re supposed to be. Totally DENY the reality and the feedback coming at them from their surroundings, from their children then, cover things up with MORE Debt, More Denial instead of “Simply” admitting things!? All they have is the Position of “Authority” MINUS the QUALIFICATIONS. Authority is MORE than the Label.
I’m having terrible Deja Vue  feelings all over again, same as when I was very young and all people around me would say, “oh your poor parents”, I was the criminal for not being able to afford to be taking care and feeling sorry for the very people who’re supposed to be caring for me! I’m to blame that I don’t have it to give to Them! It’s Psychosis in it’s clearest form! People just want to TAKE but, Never give, then wonder why the resources don’t exist! It’s not just the Interest, that Peter Joseph talks about in Zeitgeist Addendum, that does NOT exist in circulation outright, it’s the Knowledge, the Compassion, the relationship skills, Environmental Health, understanding, the LOVE, Does Not exist! We are allowing the fake system to take More and MORE of us! IF others don’t see it and want to follow, that’s on them, NOT ME. An if that makes ME the bad guy,, then SO be it! 

 It’s happening AGAIN,, now with my brother. Like the Fed prints Fake $ out of Thin air!! I’m supposed to Magically,, Come up with the Emotional Funds,, The ONLY funds that are REAL,, to be dealing with this situation with my brother. How much stress can on person afford in one lifetime?
 Someone who is not a victim, who made extremely poor choices to put himself where he is and other people are supposed to “bail him out” without looking at and admitting that he messed up. Why give to someone who had blatant disregard in the first place? Why be so quick, without looking, doing the same thing he did, letting that person, perhaps, screw you too? I mean, if you’re going to step in and “help” then you, at least, have the right to ponder the situation to find out whether or not you’re efforts and energy will be used wisely and that you’re not contributing to more of the same poor decisions.
 There’s a reason why people are “Poor”. When are we/they going to Learn to STOP being
CO DEPENDENT and dysfunctional? When are people going to look at the way they relate and behave and start making better choices that actually ADD to one’s life rather than diminish.  

 The same thing is happening Nationwide with the people beginning to awaken and protest against the way the Gov/Fed uses THEIR tax $$ to wage fake wars against innocent people just to rob these countries of their resources and the “Elite” can take over the world and create their New World Order! Knowing what you are contributing to and being able to decide whether or not you have the energy and want to spend it on such things is YOUR choice! 
 So, just because this is our country doesn’t mean we’re a Captive audience and the Powers that Be can do what ever they want with our fake $$ and our energy/emotions. Because it’s OUR country, OUR energy, our resources, that means WE get to decide where it’s spent. That’s the whole point! The “leaders” are supposed to be working in representation of the PEOPLE and they are NOT! So WHY fund you’re own screwing? Just because it’s “family”, I have NO choice but to feel forced to “come up” with feelings I don’t have, $$ I don’t have?? I have to take care of him if it comes to it because he made poor choices with his life and automatically everyone has to “bail him out” now? Without so much as an apology from him for the way he has effected everyone’s life!? Why would people do that?

 I’ve been speaking with many cousins and people who’ve driven with my brother over the years, myself included, who know my brother is a reckless driver. They’ve been telling me how they drove with him doing 85 mph on the GSP in NJ to or from Atlantic City in the rain while fiddling with his GPS/iphone and my cousins Pete, Joe and Uncle were telling him slow down and my brother called them the “P” word, jokingly, I’m sure. They said that only ONE other care had been going faster than my brother was and then a bit up the road they saw that car overturned in the median!
 Another cousin told me her teenaged daughter and her friend drove from Mass. to the city with my brother and were terrified by the experience. I, myself, had my brother pull over on the Belt Pkwy some years back and I got out! because I was terrified of his driving and his attitude to you is basically, F you if you don’t like the way I drive! So, all these people, cousins, other relatives and friends who my brother told to screw off i you don’t like my driving are just going to, now, jump up, without question, to give to someone what they didn’t give you?

 Driving like a maniac not only shows No regard for yourself and your own life, drive anyway you want when you’re alone, but to say “screw you” to people who are in your car, terrified, telling you to slow down is another story! That’s clearly saying, “I don’t care about Your life either!” Why would anyone want to screw themselves by jumping now that my brothers carelessness has expired?
 That makes NO sense! It would be a smart thing to do and you’d be doing the injured one a huge favor also, by doing something different! By, at the appropriate time, letting them know the truth.
 Even though it’s himself that my brother has harmed, has very seriously put his body and psyche into a huge debt by blatantly dismissing some pretty obvious signs, he is Still “making withdrawals” on other people’s emotions, without their consent, because of what’s happened. A heartfelt apology from my brother for the toll that what’s happened is taking on the very people he called the “P” word. Although there wasn’t anyone else in the car with my brother, thank God, the situation is still hurting others. Then, the fact, that he made More poor choices, “driving” his life with recklessness by ignoring the clear signs from his own body. So, he ignored many people when they told him to slow down, that he’s not a safe driver, he ignored people’s feedback when they were telling him to go to the Hospital/Doctor when his symptoms were getting obviously worse, AND he ignored and completely disregarded his OWN Body!
 Sorry to be the truth exposer here but, does it make sense to do the same and dismiss all that and bail someone out without some sign the person gets what they’ve done and, perhaps, apologizes to those who’s words he disregarded? I just don’t think it’s so smart to be so quick to forgive people unless you make sure they’re not going to continue to do the same thing because Now, he has Still hurt people and is costing emotional heartache to the very people he brushed off! Without a real understanding that the injured person has changed and really gets it, by ignoring the reality, people are continuing to allow the wreckless person to “drive”.
 The whole point is to take the control away from the unskilled person, to admit that it’s obvious that he did not handle things properly, not to continue tippy-toeing around the Obvious issues and Not giving it to someone straight.
 The fact is, that it was more the way my brother drove his life than it was the way he drove his car that created most of the harm. Hitting the deer doing 50 in a 30MPH zone was NOT the most damaging. It was the dismissing of the symptoms getting clearly worse over time that caused the most damage to his body.
 I live my life a completely different way. I lived in the truth my whole life and people never liked it. I acknowledged the way we grew up as being unhealthy and others, including my brother, thought “it wasn’t that bad”.  The problem is, when you’re willing to set the Bar for your life at “not that bad” then you get used to things being Shit. We’re being trained to lower the standards of NATURE!! That’s what happens when you’re raised with low quality standards. If parents are the not the ones teaching their kids to reach higher, to not accept anything less than being treated with the utmost, and INSTEAD, teaching their kids to accept, “Not that bad” as a standard on which to measure your life, than people truly ARE the frog in the pot of boiling water!!
 All the emotional toll this situation is “costing” relatives is an investment towards someone who isn’t great at managing their life. It is, in a way, Robbery. The fact that we’re Ignoring what we’re investing our emotions/energy into is a natural thing to start to take a look at. I don’t see people running out to help the INNOCENT victims starving and being blown up in other parts of the world. Why don’t we feel sorry for the victims? We’re so quick to bail out those who made the mess; the FED, Wall St, Bankers, even before they acknowledge it fully and apologize, while we continue to BLAME the victim! BACKWARDS! If we don’t admit to things Fully, how are supposed to CHANGE? Nothing changes because we Never slow down enough to Really look at the mess.
 What do investigators do when they Really want to find out the truth? I hear people say soo often about the situation with my brother when I try to bring up facts, “oh, that’s the past! We have to think of your brother and think of the future. Guess what? you’re NOT getting out of the past by trying to push it aside too quickly! In fact, the more you’re in a rush to get out of the past,, the MORE is follows you! We have to look at HISTORY and learn from it in order to NOT repeat it. The quicker we try to “move on”, sweep things under the carpet, the more it follows us. we have to “Clean” it up completely, get every speck!

 FACT; THE MORE FAKE $$ GOES IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION FROM REALITY/NATURE,, the more we will have to choose between the Fake $$ system that is taking us down OR, What has REAL Value and let go of the Man Made $$! The Scary part is, the longer we wait, the less and less of ourselves and our Healthy judgement will possess. It will be no different than being in a state of Hypovolemic shock! We will have a deficiency in our judgement and using that deficiency to perpetuate MORE deficiency. We need to recover our judgement. How? We think we can use our fake $$ to continue buying the reality we want, using $$ or our position at work to fool ourselves and others that we are doing good in life. We try to control the accurate feedback coming at us by Natural Law. Look where that has gotten us!   We Must reconnect with Nature!


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