Man Knows better than Nature

Ok,, I cannot help but feel this tremendous amount of urgency in how delayed we are in our response time to nature and health. If we think about how quickly a healthy body responds to a virus or sickness and then look at ourselves,, We lost! We’ve slacked off for way too long and taught of kids to slack off too. We, literally, have dismissed Nature’s signals for so loooooong that it’s just plain normal to us now. We’ve gotten so smug that we really are convinced that we know better than nature.
 When we ignore our own or another persons LEGITIMATE feelings, we are creating a debt that ends up perpetuating itself indefinitely.

 I started wondering why my brothers body was not arrested when it collapsed from the spinal cord injury?? Might sound like a silly thing to ponder but, when you think about it, people are criminalized every day for telling the truth so, why not criminalize the body when it gets sick and has had enough!? Why not criminalize and jail the animals and the environment for getting polluted?? How is it criminal or “un American” to question one’s Government when it’s a natural healthy response no different than the response your body has if you were to swallow Draino!!

 How dare Nature have a Normal response to a sick condition,, we learn to blame the effect instead of the cause. That’s been going on way before the crash of 08. I have no idea what took people Sooo long to realize something is seriously wrong.

 The problem is, the further out to sea we’ve drifted, the more painful it is to realize and begin turning back. The further we’ve drifted away from Health, the more health and Nature will be beckoning us, maybe I should use the word,, “nagging” because once we ignore it,, it’s calls get more and more irritating, then, we ignore it even more, creating a never ending perpetuation of Sickness and Debt. Why not face it? What better do we have to do? Oh, yes, that’s right,, WORK for Fake $$!! Must keep system going. It Literally Bugs me out! How we are TOO busy screwing ourselves to Stop screwing ourselves!!
 FACT: Nature’s Nagging is calling us to someone so much GREATER and so much More Amazing than Anything this Man Made system could ever give us, and All we do is ignore it! And say,, “No thanks Nature, I’m too busy being Stupid and enslaved to be the incredible, smart, evolved person you’re guiding me to be!”
 THINK ABOUT IT,, We’re telling NATURE it’s WRONG!!?!? When it’s Screaming and crying and pleading and being blown to smithereens, and warming and going extinct and starving and drying up and disastering,, is it any wonder that someone living in this country can be so disconnected from their own body breaking down and not heed the warnings?
 I imagine what happened to my brother and magnify that 10 Billion times! That is one person’s personal system Crash! What’s it going to look like when the entire system comes crashing down??
 It isn’t just the Physical signs and symptoms we ignore, it’s the emotional ones. We are so ignorant to health and Nature we are CLUELESS as to the CLEAR cues it’s giving us emotionally. We look at people with NORMAL anger, legitimate fear, neediness, Trauma, sadness, depression, starvation, criminality, psychosis, etc and we continue TURNING AWAY!! ?? We continue doing the Very thing that created the conditions in the first place!!  That is ,, Remarkable!! And, also, is a sign of a Very Sick Society!!

 The way NATURE works, what a healthy, Natural response would be if Nature was allowed to act without the mind/program interfering, would be to address the problem, to go into, to Heal, the debt, to Integrate it. It certainly wouldn’t judge it and add to the illness.
 The very definition of Nature is to HEAL. Only when the illness takes over and gains a good deal of leverage will it Not be able to recover. I Pray that is not where our society is at! For the time being it seems as though it is. It seems as though there is not enough for Healing to jump start itself. There needs to be something for it to grab onto. All the Corruption and evil that has accumulated is spreading more and more wildly. Where are the White Blood cells? If we could do a “white blood cell count” of the healthy people rising up, what would it amount to? Would it be enough of a boost to jump start the entire system into healing? I fear at times, there isn’t, I hope I’m wrong, I hope that things don’t have to go down too badly but, I have a feeling it does.

 There is NO question that our Society needs to be Defibrillated! Shocked back into a more normal rhythm, from the Ventricular Fibrillation we are currently in!
 Why? Fake $$ that’s why! A Man Made toxic poison/disease that has been taken over by Ill people and driven us away from ourselves.
 The problem is, we never had the chance to get in touch with ourselves to begin with! So our innocent, naive ,selves have gotten led astray even more!
 We accept the low set bar for ourselves rather than raising it! the way Nature intended.  It’s as if someone opened us up early on and rewired us to fit the system Against the way our True Natures function.
 THINK ABOUT THAT!! Training Nature to be what We want and respond the way WE want,, rather than listening to Nature’s healthy responses!!
 If that doesn’t scare the crap out of most people,, I don’t know what will?? There it is,, a Blatant Injury to our Nervous Systems! Maybe not immediately but, over time it amounts to the same thing! Robbery. The more the Truth is offensive ,, the Further off coarse your mind and body have strayed.
 We need a Heath check on this.


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