Energy War

 The slow and gradual increase in Psychological Debt that creeps ever so subtly into a persons consciousness like invisible carbon monoxide gas and turns people against one another and takes control of their behavior and they don’t even know it. Rather than the cooperative exchange between people you end up with people “down a few pints” in awareness and maturity and end up accelerating a situation like a match meeting dry leaves in the forest.

 How can we solve these problems of people just triggering one another and escalating anger and instead practice space and peace?
 People need to have their needs met. PERIOD. Needs are needs, they are Non negotiable in the eyes of Nature. The bottom line is that people are not grown adults. They Literally are Children who are never able to make it through each stage of development. The conditions that creates is nothing short of “bomb making” material. Add to that DENIAL and we have to the perfect concoction of explosives. The problem further increases by passing the debts on to future generations. What is being done to the poor innocent children being born in other parts of the world is beyond criminal.
 The book, the Celestine Prophecy, illustrates how we can exchange energy by being open. It takes practice and trust. The conditions must be just right for nature to open itself up. The problem in this world is that we’re disconnected from the way nature works. We’re in an out & out WAR with it! Nature cannot keep up with our ravenous, raping of the Earths resources AND our own. The fact that many people are not living their dreams, not doing what they dream of doing in life that feeds their Spirit. We’ve all gotten so used to living so low like it’s normal and do not recognize the clear signs and signals that there is something seriously wrong with the way we live. I understand the average person who feels there’s something wrong also feels helpless and carried along by the current to do anything about it but, we must at least ADMIT something is awry.
 What happens chemically when people have been reduced to slaves, working paycheck to paycheck, unfulfilled, with small amounts of joy and happiness to keep things well lubricated reminds me of the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima. Something about the Rods being kept cool by water; From an RT article; The fuel assemblies will be lifted – all while submerged in water to prevent overheating – from storage frames in the pool and placed in the cask.
 EVERYTHING in life is about Nature, Physics, MATH,, EVERYTHING. The Psychotic world we’ve created by allowing Delusional power hungry people gain control using fake paper and bought media to dumb us down so they can Deny Reality, manipulate Truth and physics and Think that Nature will comply ,, is SO Beyond Psychotic it’s hard to breathe!

 It truly terrifies me to think what’s coming down the pike. Like the Titanic,, it’s a Mathematical certainty that if we do not wake the Hell up, get healthy in our bodies, Minds & Spirits and so with the Earth. We will be experiencing the greatest horror we can imagine. If we sit by and think, “oh, it’s happening to someone else, Not me” that that’s going to save you, you’re sadly mistaken. That will actually accelerate the process.
 When we can’t even recognize that families are incapable of interacting healthily and functionally and we ignore the deterioration of the Family system, we’re getting ourselves Way to comfortable IN the Boiling Pot! This Jacuzzi that we think is so nice will quickly become our Death bath!
 We just need to step it up a LITTLE bit! Not a lot! If EVERYONE, of course those capable, simply stepped it up a little more, step out of the usual routine and boredom and come out into the streets one day to connect with others who feel it too. Then we can at least begin to change things.
 Begin with your family. Read book on how to be a better parent, a better spouse, a better communicator. Make efforts towards things that will benefit your health and the health of your relationships, not just working for Fake $$ which will do nothing more than keep you barely alive on a “ventilator”. PULL THE PLUG! See where you’re life is for real without the artificial Life support machine keeping us Barely alive!


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