Are you in a Working ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP??

The other night I attended and photographed a pretty large rally at Foley Square NYC for Underpaid workers called NEW DAY NEW YORK, in all areas of work; retail, airport service, fast “food”, communications, etc. I can’t help, lately, but to see the Total FAMILIARITY to everything I’ve been saying since I was very young. It’s been happening more and more. Whether listening to alt news, an event like this one posted on FB, they all have the same underlying theme; Abuse, slavery, being undervalued and used in some way. Yet, when I was a kid, I had no one on my side, no one saying I was right, NO ONE giving me ANY credit for hitting the nail on the head! Now, 4 decades later,, FINALLY, more people are beginning to get it!
 But the thing is, it really Does begin in the home. Whether we like it or not, there has been a total DEVALUATION of the Parenting role over time. What we experience in the home, the way we’re treated by “Caregivers”, the RoE,, Rate of Exchange we receive to our expressions and feelings as children, how our feelings are dealt with and responded to. We are in NO more of a position to be screwed over than when we are children. More than ANYONE,, “Parents” have the MOST ability than ANYONE to rob and take advantage of our position. MOST DO, to some degree, unconsciously, whether they admit it or not. Just by the sheer fact that they, themselves are not aware, are enslaved, are under a spell, to SOME degree, they pass their ignorance onto their children when they’re supposed to be passing on Value and Wisdom.
 The whole point is being Aware, admitting the truth, acknowledging the reality. It’s the DENIAL that kills, the denial that keeps everything moving along. People NOT wanting to admit the Harsh truth.
 The fact that it’s been going on for SO long already, the people have been putting up with enslavement for generations already. So used to living so low and barely getting by, their muscles so accustomed to the motions it’s NORMAL. That’s the Problem. It’s become way too Normalized!

 Why else would people be putting up with these Clearly ABUSIVE relationships at work? That’s Exactly what they are, that’s Exactly what we’ve become, NO MORE FAMILIES, just one Large ABUSIVE family. A real family are people who want better for their children, who teach their children to challenge themselves AND the system. THAT is what should be Normal! We have gotten so far trained and conditioned SO far away from the way our instincts and Nature really work,, we’ve all been Decapitated from our bodies so now our Minds are our enemies!

 If there’s ONE thing I KNOW for sure that I learned in my practices of Meditation and Yoga, is that, the Mind can go anywhere, make up WHAT EVER IT WANTS but, the Body is Always in the Present moment,, Always in the Here and now! The Body Knows! If we are to Save ourselves,, it’s Imperative that we bring our disconnected and Divorced minds BACK to Ourselves and our Bodies and, INSTEAD, DIVORCE the system and the self sabotage way we’ve been conditioned!!
  Just like the Family system is our Last refuge, our last sanctuary, our last Iceberg, if that’s gone or polluted, there’s no where left to go. Those in control count on that. What’s really scary is that we ARE a captive audience and they VERY people who are supposed to be doing there BEST, passing down value and training that will help us be more Fit, Instead, unconsciously, use their position to take advantage and slack off.

 I get sick of hearing people say, “There’s no manual for raising kids” . Do Animals need manuals!! Give me a Break!! Human beings should NOT need a Manual to raise their children! The fact that people even think that goes to show how Fd up we are! Parenting Should be instinctual, should be inbred, innate. The fact that it isn’t should Scare the HELL out of us, but we’re WAY passed that now, we’re Way too used to being “out to sea” that we don’t even know we’re LOST anymore!
 Now we need to read Mars & Venus books to learn how to have a relationship! If this is Not a CLEAR sign how Off Coarse we are, I don’t know what is??
  The Women’s Lib movement funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Watch The Historic Interview with Aaron Russo,   Aaron talks about how it was all a big scam,, Women’s Lib, to get women out to work and out of the house because they couldn’t Tax half the population before.
 Make sense! Break up the Family! The entire world has become one HUGE Abusive family. Just last night I was watching the Finale of some series called SCANDAL that a friend of mine watches. My friend who was filling me in on what was going on all season was saying how this one guy was trained by the CIA to Kill and Like it!! My immediate thought was,, Exactly what some parents are!! Without being aware of it!! “Parents” working for the Rockefellers without their consent, they just go along, in carrying out the intentions of the New World Order! Not even questioning if, how, whether or not the system or those controlling it give to shits about you and your kids!?
 What makes people think those with all the power care one iota about them?? If this is caring, then,, like living at home, I’d hate to see what hating looked like. If these people with all this Power “care” about us,, and we’re doing this poorly,, Gee, something’s a bit off somewhere don’t you think?

 A few days ago I was listening to the Alex Jones show and David Knight was hosting it. A caller was on the line and David Knight and the caller was discussing how the people can’t believe that anyone could do such horrible things because THEY don’t think that way and because they don’t think that way, they can’t imagine anyone else doing awful things. But, just by the fact that the PTB obviously Don’t live the way we live, it shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that they CLEARLY Don’t think like us.
   It always makes me think of the ending of the Original “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, where the killer has the journalist captive down the basement and the killer is telling the journalist how he had girls imprisoned in the basement when they were having dinner upstairs the other night. The Killer offered the Journalist a glass of water and with that “kind” gesture the Killer said, “you’re just like the rest, you think I’m going to let you go because I gave you some water”. They killer went on to tell the Journalist how,, it was a “Precious Moment” when the victims got it, that he was not going to let them go and that they were going to die!
Calling it a Precious Moment!! Scary!! Well, WE the People had Better GET IT!!
  Growing up the way I did forced me to read very early on about how a Healthy family is Supposed to function. This was where My family was and Over there was where a healthy family was. I Acknowledged that I came from Abuse and Dysfunction which was what Freaked everyone else out! Oh, no, we have to Deny, minimize, down play, we can’t have anyone awake! So I got emotionally bashed into submission! Growing up in less than optimum conditions gets people used to accepting Less than what we deserve! People put up with poor treatment and Abuse and even STICK UP For the Abuser/Parent because they Need that person to survive.
 Reading John Bradshaw on the Family system taught me Everything about what to put up with when I went to work. What ever the system, NEVER give up your Dignity! If Parents are Not teaching that to their kids,, then they have NO leverage at all!! Which proves my point,, that we have a Fascist/Tyrannical system!! It’s BY DESIGN that NO One is passing down LEVERAGE!! Self Worth, self assertion, how to negotiate you worth in the world! We’re taught that Fake $$ will take care of everything! Man Trumps God!


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