"You should just go Kill yourself"

,,,Was what my cousin said to me yesterday in the slow, traffic, crawling drive to NJ with my other cousin, his sister, and her husband, in response to my saying, “there are too many people, not deer”, in response to people saying “there are too many deer”. We were talking about all the dead deer and other animals on the highway during the drive from NY to Ohio to go visit my brother in the hospital.
 RIGHT Nature is Wrong! Nature is the one out of Balance!!! Not us!! The Dead Deer are the ones our of Sync with Natural Law,, we’re not!
 Sorry to say, but I TRULY think this society is Done! The same way that my brother’s symptoms were ignored for too long which led to his serious injury,, which I don’t here Anyone disputing, we’re calling NATURE the one who’s our of alignment!! Does that make sense?? Why is it that I don’t hear anyone saying that The Body is wrong!? The injury and the response by the body to being dismissed and disregarded,, is incorrect??

 Everyone seems to unconsciously agree that Nature is running the show in that case and that when Nature/the Body says I’m done,. then it’s,, Done, and YET, when there are a count of over 40 dead deer on the Road driving from NY to Ohio, it’s “there are too many deer?”
 My not reproducing is not enough for me to do in curbing the passing down of the debt and pollution to the next generation,, I should “kill myself” if I think there are too many people and it’s PEOPLE who are the one’s out of sync with Nature because of Fake $$
 What should my response have been to someone, let alone,, a cousin saying that? I’m far from perfect but, if there’s one thing I do make an effort practicing,, it’s healthy relating. Noticing when my responses to situations and to people is, healthy or not. Most people do not pay attention to what healthy relationships are, to whether or not they’re being Co-Dependent or not, or whether or not they’re being “Enablers”. Who’s going to stand up to people when they’re behaving out of line or bullying when, again, it’s the very people who should be on your side supporting you who are the very people you need to come up with the “funds” to take on??!! The fact is,, You can NEVER get strong as long as you’re always doing the doggie paddle and depleting your energy on people who have the label of “Family” yet are the one’s you have to defend against.

  All you have to do is pay attention to your body, Period, not just when you have an injury, but ALL the time,, so you can be Adding to it when you’re not injured! Does that makes sense according to Nature, that you’re going to start having a relationship with your body when it’s ready to Divorce and break up with you!!?? Now, that you’ve bankrupted your Health account is not the time to start learning to manage your health/energy. I guess it’s never too late but, it would have been much smarter to develop a healthy relationship to your self and others a looong time ago, not when they no longer want to have anything to do with you.
 I mean, if ones own body wants a divorce,, that’s good enough for me to listen to!
 “Family” was arguing in the car yesterday about, being “free” to enjoy life and “doing what you want” and “I” don’t have the right to “inflict” my views on Health on anyone.  I was saying how most people are their own worst enemies and all their “wanting” is harming themselves.
Guess no one has learned anything about this tragic incident that happened to my brother, because if they did they would get that,, NATURE IS THE ONE THAT WILL INFLICT  on you if you don’t respect it!! That’s the whole point, it’s not ME saying it,, I’m advocating people to listen to Nature, to their bodies,, NOT their Addicted, programmed self! This coming from a guy who, I later found out, was arrested and jailed for 6 months for drunk driving! Ok,, Right,, we should be “free” to do what we want,, inflict our drunk driving on others?? Then, society, when it does work properly, doesn’t have the right to “inflict” upon us by not allowing us to drive drunk.
 So where’s the lesson learned, again? I’m wondering, when someone is arrested and jailed for driving drunk, isn’t it mandatory to be made to go to AA/12 step meetings?? I mean, if people are not required to attend AA after driving drunk, then what’s the incentive to change? He was still drinking yesterday at Thanksgiving.
 People Can do what ever they want,, go ahead! When the legitimate feedback that does come back at us from the world,, and it will,, eventually. Just be ready for it! It can be deceiving when it does take nature a long time before it slaps us in the face but actually, if we’re paying attention, it really doesn’t. Nature’s voice is there all along speaking to us, we’re just not in the habit of tuning in. It takes until we’re being Body Slammed before we Get it.

 So,, the same way it’s not “Fiscally” practical to wait til our bodies are injured and breaking down to begin developing a healthy relationship with it and begin listening to it,, so it goes with our relationships to the PEOPLE in our lives and then the EARTH/Natural Law!! Like yesterday in the ride to NJ with “family” and the “Normal” responses you get from them like I don’t know what I’m talking about and that “I” couldn’t Possibly know something that they don’t know,, even though I’ve been studying and practicing Health on ALL levels ALL my life!! When people feel challenged,, instead of allowing themselves to BE challenged,, allow themselves to Let another person give to them and teach them,, they Block it!! So we basically interact with each other the way we treat ourselves and our bodies,, We Dismiss and we ignore!! We treat “family” like they know nothing rather than respecting they’re input and behaving as if they just Might have something of value to say!
 All this is going on right under our noses,, and no one sees it!! 


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