Bodily Debt

It’s hard for me to understand that it takes people a pretty long time to put 2 & 2 together. Many people do not understand how we, very seriously, have been conditioned FOR the benefit of Society at our OWN expense. For some reason, I was able to get a really good look at it early on, and despite numerous emotional bludgeonings, I’ve managed to hold onto it. Spending time alone can be a difficult thing but, it can also be a gift. This is where the challenge comes in. Most people give up some part of themselves to be in relationships. The unfortunate reality is, that we don’t get to fully be all of who we really are growing up. We learn as kids that we have to give up what we feel, get Blackmailed because we live in someone elses’ house, eating “their” food, needing “their” $$, we really never get to be free to be who we really are.

 So much gets taken from us growing up and we don’t even know it. We’re trained to be our own worst enemy because we were raised by enemies. Where else do we learn it from? We learn to accept less in life, to live with,, “it’s not that bad” and be alright with it. It’s Not the 1% who are the enemies, although they do play a distant role. We need to look closer, we need to look at how we and those around us are the ones trained to keep it all going even though it’s screwing us.

 So many people never realize how our emotions were altered to benefit the system at our expense. We’re trained that our Normal, healthy feelings and emotions are wrong, excessive, or bad. This is what creates DEBT in our Health. We can’t be healthy physically until we are healthy emotionally because being trained to use our minds to contort our emotions wreaks havoc on our bodies. When we come into this world we’re born with mind and body in sync, in our instincts, as one, the way they’re supposed to be. Of course, that doesn’t last very long and by the time we’re a toddler we’ve already inherited a barrage of unhealthy teachings.

 Depending on the level of emotional health of our caregivers, we can learn to put our needs second and the “caregiver’s” first. I believe that’s where the “Too Big to Fail” comes from. The accumulation of too many people who were taught to not question parents and simply blindly follow. Because we “need” our “caregivers” we allow them to take from us and make excuses for their abusive, unhealthy behavior. We learn as kids to “donate” our energy to them so that they will be in a better position to take care of us but, then it never works out that way. We keep giving up more and more of ourselves to prop up the Too Big to Fails. We’re a captive audience so there’s nothing we can do about it, We’re Screwed!

 Parents can do what ever they want to their kids, subtly, emotionally, over time and, as long as they don’t leave visible injuries or wounds, get away with it. Parents can be the biggest purveor of abuse against a completely innocent child and that child can do NOTHING to stop it!! With “Parents” doing the job FOR the Powers that BE, the PTB are Free to act in as Corrupt behavior as they please and have out help in acquiring more and more power. Where else does this come from if it doesn’t come from Families?

 Just like as children we fear standing up to parents, although many kids do and end up on the streets, because we need them and have no where else to go in many instances, we then carry that mentality to our jobs when we grow up and never stand up to Bosses because we’ll be out on the street with no $$ and no job.
 Our society is crashing! The accumulation of all of the unhealthy ways we were taught to relate is coming to ahead.
 There are not enough people who face important things that are screaming for our attention. Not just our Physical bodies but our emotions that we’ve been taught to bury.
 We’d better get out the shovel!! And begin the PAINFUL process of digging our Authentic self out from under the false self that is bent on destroying ourselves.
 My brother is in the process of this right now! Big time! His Bill has come due! And he has NO choice now but to be confronted with the Harsh reality of the serious situation that, he, unfortunately, took part in.

 Even with the situation being as serious as it is people STILL do not want to face the truth. they STILL try to deny the reality and steal a little more “credit” from?? Somewhere. People don’t want to accept life on life’s terms and that the Earth, their Bodies all have limits.
 If we want to know accounting, pay attention to your body, to the earth, animals, people, anything that comes from Nature/God. We’ve have been led astray by the Fakery that man makes and have completely fallen for the Illusion. We have lost touch with what’s real, what has true value and what makes life meaningful for cheap imitation man made garbage. $$ HAS LED US ASTRAY.
 Begin to pay closer attention to people, really look at them, listen to them, make a connection. We need to bring Nature BACK into our lives by going Slower in life. Nature moves SLOW, does things with quality


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