Dig out from under All the Emotional Debt!!

 Like was said in the movie Million Dollar Baby, you have to “strip down to the bare wood”, that is what too many of us need to do in order to save ourselves, our children and our planet.  Too many people are simply not prepared to do what it takes but, they just might be forced into it one day.
 The fact is, we simply cannot afford to live in Denial of Natural Law. People continue to ‘lower the Bar” in their lives thinking that will alleviate the pain and misery when it’s actually increasing it.
 I recently heard a story on Alternative news about a group of kids involved in a team sport waiting for a  bus to come and pick them up when some cops came over and arrested some of them or all of them for doing nothing! The parents then, had to go to the precinct and pay $200 bail each to get their kids out.
 Why there wouldn’t be a Total Uproar in the neighborhood over this and have the whole community come out and stand up and file a suit and get the parents $$ back! Is it that idea of, “Oh,let’s just pay it and forget about it”, that, we’ll be done with it if we just pay the $$. I don’t really know what the outcome was or if it’s over yet but, if these parents don’t make a big stink about this then, we’re the ones to blame for what’s happening.
 Water seeks it’s own level. There is NO Skipping over stages in life! FACT; There is NO getting over on Nature!! It is imperative that we screw our heads back onto our bodies! If we think we can disregard the blatant feedback that nature is giving us through the environment and also, through the feedback fro other people, we are sadly mistaken.
 Some people think they can decide that other people are not important and that by treating those people; children, the poor, indigenous, Native Americans, animals, Jews, etc, as less then they can ignore what harm and atrocities they do to them. All people are doing is creating a vicious cycle. All the “elite” are doing is projecting themselves onto others! So, it’s REALLY the “Elite” who feel like losers, poor, degraded, ugly, worthless or else they wouldn’t need to be dumping onto other people.
 One of the Best skills a person can learn in this world is the ability to Stay PRESENT. To stay grounded under fear, intimidation, the attack from others, being bullied in any way, is one skill that will serve you best the more you practice it. It is our low self worth and simply NOT being taught things that makes all the difference. once we learn a few tactics, once we realize that those in “Power” really don’t have power when their mistreating you and trying to intimidate you.
 Because Nature doesn’t allow us to skip over any stages we Must acknowledge the fact that most people have an arrested development and ARE Literally, Children on Power and Ego Trips desperately trying to hide. Because the System is So out of sync with Nature and we’re forced to Grow up faster than Nature allows, much like the chickens in FOOD Inc. who look like grow chickens but were really injected with all kinds of chemicals to make them grow faster than they really can. That is too many people! Their insides do not match the outside uniform, the role they play in life and most people are desperately trying to fit the role that they don’t fit, Why?? Hmm, I can’t imagine,, Oh, that’s right,, $$!!
 Why would we all agree to LIE?? To Hide?? To pretend we can do things or have the maturity level of these roles when the truth is,, We don’t?
 WHY I LOVE Yoga practice is that it brings us back to Nature and teaches people to BE where yo are! There’s NO shame in simply admitting ,, “This is where I am”, DO the pose you can do with Integrity, with a Full breath. Of COURSE the System wants us to LIE! To Hide, to live in fear of exposure. That’s how it keeps us in line. We must come clean to ourselves and a few close others. BE where you’re at! Free yourself of having to pretend to be some Powerful, Authoritarian like David Petraeus.
 I filmed and took still shots of a protest outside an upscale hotel in NYC where the New York Historical Society was Awarding him for some “achievement” when he’s a known War Criminal. The amount of hiding people do blatantly to keep up the facade is remarkable. If we took half that energy to put it towards being healthy and free, what a world we could create!
 There is Nothing about living that way that is in sync with Nature. Nature lives in Truth, in more of a,, Pay-as-you-go sort of a way. We’re born living in the moment and living with our bodies in sync with our minds. Somewhere along the line, decades ago, for the SOLE purpose of keeping the Status Quo going, we got conditioned to live in our heads dictating to our bodies and nature instead of in harmony with it and listening to it. Our Natural feelings got shamed and ridiculed, we learned to not trust our own bodies and healthy feelings and cut ourselves off from our Vitality and Source!
 What REAL Authority is going to tell you not to trust what you feel?? That’s insane! Anyone who cares about you even a little will be teaching you to trust and listen to your instincts. That’s how we learn to do anything else!! How else to we learn to walk, to ride a bike, hit a baseball, draw, etc??? What we feel is at the core of who we are. Anyone who dismisses what you feel and tells you to listen to them over your gut, Should be run away from as quickly as possible!! Not left to be in charge of us indefinitely. That kind of “authority” is Abusive authority, NOT Healthy authority who encourage people to be who they are. Who want people to stand on their own and think on their own. Our sick system is the Opposite of Nature and Health!! PERIOD! Everything we’re taught as children is 90% GMO, unnatural, at our expense, to keep us in line and developmentally delayed.
 And who is questioning it? Who sees it?? If it’s being handed down from generation to generation, that’s just passing down the debt, NOT value and quality teaching! Do people ask themselves what has real value? Does passing down abusive parental ways, because your parents raised you like that, create wealth for kids later on? Do parents ask themselves what they’re passing down to their kids?? Taking the easy, lazy way out, turning away from standing up and just going to work to pay bills at a job you hate isn’t going to cut it anymore!
 We will have NO choice very soon, to have to give up this society of Debt and lack of Nature we’ve built. Nature will demand it! Is demanding it. We’re going to be forced to live a more connected life style, a more respectful one.


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